British Bankers Get Convicted In US Courts For Fraud


by Sean Adl-Tabatabai


Two bankers from Britain have been convicted in a US court of conspiring to manipulate a key interest rate in order to earn money for their bank and colleagues. 

 Anthony Allen was found guilty on conspiracy to conduct wire fraud and bank fraud, along with 18 other charges which could see him locked up for decades in a US prison.

Co-defendant Anthony Conti was convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, along with 8 other charges. reports:

“This is round one,” said Michael Schachter, Allen’s lawyer. Tor Ekeland, an attorney for Conti, said they would pursue all legal options.

Conti was a senior banker who handled U.S. dollars while Allen was the global head of cash at the Dutch bank Rabobank when prosecutors said the scheme was carried out from 2005 to 2011.

The London interbank offered rate, known as LIBOR, is used by banks to borrow from each other and affects trillions of dollars in contracts around the world, including mortgages, bonds and consumer loans.

Regulators in Britain, Switzerland, the U.S. and Asia have been investigating the banks’ conduct for months, and negotiating settlements with banks.

Netherlands-based Rabobank agreed two years ago to pay about $1 billion to settle U.S., British and Dutch charges of manipulating the key global interest rate. The payout included a $325 million deal with the U.S. Justice Department to allow the bank to avoid criminal prosecution in exchange for cooperation.

U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff rejected a request that bail be revoked.

“I’m not particularly worried Mr. Conti or Mr. Allen will flee,” he said.

Hinting at a measure of leniency likely at sentencing, Rakoff said the men probably would have faced more prison time if they had been prosecuted in London.

He said they would be foolish to flee, making them “pariahs for life.”

Outside court, juror Howard Wasserfall noted that Allen’s nicknames at the bank included “Ghostie” and “Casper,” signifying that as a manager he “always knew he’d be a figure in the background” as co-workers pleaded for them to manipulate interest rates to benefit their trades.

Wasserfall said it was significant there was no evidence Allen ever told anyone: “Hey, maybe we’re putting too much stock in what the traders are saying.”


TAP – If British bankers start playing Wall Street games, they end up in court.  Fraud is only for the people at the very top.




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  1. jimcasey says:

    while the sentiment expressed here in this article may have some vailidity be very careful of the known criminal fraudster Sean Adl Tabatabai – his obvious larceny theft of over 1 million US Dolllars from TPV The Peoples Voice along with the highly suspicious involvement and de facto approval of such theft frrom the People by none other than the masonic shill David Icke is something that the world must never forget.
    These are clear signs that the Alternative Media has long since been deeply penetrated by shills and pirates – remember Alex Jones shill extraordinaire had always had close links to Stratfor – look it up – and Icke’s site is full to the brim of masonic and sexual subliminals – but in that mix for those that care to look ( Earthling GB and many others have revealed all of this numerous times ) Sean Adl Tabatabai is definitely their channelling the money where the NWO shills want it to be. Cmon folks do you really think the internet is so free that there would be no shills to try and take your freedom.
    Please stop living under a rock and get out more – “ADL” and pro gay agenda screams it from his bottom to his pillow!!!

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