Ben Fellows, on his way to meet the Dalai Lama, challenges Facebook to stop supporting child abuse

“I’m back on FB. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to FB. More news to follow… Dear Facebook I am currently being cyber bullied, stalked and harassed by HR, LM and others. H has, we have learnt set up fake profiles and is impersonating my wife Julia Fellows and saying disgusting things about me. My account has been hacked on a number of occasions and I am currently suffering under a barrage of threats and intimidation from these people. I am a well known person as I have recently won a high profile legal case in the united kingdom regarding child abuse. For Facebook to suspend my account means that the corporation is complicit in cyber bullying, harassment and is helping to cover up paedophilia and child abuse. I am currently travelling to see the Dalai Lama in India and for my account to be disabled has directly affected my funding from my friends stranding me in Esenboga Airport unable to fly out of the airport and placing my life in direct danger. I have received no warnings from Facebook regarding any breach of guidelines, my account is under my real name, so please inform me what I have done? My account has been hacked a number of times and if you check you will see that over the past months it has been repeatedly deleted on and reinstated a number of times and accessed from a number of different locations.

The British Government is attempting to stop me from seeing The Dalai Lama as it will bring the world’s press attention back to victims and survivors of child abuse whom I am representing. I hope that Facebook isn’t condoning child abuse or the further abuse of victims and survivors and by disabling my account this Is exactly what you are doing. I hope you will reinstate my account as soon as possible. HR has attempted to affect our funding with our Go Fund Me page but fortunately Go Fund Me recognised what these people were doing. She and her operatives have setup a page called “Ben Fellows A Fraudster and A Liar” I am unable to report this since you have disabled my account. This is outrageous that my account should be disabled and for these trolls to be supported by Facebook, helped and encouraged to continually harrass, threaten, bully and intimidate me. If you do not find in my favour and remove these people I will have no choice but to take legal action against Facebook for supporting cyber bullying. I am neither a liar, fantasist nor fraudster and any suggestions of such is slanderous. I hope you will enable my account and deal with these others accordingly who have violated Facebook guidelines. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Ben Fellows”


From the 18th November, from Istanbul,


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