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  1. beLIEve says:

    The video above is fascinating.
    I have heard others question the authenticity of the moon, David Icke in particular.

    If, I have understood the video correctly……I do not have a science brain……the hypothesis is, the moon is a hologram, the solar system is part of a technological construct AND, no one has left this planet.

    However, the video is followed by an even more intriguing video, titled…..

    ‘The Moon Is An Illusion & No One Goes Above Low Earth Orbit’

    The video is published by Crrow Discovery Project.

    There are some amazing revelations that are difficult to make sense of, due to their being translated from Russian and, my absence of science based knowledge.

    Towards the end of the video, pages of information are shown.
    Listed on the page carrying a paragraph heading of …..Easter…..are the following assertions

    “The sun is a planet, not a star”.

    “To the year 2009 genotype 42 (general population more than 5 billion people) may be exterminated by turning off the brain i.e. turning off a person’s ability to think”.

    “Everybody who did not fit for the brain change were exterminated”.

    I do not know if, this is a load of BS or not.
    However, I have a theory, acquired from observation that……..the SCUM at the top are degrading !
    They seem to emit ever greater …STUPIDITY.

    The video says some will have their ability to think switched off………COULD THIS BE REFERRING TO THE CABAL ? ?

    Which could explain why they FEAR US… our intellect may leave us superior to them, therefore they will be at our mercy ?

    • downbutnotout says:

      Explain e.g. turtles evolving with moon cycles for over 65 million years. And the Discovery Program. Just for starters.
      Given the choice between NASA BS and this BS anyone with an IQ above learning difficulties level would choose NASA BS.
      Oh, I get it.

      • beLIEve says:

        Totally agree.

        The source document for the video ….

        ‘The Moon Is An illusion & No One Goes Above Low Earth Orbit’

        was “apparently” a Russian born in 1945, who was in the employ of the state and, lost his job following the fall of communism.

        So, the information given is almost certainly Russian propaganda ?

        A curious point is, these papers said in 2009/2012, 5 billion people are likely to die/be exterminated.

        This agenda bears some similarity to the NWO desire to depopulate Planet Earth to the tune of billions.

        So, communist Russia may have been following the same khazar zionist INTENT of EXTERMINATING MANKIND ? ?

        The 5 billion deaths in the Russian papers, were I believe to be caused by the moon……………….
        rather than the KZM method of poison…..chemtrails, vaccines, overly processed foods etc.

    • Our Earth used to be Supermassive, but some or much of it was blown off, and now in the asteroid belt. Whats beyond Antarctica? I asked questions about the moon sun earth relationship, and intelligent hands. Some great threads of thought. The page froze. This is all very revealing. Hopefully this potted version will get through

  2. TonyC says:

    Real name, Crow Tripplehorn. 20years experience as amateur astrologist, ex military radio operator, in many thousands of hours observing the moon has never seen any impacts [meteorites etc]
    Never seen any satellites.

    Everything we are told by NASA is a lie.

    The stars are 2D not 3D.

    Interesting info. Here is a good interview:


    • Dogman says:

      My friend Ben found this:
      Astronomer Jose Madiedo, who leads the Midas project at the University of Huelva, saw footage of the strike soon after the telescopes’ software had processed the impact on 11 September 2013. “When I saw it on the screen I realised I had witnessed a rare and unusual event. It was really huge. I couldn’t imagine such a bright event,” he said. “We image a lot of impacts on the moon, but they’re caused by very small rocks. They can be the size of a nut, and just a few grammes, and go up to 1kg. But this event was really impressive and very rare,” he said. The telescopes capture scores of much smaller lunar impacts every day. The smallest rocks the telescopes can see weigh only a few grammes and hit the lunar surface every three hours or so.

      http://www.theguardian.com/science/video/2014/feb/24/meteorite-hits-moon-lunar-impact-video (vid is quite basic and the inconsiderate meteor hit right where the date stamp is…)

    • I am still very shaken at the possibility that this couldbe true. Its exhilarating,
      But overturns EVERYTHING I have been told to think since birth.
      The stars are 2D? In that case the Moon and Mars and Saturn and its rings could be too

      • TonyC says:

        It all shook me up too at first but we have been lied to and programed since birth, at least we realized it and will discover the truth. Maybe that what the mystics meant when they said the world is an illusion.The proper translation should be: The World is a Lie. all this illusion stuff is Theosophy/Icke bullshit.
        This is the only reality we know we just need to unravel the lies.
        check out ‘My Perspective’ on youtube for some good video’s on 2D stars etc.
        …and not totally of the subject check out:

        Simplicity of Life -Prem Rawat


  3. ian says:

    Why and for what reason would this be true. I agree that we have likely never been in deep space, or been to the moon. It seems like philosophical mumbo jumbo, as in we live in a virtual world where nothing exists except in our mind. I sometimes wonder if these subjects are posted just to make us easier to ridicule by the non curious folk.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Please feel free to disagree Ian, it’s your right and you should use it – it’s what we are for here at Tap, isn’t it, to think, to be critical? I know some people think Crow is a fraud, but he does produce some interesting stuff – why not watch a few more and see for yourself?

  5. Dogman says:

    Author and researcher Don Wilson lists some of the major lunar mysteries in his book, Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon, . These ‘mysteries’ include:
    1.Why the Moon is a freak world – too big and too far out to be a natural satellite of Earth?
    2.Why the Moon has such shallow craters?
    3.Why and how the Moon can sustain its bulge?
    4.Why some moon rocks are older than Earth, and as old (at least) as the solar system?
    5.Why the Moon seems ‘inside out’?
    6.The various mysteries of the maria and mascons?
    7.How the Moon can be a dry-as-dust world and yet have occasional clouds of water vapour?
    8.Why the Moon vibrates like a ‘huge gong’, transmitting tremors great distances around and through itself?
    9.How the Moon can produce so many contradictions of data and findings?
    I hadn’t read any of this until I had that overwhelming feeling at my computer that the Moon was artificial and was being used to control life on this planet. The placement of the Moon dictates the speed of Earth’s rotation and the angle at which it rotates – 22.5 degrees from vertical. This angle creates the four seasons because of the way planet faces the Sun during its annual orbit. The Moon has a major influence on the tides – far more than the Sun – and with the human body consisting of some 70 per cent water it is bound to have a fantastic influence on us, even on that level alone. The Moon also dictates so much of our relationship with time, and the term ‘month’ is really Moonth, a period based on the cycles of the Moon

  6. Lynn says:

    Well it seems everything is a humongous hoax. All to fool the serfs. We have so much more information through this media platform now than ever before. Truly fascinating to read and explore. Anything is possible now. People giving us lessons of free thinking that were never open to us. Ideas and facts however mind blowing are at last free . I am truly thankful for this. Peace to all is the goal.

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