The Muslim Invasion of Europe Is Picking Up. America next.

immigration we are next




In Europe, This Is Not Immigration, This Is An Invasion: Completing What Hitler Failed to Do In 1940


Nazi Occupied Europe in 1940

Muslim Invasion of Europe



immigrants are soldiers


immigrants syria


Even the Simpson’s Can See What Is Coming to America

What does the long time running show ‘The Simpsons’,  say the future holds for America, This episode of the Simpsons predicted a pole shift, Sharia Law in the US, Prince Harry bringing back be-headings, and a Revelation 13:17, which entails Beast system Cashless Society.



The People of Europe Are Frightened

Two of Europe’s richest countries, Germany and Sweden are being overrun by civil disobedient Muslims from Africa and Egypt. On their way to these two countries, tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” have poured into Austria from Hungary and Slovenia in recent history on their way to Germany and Sweden. Germany has already proclaimed that more than a million people from this silent invasion will end up in Germany alone by the end of 2015. These estimates should be considered to low-end guesses because they are coming the German government.

People seeking to obtain a gun along with ammunition in Germany, Great Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands is nearly impossible for the average person. Germany is using an Obama proposal, a psychological exam. Germany, for instance, in order to establish the right to  purchase liability insurance and verifiable compliance with strict firearms storage and safety rules. Self-defense is never a valid reason to purchase a gun in these countries. Why is it that these gun restrictions sounds so familiar. Could it be that Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands AND NOW OBAMA ARE ATTEMPTING TO IMPLEMENT THE EXACT SAME GUN CONTROL METHODS.


Immigrant Riots In Italy: Tomorrow It’s Dearborn, MI.

Sit back, turn the TV down and just watch the media coverage from Southern Italy as African immigrants destroy their resettlement community because their Sharia Law demands are not being met.


Let Us Have No Doubt As to Where President Obama Sits on Protecting America


immigrants obama support


Assimmilating or invading?


immigrants jihadists


If this is happening in Europe, then why do you think it cannot happen here? President Obama, as I have previously written about has embracded the UN controlled Refugee/Resettlement Program.

immigrant sharia



Most American support freedom of religion, any religion. However, what is happening here, is not the free excercise thereof, it is a planned political and social invasion.

With an indigenous birth rate of 1.8, America needs immigrants. But America does not need, nor can it survive immigration like what we are seeing in Europe. Ellis Island, processed 13 million immigrants, without computers. We are certainlly capable of doing the same. However, the forces behind the President are not interested in an immgration wave that could benefit America, they are seeking to decultulturalize and destroy the sovereignty of this country. I am shocked at the passivity of Americans who should very easily see the writing on the wall.



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  1. logoagogo says:

    There is truth in this but it seems to be classic ‘divide and rule’.

    It is the global elite who are causing all these problems- it is they who set up the Muslim Brotherhood in the first place, and so on.

    The commonsenseshow says “America needs immigrants. But America does not need, nor can it survive immigration like what we are seeing in Europe.”

    It forgets, as America always does, that its own nation was built on the crowding out and extermination of its indiginous population.

    • Rollo56 says:

      The way the Economies have been set up, US, UK, EU, Immigrants are needed for ‘Borrowing’, because money is created from thin-air every time a new loan is taken out. In the UK we have 19 million Economically InActive [Can’t get a loan] so what’s the point of giving them a low paid job? Both US & UK have had their Industry off-shored by Corporations for bigger profits, which is why we are left with poor paying unskilled work.
      ISIS are a creation of US / UK Zionists who seek world domination and NWO under a One World Government. This is why we see this mass migration, it’s a way of destroying nations ‘identities and Societies, making it easier to be taken over by Corporations and their TPP-TTIP-CETA deals, that will be signed as Irreversible Treaties.

  2. Aldous says:

    Welcome to
    Wild Western World.Zionist.Communist/The Lands of the Fee and Homes of the Slave.
    Soon to also be the lands of the raped and homes of the dispossessed.
    Isn’t enrichment wonderful?

    Aren’t a government’s first duties bar none, protection of its Citizens and defence of the Realm? Looks like High Treason is being committed on numerous fronts here. Uprising and mass disobedience/non compliance by the populace is way overdue. Obedience to traitors and compliance with treason is treasonous in itself. You have been warned.

    • TonyC says:

      Top Russian Writer Nikolai Starikov Explains Who Is Behind Europe’s Refugee Crisis

    • Rollo56 says:

      This is what they want, an uprising will allow them to introduce Martial Law and then what rights we have at present will disappear. What’s needed is a powerful peaceful demonstartion, but we all know that wont happen, as the Government will use agitators to start trouble. So we need to talk to our Family, especially those in the Military!

  3. Aldous says:


    Who Was Ellen Krantz?

    Graphic Image Warning: The article here contains a disturbing image and video. Please DO NOT go further if content of a graphic nature disturbs you.–Ed.

    We KNOW western ZOG’s are committing High Treason and murder of its own citizens as well as innocents overseas EVERY day – so why do we hesitate to round up these traitorous perverts and paedos and despatch them in a manner befitting their monstrous crimes?

    • Lynn says:

      This will have happen Aldous……it is high time we started seeing something being done. Surley to goodness the culprits deserve to be arrested now.. The evidence is stacked against them. Solid proof of the danger if they are not brought to book is just too horrific to deny. Why is indeed the million dollar question. …

  4. NPP says:

    Bleedin’ religious & cultural invasion of our neighbourhood eh! I always deemed the world a long term melting pot of peoples, but the current artificial force of will by those who want it is hardly natural and organic.

    Off topic.

    As I understand Health Ranger Mike Adams set up a Talk Radio outlet. I’ve done this first lot:
    Free and interesting.

  5. Truth will prevail says:

    Today I’ve had a tough 3-hour talk with the Imam of one of three mosques in my town. He came from Morocco ten years ago, is married to a German woman, they have two lively children (I heard them in the background playing),his German is excellent. I have mixed, torn feelings after this conversation. He teaches a non-violent Islam; could have been tactics though; he seemed to be hinest but one can’t be sure. His marriage and family life seems to be happy. He doesn’t seem to be the rule rather the exception; obviously he has got some good training by his German wife; so it was not too hard for him to have an open discussion about the Quran, Islam and the threat of Muslim mass immigration into Germany (Europe). A. is a westernized but devout Muslim, and no fanatic (is that possible?)
    Was that a glimpse into Germany’s future? An Islamizised Germany?
    Mixed feelings about that.
    He promised to talk to the men in the mosque about our discussion, about the things I’ve told him, the German perspective, and what should (not) be done to prevent things from escalating.

    The Muslim invasion is already here in my town, and A. is one of the Imams responsible for the newcomers, to talk to them, to help them along…

  6. Truth will prevail says:

    “Completing What Hitler Failed to Do In 1940” ? What was it Hitler failed to complete in 1940? Hitler made numerous peace offers to Great Britain but in vain – Churchill wanted war….it was Churchill not Hitler who wanted the war to continue and expand.

    Ergo: False comparisons are of no help… (boring hate propaganda)

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