Are you suggesting that people didn’t die in Paris?

Greg Hallett suggested immediately on FaceBook that no one died in Paris. You’d have befriend him and go there yourself. Greg’s website…

Now this…
Interview 1112 – William Engdahl Explains the Context of the Paris Attacks:

21 mins in…
WE: I wouldn’t even call it a false flag. I’d cal it a no flag. An attempt to whip up support for boots on the ground in Syria. I’ve spoken to a veteran camera journalist… sent by one of the international networks… He told me he was there as a camera man covering the Chechen terror. He was there covering the Beslan School Massacre. He was there as a camera man for all the war situations over the last 20+ years. So, he has quite a bit of experience in covering bombing and things like that. He said this was the most bizarre scene of a terror attack that he’d ever tried to photograph. He showed me a picture. It was one of the restaurants where supposedly many people were shot with Kalashnikovs from these mass terrorists. All he was allowed to see by these special police, the security police, was to stand behind a row of carefully placed chairs touching each other with backs. Through the upper part of that, he couldn’t photograph down, through the upper part all you could see were these uniformed police moving around—so looking very “policey”. At one point they pulled up a cloth that had something that looked like blood on it. But you never could see a body. All of the pictures on the internet, that I’ve been able to find, you don’t see anything. There are records of the German football (players) which were inside the stadium when these bombs were supposedly going off, Tweeting back and forth to their family and friends back in German or wherever throughout the whole course of the events. There is no mention: “OMG, I just heard an explosion.” There is not one word of that until after it was announced that there was this bomb attack and then they refer to that but they did not know what was going on. So they were told to stay in the stadium overnight for security. So the whole thing begins to stink to high heaven.

JC: Are you suggesting that people didn’t die in Paris?

This is becoming a proposed pattern…. false flag events with no dead bodies.
Nobody Died At Sandy Hook:
Why did Amazon ban this book about Sandy Hook? Jim Fetzer part 1 of 4:

En plus…
Was this is a sick joke by ISIS? Or a sick joke by the people running this show?
Paris Terror Attacks are False Flags:
Alex Jones makes interesting point about 8 mins in. Worth considering?
“No one’s pointed out this was Friday 13th…”

This came under my nose. EU related…
Ashley Mote, a friend of Christopher Storey?
Statement following verdicts Southwark Crown Court 15 May 2015
“As my many supporters already know, I spent five years after my unexpected election to the European Parliament in 2004 fighting tirelessly towards the UK leaving the EU lunatic asylum, and meanwhile trying to protect the interests of constituents in SE England. Millions of Brits want the UK’s independence and freedom as a global trading nation restored. That was my aim, too.”


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  1. beLIEve says:


    The…. TRUTH….is emerging…..NO ONE DIED in Paris……FALSE Fcuk*** FLAG !

    YAWN……….how many more…. FFFs ….are the …LOONATI…..going to foist on us ? ?

    The article above was posted 17/11/15

    According to an ambulance man……
    When emergency services arrive at an accident, the blood which has left the bodies of victims has usually begun de-oxygenating and turning dark.
    Blood that has …RECENTLY….left a body has a much brighter red colour.

    TWO HOURS after blood leaving a body, as in ….The Bataclan…..THEATRICAL …”PRODUCTION”…..the BLOOD should be almost …BLACK !

    The…BRIGHT RED…….HORUS EYE…….floor mopped “arrangement” does not “apparently” reflect the properties of ……blood that is two hours old.

    Although I am not convinced the “bodies” are complete and utter….DUMMIES.
    I am wondering if they might be…. crISIS….. actors ? ?

    • I hope this is true
      But why, cant the cabal, rustle up enough blacktops manpower, to kill 130 or so?
      Why do they fake it?
      Are they now so weak, they cannot kill 130 or so, to fulfil their PR NWO objectives? Are they that cash strapped?

      Or could it be, they fully intend, for false flags ops, but with no one killed, TO BE EXPOSED UNCOVERED? The only source I have on this train of thinking is redefininggod blog. But this blogger may be wrong, on various things. He might not be right on all he says

      • beLIEve says:


        Why don’t the “LOONATI” kill for the false flags ? ?

        I haven’t got a clue.
        Imho, THEY are criminally insane.

        The false flags seem to consist of actors/dummies and, emergency service drills.
        These methods have fooled us in the past and, are still successful at manipulating, most of the population.

        I thought one of the reasons for the false flags was to harvest …..NEGATIVE ENERGY.
        So, I imagine after the initial announcement of a “terrorist” event, there must be a colossal “upswing” in negative energy.
        Maybe the SCUM just need, this initial hit ?

  2. beLIEve says:


    A politician with the best interests of the people at heart.

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