American self-hatred as our leaders cannibalize our country and the world

By John Kaminski

The recent revelation that the United States and its mysterious pseudopresident Barack Obama actually finance MIddle Eastern terrorists while simultaneously professing to be fighting them creates a painful emotional cramp in the minds and hearts of conscientious American citizens as we reluctantly realize our totally untrustworthy leaders and their insincere doublespeak pose a lethal danger to ourselves and others.
It then becomes impossible to love our country when we know our so-called leaders are lying through their teeth when they tell us they must kill many thousands of innocent people in order to protect our own families. To remain silent about this hypocrisy can only create one thing in our own minds — self hatred, along with a persistent loathing of ourselves and our own cowardly silence that permits these megacrimes against humanity to keep happening.
The continuing hoo-ha over the rise of ISIS and its series of senseless but calculated massacres now spreading all over the world has not only led to draconian police and security crackdowns imposed by the various governments, but has also triggered a bumper crop of skepticism from astute observers who detect both inconsistencies and impossibilities in the tales that are told about these events by a mainstream press which long ago has proven itself incapable of telling the objective truth about anything.
Of course none of this is really anything new. It is American history written over and over again, deepening the darkness of our lives and threatening the future of our children, which may have already been lost through the medical and social depredations of our own government supposedly done on their behalf.
The funding of and then pretending to fight ISIS is a mirror image — or a next chapter — in the creation of al-Qaeda some four decades earlier, when Zbigniew Brzezinski imported Saudi Arabian terrorists into Afghanistan to bedevil the imperialistic Soviets.
Today, our conscientious American minds know the history of how these al-Qaeda recruits appear out of nowhere all over the world to serve the purposes of the Jewish American war machine as it smooths out transit routes from Asia to Europe for oil and heroin. Such is the case today in Syria as it was not so long ago in Serbia.

Sometimes al-Qaeda assassins serve as bad guys to be battled as in Afghanistan, other times they are employed as convenient allies to destabilize such places as Serbia or Libya, when we want to replace independent-minded leaders such as Milosevic or Qaddafi.
These ubiquitous Islamic terrorists served as convenient patsies for the greatest false flag crime of all — the murder of 3,000 American citizens in New York City in 2001, which like a spine thrown permanently out of joint, has skewed American history ever since, and precipitated a profoundly ugly trend of government-staged false flag atrocities that rattle U.S. society to the bone on a regular basis with cynical and bloody attempts to get Americans to give up their guns and get us all to become quiet and obedient slaves to the Jews.
Mostly, this has already happened.
The stories our government tells us just don’t add up, but being sheeple, and wanting to fit in with the herd, we have let these lies stand as permanent and legitimate history. Most of us now are not old enough to remember the first Kennedy assassination in 1963, when the Warren Commission, led by a cynical political functionary named Arlen Specter, ruled that a single magic bullet killed the last and possibly the only relatively honest U.S. president, John F. Kennedy.
A half century of independent investigations since that dark day have revealed at least six shots, three potential assassins and two subsequent U.S. presidents — Lyndon Johnson and Bush Sr. — to have been intimately involved with this significant turn in the history of the world, a turn which accelerated both the Jewish takeover of the United States and the overall destruction of the planet.
This molding of public opinion through the supposedly objective reporting (but anything but) of Jewish-owned mainstream media stretches back through time through the overwhelming of public resistance to the World Wars, but it is more helpful to quickly review the recent false flag events that have grabbed the headlines and further exacerbated this frenzied mania to solidify this widespread deprivation of individual rights by the rapidly expanding kosher police state.
The police ordered us not to contest their story that a 120-pound weakling carried 80 pounds of guns and ammunition and murdered 20-some children in five minutes in a Connecticut school that was later proven to be closed, or at least not functioning as a legitimate school. It didn’t exactly seem convincing when none of the bodies were ever shown, even to their parents, or that many residents of Newtown received millions of dollars and free houses for their participation in this morbid masquerade. (I note with contempt that Amazon has just banned Jim Fetzer’s book, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”, which nicely summarizes the truth of the matter.)
Shortly thereafter we had a terror drill in Boston that unsurprisingly went live (as they so often do) and resulted in the clampdown of an entire metropolitan area while the concerted police state searched for two patsies they arbitrarily designated as the culprits, killing one and slitting the throat of the other so he couldn’t talk. An entire country praised the police efforts in killing and capturing those declared guilty by acclamation of mainstream media, no trial being necessary in this gross example of false flag vigilante justice. I could say more about the rigged trial but you probably know how it predictably went.
Skipping over dozens of other lurid examples that the government says were true but common sense proves were lies, we have the grotesque theater “massacre” in Paris, followed quickly by a slaughter in Mali and the day after by cautionary terror shutdowns in Brussels and Belgrade, making very likely that we have now entered an era of daily false flag atrocities developing so fast and furiously that we, the general run of sincere skeptics, will never have enough time to analyze and critique any of them seriously.
But then, we have never figured out the reasons for any of our wars, at least, not in the general public sphere. Few people today know that it was Hitler who continually sued for peace prior to World War II and Roosevelt who manipulated Japan into bombing Pearl Harbor, or that it took us 40 years to realize that the purpose of the Vietnam war was to addict American troops to heroin so they would bring the epidemic back home
Thus it becomes that American self-hatred really is better defined as the shame of being owned by the Jews, who have long controlled our money, our politicians, our bankers, our educators and our entertainers.
We hate not being able to talk about Jews openly, but we’ve seen so many examples of people who do lose their jobs, and sometimes their lives. Jews have insinuated themselves into our lives by controlling what appears on television and in the movies, and how Congress acts when the leader of Israel comes to town.
This is the stark case of a man who plans on killing or enslaving every single one of us, and our leaders cheer him when he lies to us and tells us how much he loves us. Netanyahu is Big Brother incarnate, and he has turned the vast majority of Americans into homicidal maniacs just like himself.
We owe all of this situation to thinking yo-yos like Milton Berle and Lucille Ball were funny, that sexual “liberation” was normal (when in fact it was an emotional addiction), and that homos who hated their own families were the pinnacle of mental health. In fact, homosexuals are the primary example of alienated individuals who are the perfect control droids of the Jewish Big Brother state, because they rejected the families who tried to love them but didn’t do a perfect job.
If there is any hope for the totally insane Jews (though I seriously doubt that there is) it lies with such self-hating Jews as Brother Nathanael Kapner, Shlomo Sand and Gilad Atzmon, who realize they must reject their Jewishness in order to become functional human beings.
But the self-hatred of Americans includes (whether we know it or not) many things that we do not know, like there’s no actual law to pay the income tax, or that the incorporation of the United States in 1871 means that everyone pretending to be a government official today, especially including judges, is committing treason because they are really working for a corporation called USA Inc. that doesn’t really give a damn about any Americans at all.
(The original Constitution stipulates that anyone posing as a government official is guilty of treason, and since our government is now a corporation, all government employees are now guilty of treason.)
Americans have many things to be ashamed of, including this current and pathetic crop of presidential candidates, none of whom is able to acknowledge that in the celebrated War on Terror, it is the Jewish controlled U.S. that actually furnishes the terrorists, and that all these attacks on society such as the so-called Sandy Hook massacre and the Boston Marathon bombing are actually precipitated by the government itself in order to scare all its citizens into giving up their guns.
It is to the credit of most Americans that they have not fallen for these transparent ruses, even though, to their everlasting shame, they have failed to muster the necessary courage to challenge their corrupt government over their crimes of 9/11, the creation of Al-Qaeda, and the execution of numerous, frequent and horrendous false flag atrocities aimed at convincing U.S. citizens to do things that no sane and civilized person should ever do.
It is for this failure of nerve and lack of basic natural morality that so many intelligent Americans hate themselves.
It is a hatred that is very justified. Where once America was the hope of the world, it is now the Jewish-controlled, homicidal robot scourge of the world.
I suspect there are no genuine Islamic terrorists, but only well-paid brutes hired by clever American, British and French agents who are themselves uncaring dupes of the worldwide Jewish murder machine.
And for that, our self-hatred is a very healthy thing. Once realized, it gives us permission to tear the traitors running our government into little, bloody shreds.

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