Cameron agent of Gladio


….The second is what can only be called “the Fake European Left,” constructed after WWII by Western intelligence agencies, particularly the C.I.A., precisely in order to prevent the real anti-capitalist left (the communists) from coming to power in countries like Italy or France. The strategy was to support the so called “anti-communist left” — a term that may strike one as an oxymoron, were one to take “communist” in the sense of “anti-capitalist,” thus giving us a likely incongruous notion of (“anti-anti-capitalist”) “pro-capitalist left” — by lavishing with untold quantities of C.I.A. dollars, channeled through various front and real private foundations, numerous “left” magazines, journals, galleries, theaters, and public “intellectuals.” Far from being a bizarre or questionable claim, today this is so well known that the C.I.A.’s own Web site features an article that proudly details this construction of the fake left, detailing this “theoretical foundation of the Agency’s political operations against Communism” in Western Europe.

Supplementing this in essence peaceful, ideological, and clandestine way of distancing Europe from the real and serious left political option was a much more sinister set of intelligence operations coordinated under the auspices of NATO that would see “terrorist” activities in Europe, the goal of which was to boost the political right-wing forces by influencing policies through the means of “false flag” operations including assassinations, coups d’état, bombings, and massacres. The official name for these initiatives was the Operation Gladio. And if anyone should think that these are simple relics of a bygone era that of the wicked Cold War, think again.

Instead of dissolving after the collapse of the USSR and the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc, NATO successfully transformed itself from a defensive military alliance into an offensive one by embracing the so-called “humanitarian mandate” that allows it to bring war to various countries under the guise of securing protection of human rights. Not only that NATO did not dissolve, it expanded. And when it comes to intelligence agencies in the U.S., they have proliferated to the point that apparently at present there are sixteen of them.


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  1. Dogman says:

    Watch James Corbett’s interview with FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, where she discusses the ongoing ‘Gladio B’ operation.

    • Hello Dogman
      I wonder if you could please help
      I have a friend I speak to in Arizona, shes an alternative health practitioner. Shes on the front line raising awareness, about the draconian vaccine laws the cabals trying to pass, mandatory. She does radio shows and other things.

      I have thought what advice I can give her to help, in case shes not considered certain things. I told her for example, the US Constitution, would be violated, if it gets passed, inalienable rights etc. She said in California its already passed

      Therefore Dogman I cannot focus my thoughts, know where to accurately look on a certain mentalpath of attack.

      What im getting at is,
      – Citizens can simply withdraw their consent, cant they? Because surely the Corporation of USA , the illegal entity in Washington DC. The laws are illegal.
      – Natural Laws the thing isn’t it?
      – I read somewhere I think, common law isn’t the weapon we can use. Common law has flaws, plus cabalist Karen hudes for example, goes on about common law. Red flag
      – So from what I gather, natural law to withdraw consent and reclaim personal sovereignty, is the path of attack do you agree

      – The Crown. The city of London, the Vatican. Those laws. Its all mixed up in my head. Where I cant tell her a coherent path to attack to go down, and give her wind in her sails.

      So if you can think and recommend whats the right tack to focus on and send a link id be grateful Dogman. Id be grateful actually from any other Tap readers too. Heres her message to me just now pasted below

      Adam, forced vaccines has already passed in California. SB 277. The push for vaccines in America is increasing. Now there is a bill created by a Congresswoman in Florida, requiring all children who go to school to have vaccines.

      • Dogman says:

        I’m no expert, but this might be worth a try:
        The Geneva Convention 1930 bankrupted most countries of the world, and brought them under Maritime Law or Admiralty law requiring them to TRADE HONOURABLY or be subject to Commercial Lien to CEASE TRADING by a complaint being made in the form of an Affidavit of Truth of Dishonour by a person so affected.
        Notarised Affidavit of Truth – Declaration that individuals working for insolvent corporations and companies registered under insolvent Countries (Corporations) are acting dishonourably and must cease & desist, failing which the corporation or country will be shut down, giving dates, times, incidents, places, people, witnesses of dishonour including the remedy sought:

        1. Notarised Affidavit of truth is a Notice of Grievance (Presentment) with Notice of Acceptance of Remedy

        2. It includes details of the activities which are dishonourable and subject of a Cease & Desist Notice & Notice of Revoke as part of due process and the remedy sought

        3. Notice of Dishonour

        4. Commercial Lien

  2. RabbiT says:


    slightly off topic but this long video (I have not seen part 2 as yet) should give you a clearer insight into the agenda and offers an interesting insight as to the aim of Satanic Ritual Abuse at 2.00.40.

    Can’t say I agree with the satanic DNA issue or Chuck Missler but most seems fair comment.

    Given its length, I found it best watched while preparing a meal.

    Can you or someone post a link to the Israeli journalist guy who spoke on “Peaceful Ways” and “When Israel is Strong” as my searches have proved futile.

    • hello RabbiT, I have googled those words but not come up with anything, if you have the name of a newspaper, ynetnews, or whatever, might give a google pathway. Or any small name or fact from the article you rememneber. often that’s enough to make google bring it up

      Thankyou for thislink. It sounds very interesting and ill make the effort to watch listen to it, somehow, ill paste it to an email so I don’t forget

      These are interesting complex yet orfdinary times were in I think. Odd to reflect, if I dropped all my ‘conspiracy’ red pill awakening ….layers of thoughts that have developed since 2013……and who knows interdimesnional help too…..

      if I drop all that and choose to look out the window where I live. The path, the trees, the greenery, the sky.Everything, looks exactly the same to lets say….1983 when I was at school.
      That’s bizarre
      I have to say its 911 shenanigans have been the blip, tear in the fabric of the brainwashing matrix, that stop me going back to sleep. It seems the Satanists, cheney et all, overplayed their hand with a very ambitious move that day
      one could go back to sleep and forget and get distracted, but the appaling stuff, and school play lies and theatre and obvious crap on 911 jolts my subconscious to say, things certainly aren’t the same compared to 1983.

      I do worry though that the high echelons of freemasonry, stanists, elites, always wanted and planned for us to wake up to 911. The illuminati card games of the 1980s showing the twin towers suggest this to me

      So I think 911 is a part of their plan, our realising 911 was a false flag, is part of the Luciferian plan

  3. RabbiT says:

    I have looked in detail for that video using these terms myself which is why I’m asking Tap readers – sorry about that Adam.

    I got started on this in 1982 with this book:

    With the creation of the internet the enemy has spent a lot of time trying to muddy the waters but Tap has been open to permitting views which do not align with his own which has allowed the issue to move forward in many different ways but in ways in which I know my understanding will prove to be correct as I search for true knowledge which requires me to put all things to the test and keep only what is good and reject evil. (1 Thess. 5.21-22).

    I appreciate you read and consider my words, they are given to help: Matthew 5.15

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