The moon is a hologram

Following on from Jennifer’s fascinating moon post, the observable moon waves suggest the moon is not real but artificial.  Crrow777 channel on youtube has some fascinating stuff.  Take a look.  UPDATE – After watching a few more videos on this channel, I feel it’s most likely a hoax channel with nothing else just more and more of the same product.  But that doesn’t mean that the moon is any less fascinating.  Read the book, Who Built The Moon?  That summed it all up very well.


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  1. nick says:

    A hollowed out moon or artificial contructed hollowed out object like the moon would be a great way of interplanetary travel, it would shield the occupants from radiation and space debris.

    The hypothesis about the moon being artificial still implies it as a solid object, built rather than formed naturally, and not some digitally created object as the observed waves would suggest. If there were actual waves of that size it would be as if a huge earth, I mean moonquake had taken place

  2. Eternity says:

    The moon is not ‘holographic’. At twilight you are able to see the silhouette of the unlit crescent of the moon.
    It would be more (not that I believe or not) practical to be an artificial satellite than a hologram as a hologram has no purpose whereas an artificial satellite would have many.
    Who comes up with this stuff anyway, have they no grasp of physics or logic?!

    • Eternity says:

      I think what you are seeing of this wave is actually a similar phenomena that is seen with the earth atmosphere (even though the narrator denies it) and the visual effect it has on the moon of the different angles it is seen by individuals in relation to it’s angle and distance seen through the density of our atmosphere and the way light is reflected which causes all manner of distortions including and most dominantly reflective aberration.
      Through the density of the atmosphere the moon can appear either very small or humongous, and even changing the appearance of it’s hue and colour which no one can deny.
      There is a good chance that the wave observed on the moon is merely aberration of light waves as they enter our atmosphere and as they reflect off the moon causing what looks like a wave. I often see sun flicker like a low hertz screen early in the morning which effects how objects appear, that does not mean it is holographic, of course doesn’t mean that it isn’t either, but we know that it isn’t, that is purely subjective.
      It is all a matter of what you want to believe and the evidence that fits in with your belief despite the truth.
      I have a telescope and have observed the difference of intensity of light reflection which makes the shadows on the moon appear more or less intense, I have never seen a wave myself and although the handlers of the photographic equipment may not want to believe it is equipment related it most likely is as it can only be observed where light can be seen.

      Reminds me of those people that are convinced they see a second sun or Nibiru with their photographic equipment and deny it is the equipment yet will never, ever see it with their naked eyes.

      Even if it were, there is no way of knowing for sure and certainly no way to prove it.

      • Im going to take a leap in the dark here and propose suggest something
        I know its a huge departure and sounds crazy

        – Could it be, Could it really actually be. That whatever our beliefs/minds understand to be the truth. The creative power of the mind is so powerful, ITS TRUE. The human consciousness can actually interact influence with matter on the sub quantum level
        And human thoughts/intentions actually mould/create matter in certain ways?
        – And could this be what occultism black magics all about?

        – Could it be, that this is why its so so so important for the Talmud reading Khazar Satanists in their Freemason Lodges , that run every corporation. Could it be why its so important they totally lead us down the garden path with so many psyops, so many bullshit stories? Because then our chi goes nowehere, except incidentally seeing illuminati symbolism and giving energy to that instead?

        – Also, bear with me. Could it be too. That down the ages in history right up to today. All these different ‘Gods’ man would worship. Esp initiated men into secret societies. Could it be if these types of men have been TOLD and BELIEVE that an owl God, or Horus type God, or serpent God, or any other type of God exists. THE HUMAN MIND WILL ACTUALLY MANUFACTURE IT AND IT WILL APPEAR DURING A SACRIFICE RITUAL?

        Could it be the human mind manufactures a lot or most of the occultist luciferian stuff?

        I do feel though that the pure Christos energy, Holy SPirit energy, is different and is good and simple and pure

        as far as the moons concerned my minds blown I don’t know what to believe, same for flat earth theory

  3. banned says:

    Wasted 16 minutes of my life on this video, because I really wanted something tangible to discuss. Croww admits to watching 100’s of hours of footage of an atmospheric phenomenon, maybe he is just wanting to hoax everyone and doing all in his powers to convince himself he’s got it right, naaaah it’s just another crazy batshit video.

    • Tapestry says:

      Either there are films of the moon waving or there are not.

      If there are not, there is still a mountain of doubt about what the moon consists of – why you only ever see one side, and never the other.

      The moon landings were all faked.

      The space station is supposedly a fake also.

      Why does the moon decide the monthly period of women?

      The size at exactly one 400th of the sun and exactly one 400th of the distance away.

      The coincidences don’t end there. See the book Who Built The Moon.

      • downbutnotout says:

        Re “Why does the moon decide the monthly period of women?”

        Research by Dr Michat Zimecki from the Polish Academy of Sciences (2006) claims to prove that the lunar cycle directly influences reproduction in many animal species. e.g. “it involves the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, causing variations in melatonin and corticosterone levels” and is capable of effecting the structure of pineal gland cells. He believes that “the release of neurohormones may be triggered by the electromagnetic radiation and/or the gravitational pull of the moon”.

        I don’t know but it’s less of a stretch for me personally to imagine menstrual cycles being naturally directed than by some kind of huge, weird artificial satellite.

      • Eternity says:

        This is where I get thrown out of class, lol.

        I doubt the moon is the cause of the cycles of menstruation, that is controlled by hormones controlled by glands controlled by brain as stated by, downbutnotout.
        If the moon controlled the cycles all women would have periods at the same time and chemical interferences such as contraceptives would not work in the same way, which are designed to prevent or alter the cycle and permanently alter the cycle, nothing to do with the moon.

        I also believe that the moon does not control the tides, I believe the spin and the orbit of the earth within the electro gravitational interaction with the sun control the tides. The moon is way too small to control the oceans movement and it’s magnetic field too weak, I believe science is wrong. If the moon had the power to control the mass of the oceans and overcome the far greater strength of gravity of earth we would be in perpetual motion sickness. Then solar eclipses wherever they occur would intensify the effect of the natural emp, but doesn’t.
        If the moon could ‘pull’ oceans then the weather would have set patterns and cloud formation and rain would not happen the way it does??
        I am not saying I am right, I am just saying that the moon and tides don’t sit right with me.

      • ian says:

        Ok Tap it’s your site., but sometimes I wonder if you’re for real. I’ll agree, no moon landings, possibly no space station deffo not in real space, possibly low earth orbit. then it goes f*cking tits up.Get a life. The moon is there. God isn’t real. Religion is claptrap. There are no reptillians., and the media has misled us on behalf of the posh cunts, since media begun. Start from here. xx

      • ian says:

        Tap, I apologise for the tourettes outburst. Luckily I’m not violent, the only person I beat up is myself. Gathering the toys up and putting them back in the pram as I speak.

  4. nick says:

    If you read the notes on this video it gives a pretty sound argument

    It could be the cart before the horse It is strange about the lunar / ovum cycle, but it seems more likely that mankind has a relationship with the earth and planets as we develop along side their existence, also it is likely that we were genetically tampered with long ago, and are in fact a hybrid being.

    Have a look at a photo of Mars moon Phobos eclipse, that is really freaky if you were stood on mars observing it

  5. Jennifer says:

    The Sun appears to have a seven day rotation cycle of it’s own, so the human menstrual cycle may be reflected in four multiples of seven. Other life cycles are tied to the sun, so that would make sense. We are told that the Moon does not generate it’s own light but merely reflects the Sun’s. What kinds of influence can it have on us?
    As has been pointed out in other postings on the Moon, why would the, ‘gravitational’ pull of the Moon on oceans and seas, not also work on large bodies of water like rivers and lakes?
    I do think the Thunderbolts Project and plasma created by The Electric Universe can answer some tricky questions about our Sun and the theory of gravity.

  6. Tapestry says:

    The same forces are at work on lakes as on oceans — the moon pulls on inland lakes, too. However, you won’t find large tides on lakes as you do on oceans; lakes just don’t have enough water in them for large tides to occur.
    Do the Great Lakes have tides? – TEACH Questions …

  7. downbutnotout says:

    Seems “don’t confuse me with facts” is the dominant meme around here.

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