US and Germany withdraw patriot missiles from Turkey despite Ankara’s appeals

The withdrawal came despite Ankara’s appeal for its NATO allies to keep their Patriot missiles in the country, as Russia started air raids on Islamic State targets in Syria on Sept. 30 and Russian fighters breached Turkish airspace twice on Oct. 3 and 4.

The U.S. Patriots were stationed in Gaziantep in 2013 with 300 U.S. troops as a counter-defense against possible missile attacks from Syria. Germany and the Netherlands also deployed the missiles in Turkey.

Germany is set to withdraw its missiles next week.

TAP – Has some deal been struck between Putin and NATO?    Putin starts flying sorties against ISIS in Syria, and the next week NATO starts withdrawing missiles from Turkey.


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  1. Aldous says:

    It sounds to me like US and Germany are desperately trying to ensure that a false start to World War 3 isn’t triggered by one of these missiles being fired at a Russian jet ‘by mistake’ and worse still, bringing it down.

    NATO’s policy since its inception has been ‘an attack on one member nation of NATO is an attack on all of NATO.
    Of course Russia (in this case) could equally argue that an attack by one member nation of NATO is an attack by all of NATO.

    Should one of these missiles be fired at a Russian fighter jet that is legitimately operating at or near the border between Turkey and Syria, retaliation would be almost immediate in the form of the ‘taking out’ of these Patriot Missile Batteries. A Russian fighter jet just being tracked – which the pilot would be fully aware of – would probably be sufficient to invite swift retaliation without (any intention of) a missile even being fired.

    Gaziantep is only 40 miles from the Syrian border.
    “…the current deployment may force Syrian pilots to think twice before entering within the Patriots’ range.”

  2. Scotty says:

    Here’s something you may find interesting:

    The US / UK / EU banker wars against Iraq, Syria and Libya.

    Mind you, Assad and Putin are probably operating under orders as well – there is only one power in this world, not competing nations, as we are led to believe. The CFR, after all, call what they do ‘Conflict Management’.

  3. Aldous says:

    Why now?

    Flight MH17 downed by Russian-built missile, Dutch investigators say

    I wonder how long the Satan worshippers have been hanging onto that bogus gas chamber-like report and Zionist work of Zyklon-B worthy fiction only to release it in order to demonise Saint Putin even further as his military smashes ISIS to smithereens.

    Anyone with half a brain cell knows it was shot down by a Ukrainian marked fighter jet possibly flown by an Israeli pilot.
    Listening to arch liar and all-round misfit Cameron earlier, repeating this fable of history was repulsive and sickening in the extreme.

  4. Lynn says:

    Agreed Aldous. I can’t watch these liars operating on the box anymore. It is nauseating. The truth is finally dawning now. Just read the comments sections in the presstitute rags. They are losing the information war rapidly.

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