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NY Times: A Car Scandal Shoves Berlin Off High Ground


Germany, known as obedient to rules, finds its identity shaken as its claim to moral leadership of Europe has been tarnished after repeatedly urging other nations to welcome migrants.

There are two interesting facets to this mega-hyped “scandal” involving Volkswagen and its rigging of emission tests on its diesel cars. The more obvious point is that the increase in the production of diesel cars is the direct result of the tyranny of the Global Warming Cult. Because diesel cars emit slightly less plant food (CO2) than regular petrol cars, more and more of them are being produced and sold. This is in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol of 1997.

Apart altogether from the fact that Global Warming – TM  is a total hoax, this transition to diesel cars is especially troubling because they spew out much more nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide than regular cars. These gases truly can be damaging because they carry more particulates —  minute particles that penetrate lungs, brains and hearts. Diesels are also mostly responsible for increases in air pollution in major European cities, a particularly serious worry for people who suffer from asthma.


What irony!

Whereas CO2 emissions (plant food!) are good for the environment; emissions from diesel engines- especially in large cities – can be deadly. So, why is the EU pushing diesel?

 The other, more significant aspect to this story that we wish to explore (because Sulzberger’s Slimes sure as hell won’t) is the question of whether or not this latest attack on German industry is part of yet another “Sicilian message” to Germany – the first one being the assault on Lufthansa for not screening out a “suicide pilot” who – as the false-flag fairy tale goes – deliberately crashed his plane, killing 149, because he was “depressed”.

Corporatist Germany, you see, is very closely aligned with both its airline and its auto industries. Indeed, the state of Lower Saxony, where VW is headquartered, owns about 20 percent of the company. Therefore, an attack on a major German industry is an attack on Germany itself.

A telling excerpt from the article:

“The saying is, when Wolfsburg has a sniffle, the whole state gets sick,” said Rebecca Harms, a prominent deputy for the Greens in the European Parliament, who grew up in Lower Saxony. Now “its reputation is really damaged. This is a catastrophe, not just for Lower Saxony but for a global enterprise” with 600,000 employees, she said.

But for all Germany’s pride in efficiency and rectitude, that nation’s vulnerability was exposed this year when the co-pilot of a Germanwings jet crashed into a French mountainside, deliberately killing himself and the other 149 people on board.

The chairman of Lufthansa, Germanwings’ parent company, initially insisted that the company had done everything right, and that there was no way that it could have foreseen the suicidal tendencies of the co-pilot.”,,18727853_303,00.jpg

April, 2015: German Wings / Lufthansa took a heavy hit. — September, 2015: Now it’s Volkswagen.

We here at The Anti-New York Times have stated, on several past occasions, that although the Frumpy Frau of Germany is America’s wholly owned neo-Marxist bitch, her heart – along with the hearts, minds and wallets of the German business class and the German people – were never really into this mutually harmful (and potentially deadly) Cold War 2.0 nonsense. Additional, and recent confirmation of this reality comes to us from Russia Insider, which published a piece just last week entitled & subtitled as follows:


Germany May Be Leaving the US Anti-Syria Coalition

RI comment: To think the German government has abandoned the US and NATO would be overly optimistic, but it is clear Germany is getting tired of absorbing the costs of Washington’s wars – whether in terms of billions of lost trade and jobs due to sanctions, or having to absorb millions of refugees from Syria.

(full story — here)


Right on cue – within a matter of days – a massive EPA and piranha press hit piece is unleashed against Volkswagen (The People’s Wagon) originally sketched by the genius Hitler himself — but we digress. It does indeed appear that Vladimir Putin was right after all, when he made the stunning allegation, back in 2014, that America was practicing “blackmail”:


 “There are reports that a number of world leaders are getting undisguisedly blackmailed. It is not without reason that the ‘Big Brother’ is spending billions of dollars on surveillance around the world, including on their closest allies.” (here)


Trust our judgment on this one. This “scandal” ain’t about “emissions”. Sulzberger knows it, Putin knows, manly Merkel knows it, and now, our beloved readers know it — although many of you probably already suspected it. The only question is, which way will Angry Angie turn?

The Frumpy Frau with the NSA-monitored cell phone is in a tough spot. You should have stayed home and had a family, Angie. Then you wouldn’t be in this mess.

The VW represented Hitler’s dream of making cars affordable for all Germans.

1- With Ferdinand Porche on left

2- Hitler’s original sketch

 ADDENDUM: A reader has informed us of an additional motive for the attack on VW. Credit to Jim Stone:

“1.  Volkswagen produced the world’s most fuel efficient cars, and when the XL1 hit production, represented a huge threat to the climate change scam. Think about it – if all of a sudden fuel economy increased even 5x, (rather than the 10X the XL1 did) it would destroy the entire notion of us destroying the planet by driving.

Consider this: The biggest threat the climate hoaxers claim is CO2. Volkswagen cut that in half with the TDI, in part by breaking the emission system rules that would make it impossible to do if followed. Volkswagen proved the emission standards and systems are a scam that is feeding the climate change hoax. How would a powerful elite climate hoaxer respond to being exposed?

2. They were about to release an electric car, at full production levels, that would destroy the Tesla with a cheaper price, better range, and lower operating cost. Additionally, they evidently had a way to do a 15 minute full charge and an infrastructure plan to deliver it. That would cost what? $15 – 20 billion to do, approximately the amount of that fine? BINGO: Volkswagen was about to invest $22 billion Euros into electric car manufacturing in China! That’s way too close to the amount of that fine! DING DING DING!”

Now all the news reports are saying how much the scandal benefited the electric car future, but if Volkswagen gets bashed into oblivion the moment they were about to bring it forward, what does that really say? MORE CO2 FOR EVERYONE, CARBON TAX PLEASE!




  1. Jennifer says:

    ‘The trend is your friend’ as the dealers say, and the trend in this last week for physical gold and silver is dramatically on the rise, after many months of being suppressed to historic lows. May be a blip – but spot price gold and silver is always an interesting indicator of market and financial system moves. A canary in the mine.

  2. Tom74 says:

    But what’s strange about this and other cases is how tamely the results of the Americans’ investigations are accepted – almost as though there is some quid pro quo in going quietly.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, Tom74, I too thought that was strange, especially as it appeared that the VW emissions appeared to be well within the even more stringent European parameters. Some deals done to take down the flagships of German industry, their integrity, prestige, well deserved pride? Or as some play against Merkel teaming up with Putin? Not that she seems interested in the great qualities of the German nation – she seems all for wrecking them……
      There’s been a concerted attack on diesel vehicles by the BBC since – which is obviously part of their black arts propaganda. They are even using the term ‘Nox’, for nitrogen oxide, to make it sound noxious and evil.
      Earlier this year Rockerfellers sold out their flagship oil business – the rats are leaving fossil fuels and heading for electric vehicles it seems, and therefore spewing all sorts of disinfo to discredit diesel (first) in the process.
      Alas we know who is really noxious in this business, and it isn’t VW and their extremely well-made diesel cars.

  3. Lynn says:

    Asset stripping is their signature. To destroy economies thus bring countries to their knees. We have seen the UK chopped up and sold off. German cars are a great success story. Not for much longer it seems. America wants control of the Globe. Always remember that.

  4. ferryt says:

    I would like to know where the billion $ fines go to.

    I assume we are so dumbed down that we think it goes somewhere ‘good’.


  5. sovereigntea says:

    Bugger all to do with emissions this no one at the top of the tree gives a shit about you or emissions.

    The “news” about VW and others emissions test rigging has been buried for several years, yet by an odd co-incidence all of the media controlled by the usual suspects spread the “news” around the world following Germany dumping the criminal US regime change policy on Syria.

    The bullying US empire is also miffed about German vehicle manufacturers setting up shop in Russia.

    Volkswagen Group inaugurates its own engine plant in Russia…/en/…/VW_Kaluga.html
    4 Sep 2015 – Volkswagen Group inaugurates its own engine plant in Russia. • Volkswagen starts production of its most modern engines at Kaluga plant

    Another co-incidence
    16 Sep 2015 – BMW boss keels over at Frankfurt show

    MOTIVE = economic warfare.

    Imagine the $ billions in profits if you had shorted VW shares prior to the media storm.

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