Vladimir Putin – Agent of the Awakening?

by Zen Gardner



Well, well, well, aren’t we seeing a massive turnaround of late. Putin was so sharp, calm and truthful at the UN and other recent speeches and interviews compared to the same old Amerikan false bravado diatribe it was like having a clean shower after swimming through a cesspool.

And the whole free world feels the same.

What I admire about him is his cool demeanor and very artful tact in how he approaches massively sensitive subjects. He has to cloak it in “diplomati-speak” of course to reach the type of audience within those bound up layers of communication, but he does it masterfully. You don’t sense the BS factor and full on propagandized deception you get from the Obamaramadingdong script reading puppet.

I know the  whirled stage is just that, but nothing’s written in stone and there are always “free floating radicals”. Whatever engineered plans are afoot, there’s always plenty of room for error in their programming – as well as their assumption that the rest of the world will automatically buy into it as they imperiously assume.

It reminds me of the Donald Trump phenomenon. At first people thought he’d fizzle and pop and we’d be back to the same old cardboard corporate cut out options in the US theater of absurdity . But now he’s got so much traction, again due to his fresh honesty vs the bullshit factor of mainstream sewage, that the big boys are trying desperately to co-opt the wild Trump card, controlled opposition being their tactic of choice as we know. Now you can watch them scramble to contribute to his popularity – but rest assured they’re busy trying to bore their evil, poisonous beaks into their new would-be host if they can.

The Worm Has Turned

I’m not under any illusion that most of what we are witnessing on a daily basis isn’t massively manipulated. However, humanity is awakening and we cannot limit it in any way, shape or form in how it manifests. The “powers that shouldn’t be” have been imploding for some time while stepping up this almost comical show of force in all forms.

The following presentations are extremely powerful if you listen closely to the tone, clarity and sense of moral authority very rarely seen on the world stage.

The game has shifted, the worm has turned.

The first video is previous to the recent UN speech, which follows, but I found it profoundly honest and truthful, as well as tactful and giving room for those he’s addressing to come to an understanding of the error of their ways. It so elevated my understanding of how blatantly obvious the western axis of evil has become in the eyes of so many, yet they too lack the clarion call to point out the emperor has no clothes. – and all his puppet soldiers are simply paid-for mercenaries.






Our Power to Co-create Reality

This is a major shift I think we can take great encouragement in. As we know, it takes a type of critical mass to move society to look honestly at what is going on and adopt a new paradigm on a major scale. When a major world figures calls out this courageously the abject wrongness of the reality that the masses are being told is necessary and it must adhere to, and in such calm yet bold and action-reinforced clarity, it speaks volumes and sends a very strong signal.

Waking up, at all levels, usually involves startling revelations of truth, very often ones already right in front of our faces, yet we were virtually hypnotized to not understand but rather accept as our inevitable fate in some form.

This man, however you may perceive this whole world stage, is causing just that type of mass awakening. And acting on it. Even now they’ve warned Americans to get out of Syria as they launch very real retaliations on this hoard of western hired mercenaries threatening the dear people of Syria and the entire region.

No doubt the rabid west and Israel and their proxy states will step up their desperate, hysterical and genocidal attacks to confuse the issue, and try to provoke a greater confrontation. As their dying beast writhes in the throes of exposure to the light of truth and public awareness, the forces of darkness will make their move.

It’s inevitable to some extent, sorry to say. They’re psychopaths.

Let’s hope the global awakening can stir the world to take appropriate action in every form possible to stay the situation and bypass this pre-planned insanity potentially leading to a major confrontation, the WW3 scenario that is apparently in their agenda.

It seems earth’s inhabitants are being given a chance to help avoid this.

It’s Up To Each of Us

But never let your guard down. We know who and what are waiting in the wings to fill any and every vacuum created by engineered or unplanned changes. That’s their M.O.

However, an awakened populace will not go back to sleep. Remember, anything and everything is possible. These recent major turns of events may just cause such an uprising in consciousness at very high levels as well as throughout society that could cause a major shift to happen.

It’s up to us. Blindly following the trend du jour is what has led to humanity’s captivity. Let’s all lead by living our lives in full on awareness, in loving intention with steeled determination, and getting the truth out there.

Much love, Zen



14 Responses to “Vladimir Putin – Agent of the Awakening?”

  1. Truth will prevail says:

    At least Putin knows who the real enemy is. (Except the years 1945 -45; Putin should confront himself with the truth; the monumental ugly lies must be dismantled in the eyes of the world; only that can guarantee a future in peace) Putin preaches morals to the “gentlemen“ (behind the curtains)

    Putin addresses UN General Assembly 2015
    Full speech in text:

    Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General,
    Distinguished heads of state and government, Ladies and gentlemen, The 70th anniversary of the United Nations is a good occasion to both take stock of history and talk about our COMMON FUTURE. In 1945, the countries that defeated Nazism joined their efforts to lay a solid [??] foundation for the POSTWAR WORLD ORDER. Let me remind you that key decisions on the PRINCIPLES DEFINING INTERACTION BETWEEN STATES, as well as the decision to establish the UN, were made in our country, at the Yalta Conference of the leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition.

    The Yalta system was truly born in travail. It was born at the cost of tens of millions of lives and two world wars [and WHO was really responsible?] that swept through the planet in the 20th century. Let’s be fair [is he really fair??]: it helped humankind pass through turbulent, and at times dramatic, events of the last seven decades. It saved the world from large-scale upheavals.

    The United Nations is unique in terms of legitimacy [??], representation and universality. True, the UN has been criticized lately for being inefficient or for the fact that decision-making on fundamental issues stalls due to insurmountable differences, especially among Security Council members. However, I’d like to point out that there have always been differences in the UN throughout the 70 years of its history, and that the veto right has been regularly used by the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China and the Soviet Union, and later Russia.

    It is only natural [?to be inefficient?] for such a diverse and representative organization [“representative”? – The UN is a private nongovernmental organization (NGO); nothing but a tool (among many others) the criminal international mafia cabal uses to privatize governmental power over the people of the whole planet. The totalitarian enslavement of humankind. World government: The ultimate coup!!! Completely without any legitimacy by the people].

    When the UN was first established, nobody expected that there would always be unanimity. The mission of the organization is to seek and reach compromises, and its strength comes from taking different views and opinions into consideration. The decisions debated within the UN are either taken in the form of resolutions or not. As diplomats say, they either pass or they don’t. Any action taken by circumventing this procedure is illegitimate and constitutes a violation of the UN Charter and contemporary international law.

    We all know that after the end of the Cold War the world was left with one center of dominance, and those who found themselves at the top of the pyramid were tempted to think that, since they are so powerful and exceptional, they know best what needs to be done and thus they don’t need to reckon with the UN, which, instead of rubber-stamping the decisions they need, often stands in their way [??]. That’s why they say [??] that the UN has run its course and is now obsolete and outdated [to the contrary: they use the UN to implement their 2030 New World Order Agenda!]

    Of course, the world changes, and the UN should also undergo natural transformation. Russia is ready to work together with its partners to develop the UN further on the basis of a broad consensus, but we consider any attempts to undermine the legitimacy [??] of the United Nations as extremely dangerous. They may result in the collapse of the entire architecture of international relations, and then indeed there will be no rules left [??] except for the rule of force. The world will be dominated by selfishness rather than collective effort, by dictate rather than equality and liberty, and instead of truly independent states [the UN destroys the national sovereignty of independent states by overruling it!] we will have protectorates controlled from outside.

    What is the meaning of STATE SOVEREIGNTY, the term which has been mentioned by our colleagues here? It basically means freedom, every person and every state being free to choose their future. By the way, this brings us to the issue of the so-called legitimacy of state authorities. You shouldn’t play with words and manipulate them. In international law, international affairs, every term has to be clearly defined, transparent and interpreted the same way by one and all.

    We are all different, and we should respect that. Nations shouldn’t be forced to all conform to the same development model [by the UN!!!] that somebody [the international mafia cabal] has declared the only appropriate one. We should all remember the lessons of the past. For example, we remember examples from our Soviet past, when the Soviet Union exported social experiments, pushing for changes in other countries for ideological reasons, and this often led to tragic consequences and caused degradation instead of progress.

    It seems, however, that instead of learning from other people’s mistakes, some [Zionist mobsters who call themselves “Jews”] prefer to repeat them and continue to export revolutions, only now these are “democratic” revolutions. Just look at the situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa already mentioned by the previous speaker. Of course, political and social problems have been piling up for a long time in this region, and people there wanted change. But what was the actual outcome? Instead of bringing about reforms, aggressive intervention rashly destroyed government institutions and the local way of life. Instead of democracy and progress, there is now violence, poverty, social disasters and total disregard for human rights, including even the right to life.

    I’m urged to ask those who [deliberately] created this situation [CHAOS]: do you at least realize now what you’ve done? [of course they do!!] But I’m afraid that this question will remain unanswered, because they have never abandoned their policy, which is based on arrogance, exceptionalism and impunity [Talmudic Satanists who think they are gods; masters of life and death]. Power vacuum in some countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa obviously resulted in the emergence of areas of anarchy, which were quickly filled with extremists and terrorists [Satanists indulge in terror, fear and hate; they feed from low vibrations].

    The so-called ISLAMIC STATE has tens of thousands of militants fighting for it, including former Iraqi soldiers who were left on the street after the 2003 invasion. Many recruits come from Libya whose statehood was destroyed as a result of a gross violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1973. And now radical groups are joined by members of the so-called “moderate” Syrian opposition backed by the West. They get weapons and training, and then they defect and join the so-called Islamic State. In fact, the Islamic State itself did not come out of nowhere. It was initially developed as a (Israeli-US-Zionist] weapon against undesirable secular regimes [in the Middle East]. Having established control over parts of Syria and Iraq, Islamic State [under control of CIA-MI-6-Mossad] now aggressively expands into other regions. It seeks dominance in the Muslim world and beyond [terror and destabilisation for the Middle East and Europe]. Their plans go further. The situation is extremely dangerous.

    In these circumstances, it is hypocritical and irresponsible to make declarations about the threat of terrorism and at the same time turn a blind eye to the [secret service] channels used to finance and support terrorists, including revenues from drug trafficking, the illegal oil trade and the arms trade. It is equally irresponsible to manipulate extremist groups and use them to achieve your political goals, hoping that later you’ll find a way to get rid of them or somehow eliminate them. I’d like to tell those who engage in this: Gentlemen, the people you are dealing with are cruel but they are not dumb. They are as smart as you are. So, it’s a big question: who’s playing who here?

    The recent incident where the most “moderate” opposition group handed over their weapons to terrorists is a vivid example of that. We consider that any attempts to flirt with terrorists, let alone arm them, are short-sighted and extremely dangerous. This may make the global terrorist threat much worse, spreading it to new regions around the globe, especially since there are fighters from many different countries, including European ones, gaining combat experience with Islamic State. Unfortunately, Russia is no exception. Now that those thugs have tasted blood, we can’t allow them to return home and continue with their criminal activities. Nobody wants that, right? [Actually, the Evil DESTROYERS DO WANT exactly that!]

    Russia has consistently opposed TERRORISM in all its forms. Today, we provide military-technical assistance to Iraq, Syria and other regional countries fighting terrorist groups. We think it’s a big mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian authorities and government forces who valiantly fight terrorists on the ground. We should finally admit that President Assad’s government forces and the Kurdish militia are the only forces really fighting terrorists in Syria. Yes, we are aware of all the problems and conflicts in the region, but we definitely have to consider the actual situation on the ground.

    Dear colleagues, I must note that such an HONEST and FRANK APPROACH on Russia’s part has been recently used as a pretext for accusing it of its growing ambitions — as if those who say that have no ambitions at all. However, it is not about Russia’s ambitions, dear colleagues, but about the recognition of the fact that we can no longer tolerate the current state of affairs in the world. What we actually propose is to be guided by common values and common interests [which ones?] rather than by ambitions. Relying on international law [Satanists defy international law; they break all laws if they see fit], we must join efforts to address the problems that all of us are facing, and create a genuinely broad international coalition against terrorism.

    Similar to the anti-Hitler coalition [falsified history by the victors], it could unite a broad range of parties willing to stand firm against those who, just like the Nazis [??], sow evil and hatred of humankind [that’s not true] And of course, Muslim nations should play a key role in such a coalition, since Islamic State not only poses a direct threat to them, but also tarnishes one of the greatest world religions with its atrocities [Putin in defense of Islam? Doesn’t Putin know about the inhumane teachings of the Koran?]. The ideologues of these extremists make a mockery of Islam and subvert its true humanist [??] values.

    I would also like to address Muslim spiritual leaders: Your authority and your guidance are of great importance right now. It is essential to prevent people targeted for recruitment by extremists from making hasty decisions, and those who have already been deceived and, due to various circumstances, found themselves among terrorists, must be assisted in finding a way back to normal life, laying down arms and putting an end to fratricide. In the days to come, Russia, as the current President of the UN Security Council, will convene a ministerial meeting to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the threats in the Middle East.

    First of all, we propose exploring opportunities for adopting a resolution that would serve to coordinate the efforts of all parties that oppose Islamic State [the secret services of the west training mercenaries for proxy wars?] and other terrorist groups. Once again, such coordination should be based upon the principles of the UN Charter.

    We hope that the international community will be able to develop a comprehensive strategy of political stabilization, as well as social and economic recovery in the Middle East. [the UN has never ever achieved any of that] Then, dear friends, there would be no need for setting up more refugee camps. Today, the flow of people forced to leave their native land has literally engulfed, first, the neighbouring countries, and then Europe. There are hundreds of thousands of them now, and before long, there might be millions. It is, essentially, a new, tragic Migration Period, and a harsh lesson for all of us, including Europe. I would like to stress that refugees undoubtedly need our compassion and support.

    However, the only way to solve this problem for good is to restore [PEACE and] statehood where it has been destroyed, to strengthen government institutions where they still exist, or are being re-established, to provide comprehensive military, economic and material assistance to countries in a difficult situation, and certainly to people who, despite all their ordeals, did not abandon their homes. Of course, any assistance to sovereign nations can, and should, be offered rather than imposed, in strict compliance with the UN Charter. In other words, our Organisation should support any measures that have been, or will be, taken in this regard in accordance with international law, and reject any actions that are in breach of the UN Charter.

    Above all, I believe it is of utmost importance to help restore government institutions in LIBYA, support the new government of Iraq, and provide comprehensive assistance to the legitimate government of Syria. Dear colleagues, ensuring peace and global and regional stability remains a key task for the international community guided by the United Nations. We believe this means creating an equal and indivisible security environment THAT WOULD NOT SERVE A PRIVILEGED FEW, BUT EVERYONE. Indeed, it is a challenging, complicated and time-consuming task, but there is simply no alternative. Sadly, some of our counterparts are still dominated by their Cold War-era bloc mentality and the ambition to conquer new geopolitical areas. First, they continued their policy of expanding NATO – one should wonder why [for world dominance], considering that the Warsaw Pact had ceased to exist and the Soviet Union had disintegrated. Nevertheless, NATO has kept on expanding, together with its military infrastructure.

    Next, the post-Soviet states were forced to face a false choice between joining the West and carrying on with the East. Sooner or later, this LOGIC OF CONFRONTATION was bound to spark off a major geopolitical crisis. And that is exactly what happened in UKRAINE, where the people’s widespread frustration with the government was used for instigating a coup d’état FROM ABROAD. This has triggered a civil war. We are convinced that the only way out of this DEAD END lies through comprehensive and diligent implementation of the Minsk agreements of February 12th, 2015. Ukraine’s territorial integrity cannot be secured through the use of threats or military force, but it must be secured. The people of Donbas should have their rights and interests genuinely considered, and their choice respected; they should be engaged in devising the key elements of the country’s political system, in line with the provisions of the Minsk agreements. Such steps would guarantee that Ukraine will develop as a civilized state, and a vital link in creating a common space of security and economic cooperation, both in Europe and in Eurasia.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have deliberately mentioned a COMMON SPACE FOR ECONOMIC COOPERATION. Until quite recently, it seemed that we would learn to do without dividing lines in the area of the economy with its objective market laws, and act based on transparent and jointly formulated rules, including the WTO principles, which embrace free trade and investment and fair competition. However, unilaterally imposed sanctions circumventing the UN Charter have all but become commonplace today. They not only serve political objectives, but are also used for eliminating market competition [Rockefeller: Competition is a sin!]. I would like to note one more sign of rising economic selfishness. A number of nations have chosen to create exclusive economic associations, with their establishment being negotiated behind closed doors, secretly from those very nations’ own public and business communities, as well as from the rest of the world. Other states, whose interests may be affected, have not been informed of anything, either. It seems that someone would like to impose upon us some new game rules, deliberately tailored to accommodate THE INTERESTS OF A PRIVILEGED FEW, with the WTO having no say in it. This is fraught with utterly unbalancing global trade and splitting up the global economic space.

    These issues affect the INTERESTS OF ALL NATIONS and influence the future of the entire global economy. That is why we propose discussing those issues within the framework of the United Nations, the WTO and the G20. Contrary to the policy of exclusion, Russia advocates harmonizing regional economic projects. I am referring to the so-called ”integration of integrations“ based on the universal and transparent rules of international trade. As an example, I would like to cite our plans to interconnect the Eurasian Economic Union with China’s initiative for creating a Silk Road economic belt. We continue to see great promise in harmonizing the integration vehicles between the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union [that’s exactly what the privileged few fear and want to prevent!]

    Ladies and gentlemen, one more issue that shall affect the future of the entire humankind is climate change. It is in our interest to ensure that the coming UN Climate Change Conference that will take place in Paris in December this year should deliver some feasible results. As part of our national contribution, we plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 70–75 percent of the 1990 levels by the year 2030. However, I suggest that we take a broader look at the issue. Admittedly, we may be able to defuse it for a while by introducing emission quotas and using other tactical measures, but we certainly will not solve it for good that way. [Putin is in on the “global warming/climate change“ by man-made CO2 FRAUD!!?]

    What we need is an essentially different [good!!] approach, one that would involve introducing new, groundbreaking, nature-like technologies that would not damage the environment, but rather work in harmony with it, enabling us to restore the balance between the biosphere and technology upset by human activities [such as geoengineering; changing the weather and climate by chemtrails & HAARP!!]. It is indeed a challenge of global proportions. And I am confident that humanity does have the necessary intellectual capacity to respond to it. We need to join our efforts, primarily engaging countries that possess strong research and development capabilities, and have made significant advances in fundamental research. We propose convening a special forum under the auspices of the UN to comprehensively address issues related to the depletion of natural resources, habitat destruction, and climate change. Russia is willing to co-sponsor such a forum.

    Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues. On January 10th, 1946, the UN General Assembly convened for its first meeting in London. Chairman of the Preparatory Commission Dr. Zuleta Angel, a Colombian diplomat, opened the session by offering what I see as a very concise definition of the principles that the United Nations should be based upon, which are GOOD WILL, DISDAIN for SCHEMING and TRICKERY, and a SPIRIT of COOPERATION. Today, his words sound like guidance for all of us. Russia is confident of the United Nations’ enormous potential, which should help us avoid a new confrontation and embrace a STRATEGY of COOPERATION. Hand in hand with other nations, we will consistently work to strengthen the UN’s central, coordinating role [but NOT the establishment of a ONE-world government!!]. I am convinced that by working together, we will make the world stable and safe, and provide an enabling environment for the development of all nations and peoples. Thank you.


    • NPP says:

      Thanks for this transcipt…

      Corbyn’s anti-climate change brother Piers was in attendance and appaluding his labour Confernece speech…. whereby Corbyn went on about the Co2 lie.

      Putin makes our Western leaders look silly. He has played them well… then he repeats the climate change bollocks…

      “Ladies and gentlemen, one more issue that shall affect the future of the entire humankind is climate change. It is in our interest to ensure that the coming UN Climate Change Conference that will take place in Paris in December this year should deliver some feasible results. As part of our national contribution, we plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 70–75 percent of the 1990 levels by the year 2030. However, I suggest that we take a broader look at the issue.
      Ladies and gentlemen, one more issue that shall affect the future of the entire humankind is climate change. It is in our interest to ensure that the coming UN Climate Change Conference that will take place in Paris in December this year should deliver some feasible results. As part of our national contribution, we plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 70–75 percent of the 1990 levels by the year 2030. However, I suggest that we take a broader look at the issue. ”

      Oh dear.

  2. Lynn says:

    Russia have boxed them in. Well played sir. We all need this lie to stop. He is a true defender. They have commited political suicide now. The world is awake and paying attention, he has them outed. We all needed this to happen. Israel and CIA camps destroyed. Who can supply them now. Go Putin

  3. Truth will prevail says:

    “When a major world figures calls out this courageously the abject wrongness of the reality that the masses are being told is necessary and it must adhere to, and in such calm yet bold and action-reinforced clarity, it speaks volumes and sends a very strong signal. (…) No doubt the rabid west and Israel and their proxy states will step up their desperate, hysterical and genocidal attacks to confuse the issue, and try to provoke a greater confrontation. As their dying beast writhes in the throes of exposure to the light of truth and public awareness, the forces of darkness will make their move….They’re psychopaths.“ (Zen Gardner)


    The man who fought the banks (Zionist Jews); the most demonized politician on earth (does he deserve that?)

  4. Dublinmick says:

    Ha I may have to mirror this, it drives the putin haters crazy.

    I guess you probably saw this.

    Big sinkhole in London commuter town, 60 feet wide and 33 feet deep.


  5. Lynn says:

    Let’s all just hope the powers that should not be, get some pain to counteract their abominations. We may be wiped out but we can at least let them know, we know.

  6. Men Scryfa says:

    Time to find out how really awake people are on this website…. LITMUS TEST! lol


  7. Men Scryfa says:

    The Jews and Satanists are laughing at 95-98% of the people who are active on the alternative media.

    Who is in the 2-5%?

  8. Men Scryfa says:

    Your ZOG government permitted this and Your ZOG media condoned it by silence.

    Next it will happen to your daughters and to your families in your towns and villages


  9. Men Scryfa says:

    Sorry but have not heard Putin speaking out about this kind of stuff lately. But hey Putin he brave, he real man,… joke.

    The powerful controllers win every time. It is laughable how they pump even the ‘informed’ every time, all the time.


    “British Tourist Tests HIV Positive After Rape/Kidnapping Ordeal

    G. Wolf Drakensberg Mountains crime, HIV Positive, tourist rapes February 9, 2015

    Re-shared today, March 10th, as the article off of our old website has begin circulating again and the link no longer works. Please sign up for our newsletter for all the latest developments and news you’re being kept from.

    Those of you that follow the EKP religiously know how dedicated we are to fighting for the rights of South Africa’s white and minority populations & diligent in seeing their plight is exposed. When the South African tragedy impacts one of my countrymen, it becomes even MORE personal.

    That’s why this piece was so hard to write. In light of the fact that the EKP have just learned that the now 31 year old British woman has tested HIV positive, and have the ability to reach more of you via our new mobile & social friendly media, we decided to update this tragic tale, and will be sharing it in our News Feed all this week. Please be sure to share it as well, so others learn what we painfully all know.

    For those of you sensitive to graphic violence, I’d advise reading this slightly more humorous tale from South Africa. Although the following story, one that was all but ignored by the mainstream international media, is a real stomach turner, it’s one that should not be ignored. Mandela’s legacy in a nutshell.

    A British woman was repeatedly raped at gunpoint during a horrific 14-hour ordeal after she and her boyfriend were kidnapped from a South African romantic “picnic spot” in the Drakensberg Mountains-along one of the country’s busiest tourist routes and a favourite for young couples and vacationers, last autumn.

    J. Flanagan originally reported that the young tourist from the British midlands “faced a nightmare waiting to see if she had been infected with HIV in a country where AIDS is rife. The couple, in their late twenties, were bound, blindfolded and bundled into their car and then driven on a joyride for 200 miles” where they were stabbed, raped and assaulted.

    During what was described as a “typical evening joyride” by local police officials, the gang of savages “stopped only to visit illegal drinking dens, urinate, assault the pair and rape” the 29-year-old Gloucestershire woman. As the attackers grew more inebriated, they invited other drinkers from shanty town “shebeens” to come and taunt, rape and assault their two white victims bound by rope and tape in the back of the car.

    So they took turns raping her while they took part in a shanty township pub crawl? Where were the police? Why did not one solitary person that witnessed the tragedy try and help these poor people? The latter point should tell you ALL you need to know about the sort of creatures we are dealing with here.

    Still, in light of what’s transpired there are a few pertinent questions we need to be asking ourselves and more importantly the governments entrusted with our nations wellbeing.

    Firstly, could this have been avoided? Would this woman’s life have been saved from the misery she will experience due to her new HIV diagnosis if our government and media did right by us? And where was the Axe Man when you REALLY needed him?

    In all seriousness, ask yourself why we’re still being conned by our liberal media into visiting the country with the highest rape rate on earth (my wife’s native Sweden’s now sits in the unenviable position of second in rapes per capita). Isn’t it irresponsible; downright negligent, to encourage travelling to a nation as dangerous as South Africa? Where the white Boer, Anglo & minority populations are being slaughtered into extinction and tens of thousands of women of all colours are raped annually?

    A nation that’s seen a 1400% increase in the incidence of child rape since liberal hero Nelson “Madiba” Mandela wrested power from the “evil white man” is certainly one that should be avoided, right?

    Or would it be politically incorrect for me to advise people to avoid visiting a destination as dangerous as South Africa. Am I being a racist by illustrating an inconvenient truth & the shocking figures to back it up?

    When political correctness stands in the way of self-preservation, you have to ask yourself if something’s amiss. Back to the poor British woman whose life has been all but ruined because she made the tragic mistake of choosing to vacation in SA instead of at home or mainland Europe.

    Flanagan writes how the men grew increasingly more violent as the evening wore on, “stabbing the rape victim’s 26-year-old South African boyfriend in the leg and beating him repeatedly.”

    “The couple were told that they would be driven over the border to Mozambique, killed and their bodies dumped. A pistol was fired a couple of times as a warning and at least once it was fired through the floor of the car where they were lying. The savages laughed repeatedly as they informed their victims of their impending fates. The pair only escaped when their attackers lost control of the vehicle and it overturned. The tourists scrambled from the wreckage and fled on foot. A passing motorist, who stopped to offer assistance after seeing the crash, was shot and killed and his passenger wounded as the attackers tried to steal their car.”

    The ordeal ended when the driver comically, and I am certainly drunkenly, crashed his vehicle 50 miles south of Barberton. Our Johannesburg correspondent reported that,

    “A couple of pulled up on the side of the road because they believed they had just witnessed an accident. One of the kidnappers fired at the drivers who had stopped to help, hitting Domingo Chanber in the head. He died instantly. During the madness that ensued the British woman and her South African boyfriend managed to run into the darkness, flag down a car and call for help. While they were driving back to the local police station, the couple saw two of their attackers walking along the road away from the car. The men, one of whom is from Zimbabwe, were arrested, once items belonging to the couple were found on their person. The pair are currently awaiting trial for the crimes.”

    The rape victim who originally told friends said she felt that she was under “a death sentence from AIDS” and regardless of what happened, understandably said she will NEVER recover. Her regret over visiting her boyfriend in SA will live with her for the remainder of her days.

    And how has the British government reacted?

    The Foreign Office said yesterday it was reviewing advice to visitors to South Africa, and especially Mpumalanga province where the rape happened and where a British woman was shot dead in a robbery last month.

    “Reviewing” the situation? I’m no fan of Islam and what it’s done to Britain, but last time I checked, the Foreign Office warns those of us heading to Dubai on business to be on our guard when a bomb threats been made by a Pakistani in Birmingham! South Africa is the RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. South Africa has the most rapes per capita of any nation on earth! Hasn’t that registered in their deluded minds yet? South Africa is truly one of the most dangerous places on earth for anyone lighter complected than a Dravidian Indian (note to self- Indians are under threat in SA as well, as blacks despise them nearly as much as they do whites) yet there’s still an ongoing debate whether or not to issue an advisory to travellers?

    I don’t entirely fault them. It isn’t like we are allowed to be honest anymore. Even if members of parliament wanted to condemn this and call into question of visiting the Rainbow Nation, they’d probably end up losing their jobs for being raysissst!

    And where are the Marxist feminists in all of this? Forget Slut Walks, girls. There are hundreds of thousands of actual women, most of whom are members of your beloved black community, that are being sexually assaulted, that truly need your help! No one would expect you to give a hoot about the poor white women being preyed upon by the black South African savages. I understand that the perpetrators would have to have white skin & hetero-normative male privilege (something I have been told I have) before you’d take to the streets and do up some placards in their name-but couldn’t you could show a smidge of empathy towards your beloved black sisters? Or don’t black women matter when the rapist is a black South African male, and fellow “victim”. Would taking a stand against black men, a demographic with an undeniable propensity for violent rape, something you’re supposed to be fighting, not quite fit your narrative and disingenuous agenda?

    And how bad is South Africa’s rape epidemic, you ask?

    3,600 rapes occur in South Africa every day. Statistics show that 40% of South African women will be raped. In one survey, 1 in 4 men admitted to being rapists. 41% of the rapes in the country are perpetrated against children under 12 years of age.Although the victims were a racially diverse bunch, the rapists were not. Over 98% of all convicted rapists in South Africa are black. These are facts- as is the statistic that 92% of the black children raped in the country have been attacked by black males. The other 8%? Black females. Not one non-black amongst them.

    That’s 100% of all rapes of black children perpetrated by other blacks. In total I have found but 2 instances online where white men have been charged with the rape of a non-white woman. Both women were of mixed race and over 18. One was a former partner and the other, an alleged “date rape”. All remaining rapes against black, an estimated 3-400,000 instances in 2012 alone, were perpetrated by blacks. That’s not counting the tens of thousands of rapes committed by blacks against south Africas’s White, Asian and Arab communities.

    To put that in perspective the ‘Examiner’, doing an expose on South Africa’s rape epidemic several months back reported that:It is estimated that the actual number of rapes being committed in South Africa annually is 1.4 million. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 81,000 rapes or attempted were committed in the U.S. in 2009, while the U.S. population is more than six times that of South Africa. In 1994, the year the African National Congress (ANC) took 62 percent of the vote, sending Nelson Mandela to the presidential palace, the number of reported child rapes in South Africa was a little over 7,000.”This means that by the turn of the millennium, the number of children victimized by sexual assault, had more than tripled. By 2012, after nearly two decades of black rule, it had increased 1400%. Rapes perpetrated against white and Asian children alone were greater than the total number of occurring in the entire country prior to the ANC’s rise to power.

    A report June 2009 report released by the advocacy group Solidarity Helping Hand, (SHH) concluded that there were approximately 60 cases of child rape perpetrated in South Africa every day, while more than 88 percent of child rapes were never reported.SHH spokeswoman Mariana Kriel told reporters: “This means that about 530 child rapes take place every day – one rape every three minutes.”

    Between 1994 and 2012 there was not one instance on record of a white or Asian of either sex raping a black child. In the US these statistics would be attributed to a racist white majority that discriminates against blacks. In South Africa rapists are arrested, tried and convicted by a black majority in a black run legal system, so racism can NOT be ascribed to these damning figures.

    And where’s Oprah? My guess is she’s probably in Switzerland bitching at another store clerk making a few Francs an hour for being a racist, or more likely, opening up another South African girls school where she can employ even more convicted rapists. Thats another story you won’t find anywhere else. And what about South African

    South Africa also has the highest number of people in the world with Aids or carrying the HIV virus. Some estimates put it at a quarter of the population; yet another problem created by the ANC. Before you leave please be sure to leave a comment below, showing your moral support for South Africa’s non-black victims. Also, as if we haven’t asked enough already :), be sure to share one of our stories on your facebook wall as that’s probably how you found this article in the first place. Our articles are shared by tens of thousands of patriots every month just like you. Please add http://www.europeanknightsproject.org to your favourites, click like on the Defending White Women facebook page, & check out another article before leaving us.”

  10. Dublinmick says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Air duel between SU-30 Russian Sukhoi SM and Israeli F-15 over the Syrian coast airspace-possible destruction of four Israeli aircrafts
    Posted on October 6, 2015 by https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com

    This indicates that that things are becoming very serious in the Mideast. This is ignored by most of the press and not totally confirmed.

    Pentagon Outraged: Russians Intercept US Drones Above Syria

    The Russians demanded to Israel an explanation for the presence of its fighter planes over Syrian airspace. This event indicates that the protection of Syrian airspace is now under the wings of the Russian Air Force, in coordination with the Syrian Armed Forces, the legitimate President Bashar al-Assad, under the sovereignty of the Syrian government in Damascus.


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