TTIP Negotiations Fall Apart As EU Big Hitters Abandons US


by Graham Vanbergen


Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron is accusing those who oppose the expansive trade deal with the United States of making up horror stories about the agreement in order to poison the pact.

That agreement is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and critics all along the political spectrum are exposing the enormous dangers of the deal — all without having to invent a single scary story.

Back in January the EU Commission published their response to the consultation on TTIP and it was found that 97% of the 150,000 responses opposed the trade deal. These respondents represented the general public. The biggest petition in the EU’s history was then presented that contained the signatures of 2 million citizens (now nearly 3 million) opposed to TTIP. Both were rejected as were proposals even for a simple hearing of the European Citizens Initiative.

Then in April this year, thousands of protestors took to the streets of cities all over Europe as unelected officials of the EU Commission continue to ignore the concerns of its citizens.

In June, fellow MEPs from many political parties who are also opposed to TTIP joined Ukip in standing, shouting, booing and clapping to show their dissatisfaction with proceedings. MEPs were due to set out their first formal position on TTIP since negotiations started two years ago and the meeting descended into chaos (video). The meeting was then stopped by the commissioners.

Meanwhile David Cameron has persistently attempted to call out those working to derail the deal. Cameron has accused critics of inventing false scare stories whilst urging business chiefs to help make the case to overcome sustained attacks from left-wing opponents and warned Britain would “rue the day if we miss this opportunity” to open up transatlantic markets.

Cameron, who (increasingly) seldom listens to the general public or elected members of parliament representing the electorate will no doubt use all his powers to get this deal though to redeem himself after being called incompetent by his own military generals and by the Obama administration over Syria.

In sharp comparison, both Paris and Berlin want the Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism (ISDS) of TTIP removed from the transatlantic trade treaty currently being negotiated with Washington. This is a game changer.

Matthias Fekl, the French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, told EurActiv France that he would “never allow private tribunals in the pay of multinational companies to dictate the policies of sovereign states, particularly in certain domains like health and the environment”.

That was back in January. Nine months later and France has now reinforced that message and gone one big step forward.

In an interview with Sud-Ouest, Matthias Fekl threatened to “call a complete halt” to the TTIP negotiations if things do not change. EurActiv France reports. America has shown no desire to change any of the major issues that have been challenged.

Fekl told the French newspaper that he believes the “total lack of transparency” in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations poses a “democratic problem”.

Fekl, the Minister of State for Foreign Trade called on the United States to show “reciprocity” in the negotiations. “American members of parliament have access to a much higher number of documents than we do in Europe,” he said.

The German people are now taking a stand and now it is being reported in the USA that sentiment is going against the deal – “It is entirely possible that the U.S. could seek to conclude the deal in the next few years only to find that European governments are unwilling to risk the ire of their voters”.

Matthias Fekl, explained that, ever since the negotiations began in 2013, “These negotiations have been and are being conducted in a total lack of transparency,” and that France has, as of yet, received “no serious offer from the Americans.”

The reasons for this stunning public rejection had probably already been accurately listed more than a year ago. Jean Arthuis, a member of the European Parliament, and formerly France’s Minister of Economy and Finance, headlined in Le Figaro, on 10 April 2014, “7 good reasons to oppose the transatlantic treaty”. There is no indication that the situation has changed since then, as regards the basic demands that President Obama is making. Arthuis said at that time, that he was opposed to;

  1. Private arbitration of disputes between States and businesses. Such a procedure is strictly contrary to the idea that I have of the      sovereignty of States. …
  2. Any questioning of the European system of appellations of origin. According to the US proposal, there would be a non-binding register, and only for wines and spirits. Such a reform would kill many European local products, whose value is based on their certified origin.
  3. Signing of an agreement with a power that legalizes widespread and systematic spying on my fellow European citizens and European businesses. As long as the agreement does not protect the personal data of European and US citizens, it cannot be signed.
  4. Allowing the United States proposal of a transatlantic common financial space, who adamantly refuse a common regulation of finance, and they refuse to abolish systematic discrimination by the US financial markets against European financial services.
  5. The questioning of European health protections. We do not want our animals treated with growth hormones nor products derived from GMOs, or chemical decontamination of meat, or of genetically modified seeds or non-therapeutic antibiotics in animal feed.
  6. The signing of an agreement if it does not include the end of the US monetary dumping. Since the abolition of the gold convertibility of the dollar and the transition to the system of floating exchange rates, the dollar is both American national currency and the main unit for exchange reserves in the world. The Federal Reserve then continually practices monetary dumping, by influencing the amount of dollars available to facilitate exports from the United States. As things now stand, America’s monetary weapon has the same effect as customs duties against every other nation. [And he will not sign unless it’s removed.]
  7. Allow the emerging digital services in Europe to be swept up by US giants such as Google, Amazon or Netflix. They’re giant absolute masters in tax optimization, which make Europe a “digital colony.”

France is now considering “all options including an outright termination of negotiations” says France’s Trade Minister.

Concern over the impact of TTIP has united disparate groups from French farmers to German constitutional lawyers and politicians on the left and right.

50,000 demonstrators are expected to gather in front of Berlin’s central train station on October 10th to protest both the TTIP and a similar deal between the EU and Canada, known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). That event is part of the week-long International Days of Action against corporate-friendly trade deals. Two thirds of Germans are now opposed to the deal, hence the expected strong turn-out.

The European public, already heavily opposed to TTIP also oppose America’s bombings of Middle Eastern countries, which have forced hundreds of thousands of refugees into Europe. European leaders are being compelled to question their relationship and alliance with the United States.

David Cameron, already in breach of basic democratic principles back in Britain by sending special forces ground troops and RAF bombing missions in Syria is of course used to supporting the dismantling of democracy, no matter whether at home or abroad.

Universally ignored by almost all media outlets in every western country, including Britain, whose governments has called for Assad to go was a respectable YouGov report that concluded some 55% of Syrians wanted Assad to stay.  Cameron had one third less of the electorate supporting him at the last election than Assad had of his people.

The result of America’s constant pressure and bullying of its european ‘allies’ to get involved in the bombing of countries where millions of refugees are expected in the year ahead, is that the european people are, in greater numbers, questioning the rationality of their elected leaders. This has only added to EU citizens suspicions over secret trade deals such as TTIP with America and is not only empowering them but forcing their own leaders to rethink the order of importance.

America seems to have forgotten Europe’s own pressures. Between the economic crisis that has rumbled on since 2008, the threat of a “Grexit” earlier in the summer, security concerns and the rise of terrorism and now the humanitarian crisis unfolding on Europe’s borders with the arrival of so many refugees, the political unity of Europe is at stake. There is a clear inability by politicians to unite on major challenges that may well pull the EU apart, say politicians – TTIP is no longer an imperative on the agenda.



27 Responses to “TTIP Negotiations Fall Apart As EU Big Hitters Abandons US”

  1. Aldous says:

    Apologies for being off topic yet again – though this is about greed and the like.

    From this coming Saturday, the UK’s National lottery is making some very important changes to how it works. The most significant change by far, is that punters (dupes) will have to choose any six numbers from 1 to 59 instead of the current 1 to 49. This shifts the odds of winning the jackpot – assuming that it is honest and it’s a very big if – from the current 1 : 13,983,816 to 1 : 45,057,474

    National Lottery: You’re more likely to be taken by aliens than win jackpot, say bookies

    NATIONAL Lottery bosses are facing a growing public backlash after leaving players’ jackpot dreams in tatters by adding adding 10 extra balls to the draw.

    They can dress this up as much as they like by saying that overall, other key changes will create more £millionaires but in my opinion, the other changes will be far more difficult (if not impossible) to verify as being honest, such as the raffle prizes being guaranteed at £1 million. Where do these colors and numbers come from?

    I’ve long suspected that actors are being used in many of these national lotteries pretending to be winners for a set fee.
    George Orwell sums it up well in his Nineteen Eighty-four:

    “The Lottery, with its weekly pay-out of enormous prizes, was the one public event to which the proles paid serious attention. It was probable that there were some millions of proles for whom the Lottery was the principal if not the only reason for remaining alive. It was their delight, their folly, their anodyne, their intellectual stimulant. Where the Lottery was concerned, even people who could barely read and write seemed capable of intricate calculations and staggering feats of memory. There was a whole tribe of men who made their living simply by selling systems, forecasts, and lucky amulets. Winston had nothing to do with the Lottery, which was managed by the Ministry of Plenty, but he was aware (indeed everyone in the party was aware) that the prizes were largely imaginary. Only small sums were actually paid out, the winners of the big prizes being non-existent persons.”

    So here the ‘proles’ have a huge opportunity to send a clear message foc to the corrupt establishment and banksters by telling them to go **** themselves by committing a sexual act that is quite impossible and somewhat undesirable – by refusing to play this stupid game any more, but will they?

    My guess is that many will walk away from it but a hard core will continue to play and chase this pipe-dream which, even if honest, is quite frankly, virtually impossible (more so than ever from Saturday) to ever win. So why on earth play it?

    • Jennifer says:

      It has struck me that some digital mathematical algorithim could very well compute the punters/players, their numbers, and any subsequent ‘winning payout’ ; ie they (the lottery companies) could ‘organise’ it to ALWAYS come out on top, with a huge profit – maybe give away a token few grand here and there. BUT are the big winners REAL? Probably not, and all that money in the pot goes straight back to the venal criminals who think they are entitled to it, because people are so dumb and TRUST in the Criminal Lottery.
      In the hands of the criminalocracy who rape the citizens of this world, because yes, this is easily accomplished. And to add insult to injury they make it sound like ‘we’ are contributing to ‘chariddees’ and the Big Rip-Off Society by buying into their scam crimes.
      I have fallen for it, but no longer.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Jennifer. This one from six years ago has always interested me:

        Bulgarian lottery repeat probed

        “The Bulgarian authorities have ordered an investigation after the same six numbers were drawn in two consecutive rounds of the national lottery.
        The numbers – 4, 15, 23, 24, 35 and 42 – were chosen by a machine live on television on 6 and 10 September.
        An official of the Bulgarian lottery said manipulation was impossible.
        A mathematician said the chance of the same six numbers coming up twice in a row was one in four million. But he said coincidences did happen.
        Minister of Physical Education and Sport Svilen Neykov said the commission established to investigate would provide answers towards the end of the week.
        The lottery organisers described it as a freak coincidence and pointed out that the numbers were drawn in a different order.
        Nobody won the top prize in the first draw.
        But a record 18 people guessed all six numbers in the 10 September draw.
        Each will win 10,164 leva (£4,700).”

        Manipulation impossible? Who does he think he’s kidding? Are we watching ‘live TV’ or just recorded theatre for one thing?
        The six balls/numbers may have been drawn in a different order but the chances of even this happening is huge. The so-called mathematician talks of 1 : 4,000,000 odds but this is somewhat misleading.
        Had the numbers come out in the same order, there could have been no doubt whatsoever that it was a fix, a scam.

        There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there on this subject. In short, the odds of predicting those same sets of numbers coming out on two consecutive draws is in the region of:
        1 : 196,000,000,000,000 or 1 : 196 TRILLION. I can only try to imagine the odds of those same sets of numbers coming out in the same order as well.

        As the computer WOPR/Joshua says in the movie War Games;

        “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

        Wargames Ending 5:56

  2. Lynn says:

    How many lottery millionaires do you know. I haven’t met any. Or anyone who knows one. It started on my Birthday twenty one years ago in 94. A friend won 70 k 16 years ago. Yes a little gem to keep up the pretence. All a big con.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      I am with you on this Lynn. Actually come to think of it was there not a very quickly buried scandal in the 90’s about Premium Bond payouts being used to pay Mi5 agents?

    • ferryt says:

      From memory there have been 3 lottery winners in my town.

      All in the ‘press’.

      Or essentially all, ‘made up’.

  3. ferryt says:

    Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron is accusing those who oppose the expansive trade deal with the United States of making up horror stories about the agreement in order to poison the pact.

    Davey boy. You’re days are numbered.

    But you know that already, eh?

    Starting to think anthony charles lynton blair was actually somewhat better.

    • ferryt says:

      Yes. That’s how bad it is.

      Come on people wake up!

      Buses in sainsburys?

      No one buys this shit anymore!

      Even the generation you’ve brain washed!

  4. nick says:

    You can do freedom on Information Act requests for anything to do with the lottery.

    I doubt that there is fraud going on such as pretending to give out prizes, it is too obvious to do that. The shareholders Ontario Teachers Pension Plan wouldn’t want a scandal like that to ruin them.

    There doesn’t need to be fraud with it – so much money is given willingly, it is basically a replacement religion, specifically for christianity.

    • ferryt says:

      Sorry nick.

      Not true.

      I can explain if you like..

      Better you think about it yourself.

    • ferryt says:

      I miss Ontario btw!

      Nice people.

      Only just waking up to the sham you have as gbmt..

    • Jennifer says:

      Maybe, maybe not. Have you come across Abel Danger’s thoughts on US, UK, teachers and university staff pension funds (and possibly Canadian, now you mention it), betting on outcomes of deaths in staged false flag and catastrophic events?
      I know it sounds far fetched, look at this.

      • ferryt says:

        The plot thickens..

        I really hope its not true but hey we are governed by paedophiles.

    • ferryt says:


      I’m thinking about running a black market lottery.

      Pay outs are much higher.

      Apparently there 800000

      whom pay 2£ every week.


    • Aldous says:

      nick, think of say, the Witness Protection Programme where people are given new lives – identities, jobs, homes, you name it – and then reversing that concept/process for Mr and Mrs A N Onymous to become Mr and Mrs Lottery Winner to con the public and live in luxury while owning none of it. Actors in other words.

      There must be many takers and fakers for living such a lie and enjoying the 15 minutes/years of fame it affords them. Some people destroy themselves with debt to live such a lie; being paid relatively handsomely to do it – while owning none of the assets – must be easy to say yes to for those types looking for an easy ride through life.

      You refer to FOI but you won’t get any information on winners(sic) who wish to remain anonymous. Also, you’re not suggesting that Camelot are going to give you bank account details of known supposed winners to verify that the money was in fact paid out? What FOI requests are you referring to? I don’t understand.

      Do People Really Win The Lottery? Is The Lottery Fake?
      Irish Hospitals Sweepstake Fraud

      Are big lottery winners hoaxes?

      Something that should set alarm bells ringing is playing the lottery online from abroad. Camelot (in this instance) records the IP address of every online transaction. If you go on holiday and play the lottery from say Spain, you won’t be paid for any winnings but they’ll take your money ad infinitum.

      The Lottery tickets that can’t win
      National Lottery operator Camelot is selling online tickets to Britons on holiday who could find any jackpot win would be refused. Alan O’Sullivan investigates…
      Lottery Balls

      No chance: buy your lottery ticket online in Spain and it doesn’t matter what numbers you pick.

      Do you read the terms and conditions on your various online accounts? If you don’t, it may usually cost you some of your hard-earned cash. In the case of the National Lottery, it could end up costing you millions.

      The conditions attached to an online account with Camelot – which clock in at 40,000 words, the length of a short novel – state that a ticket bought online in the United States or ‘any other jurisdiction in which it is unlawful to play the Games (sic)’ means you will not receive a prize if your ticket turns out to be a lucky one.

      And that means while the National Lottery will gladly take your money for playing from an overseas computer, if you win £1m you may never see it.

      Some countries’ laws prohibit tourists from playing their home country’s lottery online while on holiday, including the US and UK tourist favourite Spain, but Camelot will nonetheless accept bets placed from these countries.

      Tickets, however, won’t be valid and, should your lucky numbers pop up in either the UK National Lottery, or even the Euromillions draw, you won’t be able to claim your windfall.

      • ferryt says:

        One other thing that crossed my mind..

        Do you remember when they used to say after drawing the balls, “early indications are of one winner..” Etc?

        Why on earth does it take any time what so ever to determine the results? Especially to match those who have all six numbers?

        These numbers are in a modern relational database.

        There is a cut off point after which no tickets can be bought and no more numbers go into the database.

        A simple SQL query will return the results of those who have matched all six numbers from a modern database in a fraction of a second. A more complex query with all combinations and counts would take a bit longer. But not the amount of time they implied.

        Why would they imply they need more time to get the results?

        Could they pre-record draws and play the draw that suits them best?

        Something is afoot. As usual..

  5. ferryt says:

    Foi requests are useless.

    Like a stone wall.

    If you get too close!

  6. ferryt says:


    It’s all fake.


  7. Lynn says:

    If they can pull off the stunts theand on. y have, they can pull off a scam this size no bother, pensions…bank bail ins libor rigging, gold sold off cheap, raising pension age. It goes on and on. Charity scams. Government bonds. Fake wars and the rest is history. They are born liars. A lottery is a piece of cake.

    • ferryt says:


      Spread the word!

      I know its difficult..

      Keep going.

      Yeah the lottery is a big scam.

      No doubt.

      I can explain if you like but I think you know..

    • ferryt says:

      No more acceptance.

      Go with your feelings.



    • ferryt says:

      ps run your own lottery Lynn.

      Take bets.

      Use the teevee as source.

      Wow you will become rich anf make your friends rich.

      PS disclaimer don’t include the recent ‘addition’ to the numbers that they’ve done.

      They are criminal!

  8. ferryt says:

    I can’t believe people have been in such a slumber..

  9. ferryt says:

    Cameron is a tool.

    And a bad one.

    Anyone here could a done better.

    Night all x x

  10. nick says:

    OK reasonable comments but, don’t you think the companies, such as football pools, betting shops etc who are losing market share since the lottery arrived might not want to keep quiet about a scam?
    As for witness protection type scenarios for winners – its too much of a risk, they could miss their family, they would have to keep quiet for the rest of their lives, and one whistle blower would ruin the whole thing.
    The people involved with camelot already make enough money legally, these ‘on the board’ types are always from high paying corporate position to start with.

    I will read all those articles though, thanks for the info.

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