Tom Watson, now Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, starts climbdown on paedo-exposure



After the Met apologised to Leon Brittan’s wife, self appointed nonce-finder general Tom Watson has grudgingly issued a half-apology to his family:

“I have said in the past that I am sorry for the distress Leon Brittan’s family experienced as they grieved for him. I still am. But I wanted the claims made against him properly investigated. I think most people would assume that when an individual is facing multiple allegations of sexual crimes…

As the tributes flowed in from his lifelong friends I felt for those people who claimed he abused them. I repeated a line used by one of the alleged survivors, who said: “He is close to evil as any human being could get”. I shouldn’t have repeated such an emotive phrase.”

Another fine mess Inspector Watson…

TAP – Exposing Westminster paedophiles has paid off for Tom Watson as a political self-promotion strategy.  Now he’s secured the position he wanted from Corbyn,  paedos (i.e. murderers) can sleep in their beds once more, and even the ‘dead’ ones can consider a second coming, assisted by plastic surgery and  identity theft.  The Police are rubbing out witnesses and terrifying the victims.  Now Watson’s silenced, it’s back to business as usual.  As usual nothing will happen, and the system will protect its own.


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  1. Lynn says:

    They have no dignity whatsoever. Traitors and deviants. They will never find peace. Damned forever.

  2. driver47a says:

    This investigation will never start until all the politicians names on that paedophile list are dead or disappeared.
    It’s just a pity the British people have been so weakened by the consecutive war mongering, lying, thieving governments that most have no heart to fight this scourge

  3. NPP says:

    The cover-up over the last year or so has been almost impressive! I really thought the flood gates had to open…


    However, Corbyn has pointed to no personal attacks and focus on policy. Watson has done this – he has apolagised for the personal attack, but stated the policy of investigation had to be followed. Does this latest statement indicate more to come, but give the ‘establishment’ a false sense of winning for now.

    It is appalling: the violation of children appears to be an acceptable oddity among certain sections of the establishment. Poor Leon eh…

    There are too many voices out there. Something will emerge and Panorama & co will face egg, a shit load load of it. Bill Maloney has stated he’s been dealing with police on board with the ‘truth’. The treatment of Chris Fey portrayed as a shadowy dodgy voice must be eating at Bill & co… it looks like ‘they’ have won – my optimism says ‘won’ only so far, there is more to come.

    When will they try to hit Icke. That will be fun. Icke does not consent to their frequency, and neither must we.

    A hopeful comment.

    I loved the way Putin put BBC the irritating John Simpson in his place. A little sign. The BBC have presented Leon as entirely innocent. It is only after one case, the rape of the 19 year old girl. There seems to be much more. The BBC could be made to look really silly. The truth will out?! Take heart.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Re Putin, the West wants a war with Russia. NATO tried in Ukraine but Putin fought shy of committing forces into Novorussiya. In Syria he’s wandered in, and is being allowed to move in as much as he wants. No doubt this is the set-up, and the counter punch will come, from Israel and NATO acting together to dismantle Putin’s forces in Syria. Yet Putin could come one day and be gone the next, carrying out surgical operations which frustrate the Israel/NATO campaign to get rid of Assad. Russia is no doubt prepared to fight a war against NATO, allied with Iraq, Iran and China. British MPs are not interested in taking part in such a war. I doubt much of Europe will want to take part. It will be US and Israel. NATO was being readied to fight in Ukraine, and even there Germany was baulking. Putin only needs a weak support for NATO form Britain, Germany, Italy, France and so on, and his troops will be in Serbia in a few years time retaking Kosovo, championing the Christian cause against the Islamicists and the Satanic Vatican, human civilization maybe to be saved by a former KGB officer. Stranger things have happened. But then who controls Putin? Has be really broken free of the system which created him?

    • For what its worth on Cobra 2012 Portal blog, he said last year in an interview transcript, Putin is not necessarily ‘of the Light’, meaning good forces whoever they are (if they exist). But he did say too Putins agenda coincides a lot with the good agenda

      It will be very interesting one day if we see evidence of exopolitical forces acting on the world, all these regional chess moves for war.

      I think, if Putin really is controlled by the Satanists, then the entire world situation is truly ridiculous, such elaborate play acting deceptions. The Satanist agenda could have been moved along much further and sooner if he was

      And what about cloning? I don’t like talking about it as it complicates matters, but what if there are 2 putins, or 3? Could there be, 2 strong factions in Moscow both with their own ‘Putin’? An RT Putin, and an official Kremlin/Tass Putin?

      I know it does complicate matters and bend the mind but this absolutely incredible sinister cloning technology, if its true, real, will surely be being put to work in this Grand Deception that is our world today

      But I think the situation is so strange and murky generally, I take that as a positive thing, I don’t think we should ever lose hope and feel its hopeless. I think the Satanic forces want us to feel this way and drain off our negative despondent low vibrational energies off into the leylines grid to get sucked into other dimensions at vortex points, and feed the demons they are in league with

      It is almost like a ridiculous paper mache theatre of deception and if we can all see through it smash through it we will have won the game

      • NPP says:

        Indeed TAP, ‘human civilisation maybe saved by a former KGB officer..’

        Clones Aldam? I’ve often thought the photo of Putin looks different from the Putin I seemed to remember.

        Who knows… if only we could have such engagement and discussion on a wider platform rather than limited to a blog. Small steps. As Clive de Carle once mailed to me, ‘littel by little.’

        I listened to BBC Any Questions last night. Oh dear, David Aaronovitch just about sums up the current mainstream media and thinking, yet he’s such a liberal open minded thinker don’t you know.!?

        Corbyn and Farage are called extremists. Are Bliar, Obomba, Bush, Cameron and so on moderates then? This is Archontic inversion slap bang in our faces and most do not even see it. I am sorely tempted to write to PM Cameron and my MP Matthew Handycock:
        “Dear Dave, you are all c—ts. Yours sincerely….”
        However, to what point? It merely relinquished my power to them doesn’t it? Corbyn’s approach of avoiding personal attack does ring a bell. Avoid being a victim; avoid taking on board being offended. Had Watson stuck to policy and not name calling, he would have nothing to apologise for. He gave Leon & co power by name calling.

        It’s a thought. We do have Corbyn to write to now: write about the violation of children; the desire for troops home; the Bradbury Pound which he does know about; the concern that Co2 climate change is a lie when his brother is Piers; that the war on terror is based on the 9/11 lie… he does appear more open than Cameron, even if he is a bloody collectivist. Left, right, who cares… at least Corbyn might actually have empathy for people. That’s refreshing!

  5. Tapestry says:

    As long as the elite gets greater centralisation of power from Corbyn, he can promise and say what the hell else he likes. All roads lead to greater centralisation and enslavement. All juicy promises get dropped along the way, as with Blair so with Corbyn. Corbyn will disappoint the more, as he’s operating at a far higher level of deceit, if that’s even possible to imagine. He’s dumped his anti-EU, anti-Euro rhetoric already. That in effect bins the Bradbury £. The rest will evaporate before our eyes, as he exposes his true being, the next agent of Agenda 21 enslavement.

    • NPP says:

      You should write to his office and tell him. I should copy this and write to him… I may well do so.

      • NPP says:

        I intend to copy and paste this to Corbyn within a terrestrial letter.

        For those also inclined…

        Jeremy Corbyn MP
        Labour Leader
        House of Commons
        London SW1A 0AA

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