US Suggests Arming Proxy Al-Qaeda to Shoot Down Russian Jets

From The Vineyard of the Saker
Dreams of a sleeping alligator
October 03 2015

Dear friends,
As you know, I am on a R&R break, and I therefore will not write “real” analyses during the month of October (assuming that the ones I wrote in the past were, indeed, ‘real’). But I want to stay in touch with you. Yesterday, I went hiking across the famous Paynes Prairie in Central Florida which was a rather unique experience because due to the heavy rains most of the trail was actually flooded by a foot of water. I ended up wading across much of it using my walking stick to test the ground ahead of me. I saw plenty of beautiful alligators during this hike (I love them), including one which was peacefully resting in what looked to me like a dreams-filled sleep. I took a photo (see above) and I decided to call my short letters to you, my friends and readers, the “dreams of a sleeping alligator”, because I write them from a ‘land’ (both real and imaginary) were there are plenty of alligators and plenty of rest.

Still, I will post them in the section which normally has ‘real’ analyses simply because it is nice and convenient and because during my month off I get to do silly things anyways!

Dream one: Syria

I have to say that I am laughing about this. For months a mega-coalition of over 60 nations have bombed Daesh in Syria and not a single video of these strikes was shown. Now 50 or so Russian planes begin bombing and the Internet is flooded with videos of this strikes.

Ever wonder why that is?

The Anglosphere was also flooded with articles explaining how the Russian Air Force was comparatively less sophisticated than the Anglo (which is nonsense), and, at the same time, denouncing in a “full-panic” mode the effects of the Russian air strikes. So 50 or so ‘primitive’ Russian aircraft are having an bigger impact that many thousands of sorties by “The Biggest And Best Air Forces In The World!!! (all in caps)”?

Then came the sweetest irony of it all: just as AngloZionists were denouncing the “innocent civilians killed in the Russian airstrikes” the USAF managed to bomb a MSF hospital in Afghanistan and kill and maim plenty of people, including MSF personnel.

Not that this latest SNAFU prevented the “great” US politicians from sounding even more stupid, ignorant and bloated with hot air than usual:

(thanks to watchdog media institute for this great video!)

Apparently none of them realize that the “The Biggest And Best Air Forces In The World!!! (all in caps)” decided to threaten the Russians or even to try to shoot them down, they would be met with SU-30s in the skies and S-300s from the ground.

In the meantime, also as predicted, Iran is sharply increasing the number of troops sent to Syria and even openly threatening the KSA. And while the world will be focused on a relatively small, if photogenic, Russian Air Force contingent in Syria, Iran will be doing the hard, but very important, work of destroying Daesh one engagement at a time.

One of my personal dreams is to hand out “stupidity prizes” to those most deserving of that recognition. And since in “dreaming alligator land” all dreams come true, I will do so at the end of each dream.

Today’s stupidity prize goes to the Turkish, Qatari, Saudi and American imbeciles who are seriously discussing sending anti-aircraft missiles to al-Qaeda in Syria (aka “moderate opposition”) to try to shoot down Russian aircraft. A truly fantastically stupid suggestion.

That’s it for now. See you in my dreams 🙂

The Saker (temporarily dreaming that he is a dreaming alligator)


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