What I learnt yesterday………


by Kahi Harawira

Remember when the US said that they didn’t like Putin to be the Russian President? Well, MH17 was the plane that Putin was supposed to be on.

Remember when the Rothschild’s bought Palestine off the British and to establish the state of Israel? Well the Rothschild HQ is still in the City of London and Israel has a global citizenship now.

Ever wonder why the US, the greatest military force on the planet, could not defeat ISIS in four years and Putin has almost wiped them out in less than two weeks? Well, the Jews now control the Pentagon, the supreme court, congress and military and rather than bombing ISIS, the US has been supplying them.

The Rothschild’s own almost every central bank on the planet including ours, and they needed to close the circle by taking out Russia and the China. The first thing that happened when US bombed Iraq, was to seize their gold. The first thing they seized when they bombed Libya, was their gold.

The Rothschild’s own the US Fed, which prints money. the US dollar is no longer backed by gold. The Rothschild’s own Fort Knox, the US military, Congress,Supreme Court, most of the central banks in the world and have created and been supplying ISIS, in their endless quest to dominate the world.

The British want to go to war with Russia and want NATO to back them.

Enter Putin. Provides a shock and awe campaign in Syria and stops the Rothschild’s in their tracks. US looks stupid, EU doesn’t want war with Russia, everyone finds out ISIS is the US and Obama refuses to authorize war. Suddenly, the Nazionist Rothschild’s are on notice and everything is being revealed.

I am watching, in my time, the fall of the entire colonial economic/legal system created by the the so-called western “free” world. What a wonderful day yesterday, so today I am smiling………


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  1. Lynn says:

    Yes we can all smile at last. Putin has done the world a great justice, to watch this unravelling before us is a true delight to the awake. Let us hope this is the beginning of the end of mob rule,and injustice, and the evil empire. Oh vey indeed.

  2. beLIEve says:

    “THEY” also stole the Ancient Sithian Gold and gold bullion owned by the peoples of Ukraine.

    Mali was invaded, in order to steal its considerable gold holdings.

    Italian gold….200 tonnes ? ?…..has I believe been “removed”.

    I believe Greek Gold was stolen during WWII by Germany.
    Reparations due…. were not paid.

    The RATS-childs owning/setting up of the Bank of England was UNLAWFUL.

    The RATS-childs printing of UK “money” is UNLAWFUL.

    The RATS-childs presence in the UK is UNLAWFUL.

    The khazar zionist presence in the British Isles is UNLAWFUL.

    The Papal Bulls of the so-called “pope” are all UNLAWFUL i.e. they are “Lawfully” Unenforceable.

    If this unraveling of the Matrix continues, more and more people will hopefully wake up to the fact that the “rooles” “effected” to oppress them are….duplicitous, malevolent, unlawful genocidal theft.

    • beLIEve says:

      I forgot……. was Palestine sequestrated from its Indigenous Palestinian Occupants/Owners/Custodians by the British or, the FAKE “british” i.e. khazars ? ?

      ‘cos the khazars are, in the eyes of British Law, both Common/Molmutine Law and, fake Legalese………..ILLEGAL ALIENS.
      As Illegal Aliens they possessed, no Lawful right to Draw up/Influence British

      So, stealing Palestinian Land was UNLAWFUL.

      Not that anyone with a couple of grey cells knocking around in their skull and, a soupcon of humanity….needs anyone else to state….the bleedin’ obvious.

      I hear the …NON-human….khazars… are now planning to …..STEAL UKRAINE !

      May God or, Putin help the Ukrainians !

  3. Lynn says:

    It’s started. The world is watching and ignoring the bought sold out media empire of Rats child. They know this was a fake ME takeover. Our Alien Governments and Royals are on a death list now. London is the HQ of all this evil. Tick tock to the Aristock.

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