Women who escape Islam

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Women find it very hard to leave Islam, because of fear, says Aynaz.  This is here today’s video answering listener’s questions.  They might run away from their marriages, but the husbands can find them and commit honour killings in countries such as America, Canada and so on, and they expect to get away with it.

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Many Moslem women find that reading gives them access to new ideas and influences, and home delivery/internet book-selling services are a way for them to be able to buy books.



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  1. Dublinmick says:

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  2. Scotty says:

    Jesuit European Union – the Holy Roman Empire

    Who are the real targets in the UK government crusade against ‘extremists’?

    On 19th October 2015 the government published their ‘Counter Extremist Strategy’, allegedly supporting the idea that terrorists and suspected terrorists ‘should be treated like paedophiles’.

    Firstly, it must be pointed out that the definition of an ‘extremist’ is totally subjective and arbitrary, i.e. they can make it up as they go along, with no set laws to follow, and they – conveniently – don’t have a definition – it is simply a useful criminal label for those who object to any government political or socio-political policy. I am a suspect? After writing this post I am! Maybe you are, too? Read The Trial by Kafka – or consider the increasing number of British court cases being held in secret.

    How can Islam be the supposed target for this arbitrary legislation, when they have been welcomed into Europe with open arms by TPTB, over recent decades?

    Ordo ad chao? (The Freemasonic motto, ‘Order from Chaos’) I suspect so.

    Also consider that Freemasonic lodges champion Islam. Try a www image search for FDR Masonic lodge pictures – you will see him with his fellow ‘MOSLA’ Masons, all wearing their ‘fez’ hats.

    I propose that true targets of this legislation are Christians. And I mean real Christians – who base their faith solely upon the Word in the Holy Bible, the type of Christians whom the Pagan Roman Empire – under their guise of ‘Christian’ papal Catholicism – have done their utmost to exterminate since the time of Jesus.

    In a speech in 2014, Nicky Morgan yoked together jihadist Islamists and Biblical Creationists – who take Genesis as a historical account of the world from Creation to Exodus, and reject the pseudo-science of evolutionism. She linked them together as examples of ‘extremists’, against whom legal action could be and should be taken.

    What the newest European incarnation of the pagan Roman Jesuit Holy Roman Empire are doing is persecuting true biblical Christians, under the false pretext of prevention of terrorism.

    It would raise a lot of questions if the Roman Jesuits running the EU were to begin persecuting Christians without this Islamic terrorist pretext, would it not?

    Because, aren’t we supposed to live in the modern ‘scientific’ world? Hasn’t all that ‘biblical mumbo-jumbo’ been consigned to the history books, by the fantastical advances of science? Is it not now, as Dawkins has stated, ‘possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist’? If yes, why all this concern over what biblical Christians believe? No one would ever truly (false flag events aside!) commit a terrorist act in the name of Jesus Christ.

    During the reign of Henry VIII in 1547, under anti-papal Protestant reforms, a government statute called ‘De Heretico Comburendo’ was abolished. In the reign of the viciously loyal Catholic Queen Mary I in 1555, the act was restored, leading to the public execution, by burning alive, of many hundreds of Christians who refused to recant their faith in the bible and Jesus Christ, and pay homage to and swear allegiance to the pope – the pagan god-man of Rome.

    What we are now witnessing is the pagan Roman Catholic Jesuits up to their old tricks again. As the Jesuit Oath states, they only exist to exterminate Christians and their ‘paper pope of the Protestants’ – the pagan Roman term for the Holy Bible.

    The murderous Roman Catholic Inquisition, still in existence today as ‘Council for the Doctrine of the Faith’, firstly under the control of the Dominicans and then the Jesuits – the Engineer Corps of Hell – was still in operation in 1848 when Garibaldi’s army took Rome. The grisly remains of recent victims were found in the Vatican dungeons, photographed and documented at the time by H Grattan Guinness. Heretics, liberals and Protestants, walled-up and burned alive in quicklime. This was only a few generations ago, maybe when your great grandparents were alive.

    So, where are these Jesuits today? Do they hold positions of power? Yes. The President of Europe, the ruler of 500 million people, Herman Van Rompuy is a Jesuit. Below is a extract from his speech at the EU on 17th November 2011:

    ‘Mario Draghi, Mario Monti and myself are all three alumni from the Jesuits. Back to basics.’

    One has to ask what a Jesuits means when he says ‘back to basics’. If you want to know go the website for European Institute of Protestant Studies (EIPS) in Belfast and search for ‘Jesuit Oath’. You will see just what ‘back to basics’ entails.

    Which power is in control of everything today, just as the bible says? (see Daniel in the Old Testament) The Roman Catholic Church, the mother of harlots and abominations, drunk of the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus (see Revelation 17 for more).

    And yes, the pope is a Jesuit, as well.

    Just as the now defunct nation of England countered some 20 pagan Roman Jesuitical plots to murder Queen Elizabeth 1st and the government of the day, so we are still under pagan Roman Catholic & Jesuit attack.

    England caused Rome some serious problems in the past, from the 14th century onwards, starting with John Wycliff and the Lollards – many of whom were burned alive in public by the Roman controlled government of the day.

    From the time of the Reformation, and until quite recently, the nations of the United Kingdom rejected pagan Roman Catholic religious and temporal political power-structures and governorship. England has been a thorn in the side of the pagan papal Caesars and so England and all vestiges Englishness must therefore be expunged from history.

    English history, and later British history, under the protestant United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is a history of rebellion against popish Roman temporal power.

    It was only from the time that the Roman yoke was thrown off, in the 16th century, that this country managed to achieve anything; hence the British Empire and highly successful colonies around the globe -America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. All this was, of course, a great problem for Rome.

    As we are now witnessing, English people are considered ‘unter-menschen’ – the Nazi term for ‘non-people’. We are non-people in a non-nation. Reminds me of the scene in 1984 when Winston and Julia are arrested. ‘We are the dead’. ‘Yes, you are the dead’ utters the security policeman, before dragging them off to prison for interrogation and torture.

    British people – be aware of your true history and put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ today!

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