Why Can We Question Anything but the “Holocaust”?

  • Man targeted for holding politically incorrect beliefs.


In an environment where intellectual curiosity should be rewarded, a student trustee with California’s Los Rios Community College District faced a potential recall following a candid and provocative interview he gave to a college newspaper that delved into the most controversial subject in the world today, the “Holocaust.”

Los Rios comprises four separate community colleges in Sacramento and the surrounding region. Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, Sacramento City College and American River College together make up the District, serving roughly 80,000 students.

Cameron Weaver, 26, was elected to the position of Los Rios student trustee in an April election and has served in the position since June of this year. Prior to that, he had been in student government and even contributed to the school newspaper, the American River Current.

In an interview with Barbara Harvey, a “journalist” and web editor with the Current, Weaver cited a popular YouTube video highlighting various newspaper articles prior to World War II that specifically described “6 million Jews” who were allegedly being persecuted in Russia and other parts of eastern Europe. Many of these articles noted that the Jews of Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other parts of Europe were facing severe oppression, discrimination and abuse, with many ultimately suffering and dying under horrific conditions. (Watch the video linked to Harvey’s name where she was interviewed to gain an understanding of how efficient the Jewish-controlled elite media’s brainwashing has been.—Ed.]

Numerous revisionists, including Don Heddesheimer, author of The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During & After World War One, have argued that the “6 million Jews” murdered at the hands of white Christian European peoples, a fabricated and false historical narrative officially institutionalized following the defeat of National Socialist Germany, has a long history going back well before WWII even began.

“In these newspapers, there was a very conflicting thing I noticed: There was continual reporting that 6 million Jewish people were facing a lot of [suffering]—they were facing starvation, being evicted from their homes, over in Russia, and then three years later it changed to Ukrainia,” Weaver explained during the interview.

Weaver clearly distanced himself from people who say “the Holocaust didn’t happen,” arguing that he does not know all the facts of the matter, and just found the “6 million Jews” figure, which has been endlessly promoted and repeated by the mass media—even prior to WWII—quite revealing and worthy of open and honest discussion.

During the highly edited audio interview released online, Weaver described himself as “very skeptical” of official government and mass media pronouncements, and presented himself as an independent and critical thinker.

In the conversation, which covered a broad range of topics, Weaver, a political science major who is considering pursuing a career in politics and public service, noted that the 9-11 attack was a major motivating factor in his decision to study politics. Casting doubt on the official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9-11 as outlined in the official 9-11 Commission Report, Weaver stated: “As the months and the years progress, you get a little bit older, you get a little bit more able to think for yourself, and I just look back and go over what has transpired since 9-11, the facts or the data that’s publicly available since 9-11, and I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted that there’s been so many things given to the public that omit the key things that really detail what the 9-11 Commission didn’t go over when they did their report.”

Weaver stated he believed Saudi Arabia played a key role in planning and executing the events of 9-11, which has been covered up and hidden from the American public. He also criticized the promotion of childhood vaccinations and stated “that antidepressants play a role in high-profile shootings—something he alleges the Food and Drug Administration may be covering up,” according to the Current article.

Los Rios officials have blasted Weaver for his comments, with District President of the Board of Trustees Dustin Johnson describing his statements as “troubling, misguided and abhorrent to the views and values of the seven publicly elected members of the board of trustees.” Los Rios Chancellor Brian King stated: “The Board of Trustees and the Los Rios administration jointly denounce the deplorable comments attributed to the student trustee.”

In an email to the Los Rios Board of Trustees and Chancellor King, Weaver stated that the report in the Current “does not accurately reflect my views, beliefs or convictions.”

“My top priority from this point forward is to work to rebuild those relationships, and rebuild your trust in me as someone who is worthy of the student trustee position, and who can intelligently and passionately represent our students on the Los Rios Board,” Weaver wrote to school officials.

Mitchel Benson, associate vice chancellor for communications and media relations for Los Rios, explained in a statement to The Sacramento Bee that “Cameron’s future is in the same hands of people that elected him and not in the hands of the trustees.”

While some members of the student government, including the student senate president, have expressed support for Weaver, others are calling for his recall.

Although the student senate voted seven to two against recalling Weaver, a clear and resounding message has been sent to him and across this country to anyone else, anywhere: do not question the “Holocaust.”

Source: http://therealistreport.com/why-can-we-question-anything-but-the-holocaust/



Obama gives $12 million to “Holocaust survivors”

Just read the headline. The article I’m highlighting is not from a “White supremacist” or “anti-Semitic” website – it’s from The Jewish Daily Forward, an entirely mainstream Jewish news outlet.

Given that the vast majority of readers here are fully cognizant of the fact that the official narrative of “6 million Jews” systematically murdered by the “evil German Nazis” during the “Holocaust” is a total fabrication – it’s a fake narrative of history endlessly reinforced and perpetuated by the mass media, Hollywood, and political establishment – do I really even need to write anything else? How infuriated are you?

Read more: http://therealistreport.com/obama-gives-12-million-to-holocaust-survivors/


German perspective of WWII reaching the masses with documentary film

The crimes committed against the German people – men, women, and children, soldiers, political officials, and civilians alike – during and after WWII is one of history’s greatest tragedies.

And yet, for most of the Western world, it is a tragedy that is largely unknown. The war crimes committed by the Allies during and after the war, which included the indiscriminate fire-bombing of countless German cities and industrial centers, the sinking of German civilian ships on the high seas, the torture, starvation, abuse, and murder of millions of disarmed or surrendered German soldiers and National Socialist political officials, and the rape and murder of countless German women and girls, have been covered up and downplayed in the West. Ask any Westerner about the atrocities committed during WWII, and the only response you will likely receive is that “6 million Jews” suffered and died at the hands of “the evil Nazis” during the “Holocaust”.

Read more: http://therealistreport.com/german-perspective-of-wwii-reaching-the-masses-with-documentary-film/


5 Responses to “Why Can We Question Anything but the “Holocaust”?”

  1. NPP says:

    … because so much money, power and control is generated by the official WWII post mortem story.

    Sometimes I wonder if different people experience different timelines in a world of infinite possibility.

    I must say, the first ime I considered the gas chamber story might be dubious was quite a step to take.

    Can we conjure up a new subject to pre-ffix ‘denier’ with? How about ‘gravity deniers’.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    The “holocaust” is the core lie upon which the zionist fantasists sit enabling their occupation and theft of Palestine which provides the terrorist / banking cabal with a quasi sovereign base of operations from which to operate and stash ill gotten gains. Claims to victimhood are deployed whenever they are criticised for their activities.

    As with any web of deceit eventually maintaining the deception becomes a burden. The zionists are at that stage now fewer and fewer people believe their lies yet like delinquent children they keep repeating them. Bibi Netanyahu terrorist leader of israel provides a perfect example of this “Peter and the wolf syndrome” and now is largely depicted as an evil clown as a result.

    Lies always catch up with their makers.

    Here is another example. …. “Israel is the USA’s best friend.” Yet Israel is leading ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

    Israeli General Commanding ISIS Captured in Iraq

    The Foreign Affairs High Representative at the USA Parliament and Secretary General of the “DESI” European Department for Security and Information Ambassador Dr. HAISSAM BOU-SAID confirmed that Iraqi popular Army captured an Israeli officer whose name is Yussi Elon Shahak, based on the Intel provided by the “US international Parliament and European Department for Security and Information.” The officer’s rank is Brigadier and his military No is Re 34356578765Az231434. This reminds us of the Israeli Brigadier killed in the Syrian city of Quneitra, while meeting with the leaders of the terrorist groups.


  3. Dogman says:

    The first plaque that was on display at the Auschwitz camp from 1948 until 1989 stated “4 million” victims.

    The second plaque currently on display at Auschwitz has “1.5 million.”

    But you can’t question the 6 million figure!

    Supposedly more Catholics than Jews died at Auschwitz .

  4. beLIEve says:

    WHEN …their LIES are exposed for what they are, just think of the compensation payments that will be demanded of the SCUM-BAG khazars.

    All WWII deaths ?
    All WWII desecrated homes and, lands ?
    All WWII taxes, including post war “debt” repayments ?
    All stolen sequestrated possessions/wealth ?

    Then, people will start thinking of WWI…and, the khazar zionist hand in that.
    The same compensation payments would be demanded of the thieving khazars for WWI ?

    The Boer War ?
    Wasn’t that simply staged to STEAL African lands rich in Gold and, Diamonds for the personal enrichment of the Oppenheimers and, their fellow khazar SCUM ?

    The Napoloenic War…must have been another khazar genocidal/theft SCAM ?

    The khazar achilles heel is shekels. Separate the thieving misers from “their” spoils and they will be …..bereft/worthless.
    The only value they recognise is …money.

  5. salty says:

    French BDS activists convicted of Holocaust denial

    April 13, 2016.

    Shoshana Miskin — Arutz Sheva April 10, 2016

    Two Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists were convicted by a Montpellier court for incitement and Holocaust denial and fined 3,000 euros ($3,400), according to the French news site Libération.


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