The Greatest Storm That Never Was

Final answer at the end of the day: There WAS NO HURRICANE

[Picture credit – Hurricane Patricia as seen from the ISS!]

This was a lie from start to finish. It made landfall nowhere. It dissipated into a tropical depression 100 miles out at sea after barely becoming a tropical storm. This fake cane was just a load of bunk to support the climate scam. Only a little rain in Guadalajara, only a little rain in Guanajuato, only rain even in Puerto Vallarta, which the eye passed over. Many witnesses are wondering WTF happened to this storm, which never existed. It is OFF THE TV. It is NOT ON DRUDGE, and out of the news TOTALLY. It is not even in news flashes.

OFFICIAL TALLY: Zero deaths, zero property damage. The entire coast is populated from start to finish. There is no way for any real hurricane to have a tally of ZERO.

Even if, as the prevailing damage control lie goes: “the hurricane was extremely compact and had only category 1 winds 15 miles away from the eye wall,” we have the leading edge, at 30 miles wide, full cat 5, and the sides for another 30, for a cat 5 to category 1 total distance 60 miles. WHERE IS THE DEVASTATION? There is not one downed house, not one washed out road, not one flipped over car when cars should have been missiles and the ENTIRE coast is populated. Who is pushing this crap about a record hurricane? ANSWER:

Climate scammers who want a “world record hurricane” on the books for the climate change/carbon tax agenda, that is who. This is not even in the Mexican news flashes anymore, it just evaporated like a ghost into nowhere. But it is now on the books as the big BAAAAD climate change cane, just wait and see! You will see the geriatric climate change lie get up and dance with this “cane!”.

“Eye wall” which only exists in computer models went directly over Puerto Vallarta, yet there were no significant winds and there was no damage or deaths, only heavy rain!
This hoax hurricane arrived two days after the U.S. federal government threatened all people at NOAA and other weather agencies that if they went against the “official word” they would be jailed for breaking a gag order
I am calling it as it is: The so-called cat 5 world record hurricane was a tropical storm that turned into a tropical depression 100 miles off the Mexican coast, and it caused zero damage on arrival. Though the Mexican news is still calling it a cat 5, there is a surprised tone to it all, because there was no damage anywhere and no deaths. This was a fake hurricane that will hit the books as real, to provide fodder for the climate change scam.

UPDATE: All the pictures are computer generated models. The Mexican press aired footage of the real deal, and it totally dissipated 50 – 100 miles off the coast with no distinguishable eye, and hit the coast as only clouds. The “hurricane” supposedly made landfall closest to Puerto Vallarta, between the cities of Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta. It supposedly took a track that should have destroyed both cities and totally obliterated the Mexican coast between those two cities. The American scam press is saying that it hit a “remote area of Mexico’s coastline” to explain no damage. What they are not saying is that it is only 100 miles from Manzanillo to Puerto Vallarta. No damage in either city means there was no hurricane AT ALL. And there are several significant towns between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. There is no such thing as a “remote stretch of Mexican coastline”, it is 100 percent populated the entire way.

No deaths and no property damage ANYWHERE are being reported. All the Mexican press is saying is that there is “no news” and the hurricane is officially gone. The rain has already stopped in Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. This “category 5” was at best a tropical depression.
I sort of figured something was amiss last night when not a single whisper of wind happened, even though I was supposed to be in the damage path. From the reports, I figured the winds would be 100 mph here. NOT A WHISPER OF WIND HAPPENED AT ALL. It was a calm night.

Here is the news from Puerto Vallarta:
“The Sokols, a family of five from suburban Detroit, were supposed to fly out of Puerto Vallarta on Friday but ended up for hours in a shelter at a university after their flight was canceled. By night they were back where they began: at their hotel, and no worse for wear. “It’s amazing it went from the worst in history to just some heavy rain,” Susanna Sokol said.

My response: No, it is not surprising, with a gag order on U.S. climate scientists threatening prison if they speak up and say something other than the official word, a huge carbon tax, and a global warming/climate scam to uphold (which a world record hurricane that is off the charts would support), I don’t find it surprising AT ALL that all it ended up being was tropical rain.

And low and behold, two days before this hurricane, the U.S. federal government placed a gag order on NOAA weather officials and others in the U.S., saying they would face jail time if they spoke up against the “official” word given by the government. Why would they do that? Because they needed a huge storm on the records to support the climate change lie and they did not want people calling their bluff, THAT’S WHY.
Ok, a little math here:
How far across is a hurricane? Good estimate – 200 – 300 miles. How far across is the eye? 30 – 50 miles. This means that even if the hurricane scored a perfect shot between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, neither of those cities could have been less than 25-35 miles away from the eye wall. No damage in either of these cities, from a 220 plus mph windy eye wall, which should have had at least 150 mph winds extending 30 miles out on both sides means NOAA AND THE U.S. WEATHER REPORTING AGENCIES FAKED THIS HURRICANE.

One strange hurricane
I am holding off on calling it a hoax until I get more info, but this is what happened where I am: NOTHING.

Ok, there was a quarter inch of rain last night. But the biggest thing I noticed this morning was blasting music that was way too loud coming from somewhere. There was a super mild rain. There was never any wind AT ALL. Nothing happened, and I am only 150 miles from where this thing made landfall, and it was supposed to be headed (sort of) in my direction. If this thing was even a normal category 1, there should have been at least 30 – 40 mph winds, possibly 100 mph winds and there was NOTHING. So I am going to say what people should see in the news, or this thing is FAKE.

Let’s use as a reference the hurricane that hit the Yucatan a while back. It had 155 mph winds (not 220, like last night’s hurricane was supposed to have) and it stripped every tree completely out of the ground and razed every building for miles and miles. There were lots of photos of perfect devastation. So if, from this hurricane there are not photos of mountains completely stripped bare of all vegetation, no photos of the coastal road completely missing, no photos of erased cities, BLEAK MONOCHROME PHOTOS WHERE EVERYTHING IS ONE COLOR – MUD COLOR – for miles and miles of nothing but mud color razed flat waste, this hurricane was a hoax and that is all there is to it.

I think we are going to get bright tropical colored photos of half ripped palm trees, IF THAT. This last hurricane should have excavated ground like a mining crew if it was real, once it gets past a certain point (and 220 mph winds with gusts up to 300 are well past that point) the earth itself cannot hold up and even the ground is scoured away and there is nothing but mud colored waste because of the dirt ripped out of the ground. If we do not see this, they hoaxed it. And why would they hoax it? To get their “world record storm” for the global warming scam, that is why. Come on now, THE FREAKING LIGHTS ARE ON AND THERE IS A HUGE PARTY SOMEWHERE, not a whisper of wind, NOTHING AT ALL going on here, and even though I was not in the direct path, I was at least in the strong weather path and nothing at all is simply not possible.

DID YOU KNOW: Two days before this hurricane, a gag order was placed on NOAA and other government weather reporting agencies, stating that anyone in those agencies who spoke up against the “official” line would be criminally prosecuted. And why would that be?
So far I am only going off of what happened where I am, but it was so starkly against what was stated to be happening that I am very suspicious.

October 23 2015

Not much going on today other than a huge hurricane. Curious how fast this one developed . . . . has me wondering. And oh, I forgot – In order to shut up climate scientists and prevent them from exposing fraud, a gag order has been placed on NOAA and other agencies to stop people from talking and blowing the lid off the global warming hoax. Sort of a banana republic type thing, but what do you expect when Hillary WILL BE PRESIDENT, even if she only gets 3 votes? People have to be silly in this day and age to believe in the Diebold vote count.

Cynthia wrote:

Jim The worst hurricane in recorded history headed for Pacific Coast of Mexico. They say it is beyond anything they have ever seen, they say it could wipe Puerto Vallarta off the map. Even the nasa folk are shocked at the size of this thing, from space it is absolutely immense. They say ot is beyond Cat 5 with 220MPH winds.Is there any real possibility they can actually “brew” these things and make them worse, like BP earthwatch says? Hope you are nowhere near that area of the nation. Your recent analysis of everything from the Hajj massacre to the Syrian debacle has been excellent. Amazing. —cynthia

My response: I am not out of this hurricane’s path. I should be on the outer edge of the damage path, at best. There have already been heavy rains and strange looking sky. No wind yet, but something feels eerie and it felt that way for me before I knew about this hurricane, which basically hit the news yesterday afternoon and turned into a monster overnight. This morning was super weird, with three levels of different types of clouds (no fog) with the lowest level only about 100 feet off the ground with a super clear cutoff underneath them, they were crisp and not hazy. I never saw anything like that before, and they were tall clouds, going up about 3000 feet, then a break, another layer about 8,000 feet up, then a break and another layer that was a solid sheet I could not see past about 15,000 feet up. There were probably 4 layers, ending with cirrus clouds but I could not see past the third layer. I never saw a sky like that before.

And the question: Could this be weather mod? Well, yes, it could be . . . . . I would not be surprised at all. And I think to front the global warming scam and carbon tax, they absolutely will start doing things like this so people actually believe things are going haywire as they “predicted”. They are not past doing this for a psy op.

[PS After producing that ‘photo’ the ISS went completely blank with no live streaming -J].


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  1. beLIEve says:

    GLO-BAL WAR-ming……..

    An electrical engineer in Perth Western Australia, by the name of Dr David Evans, the holder of 6 degrees in applied mathematics, is of the opinion that …..

    The physics underlying the climate model has been applied incorrectly.
    The climates sensitivity to carbon dioxide is much lower than thought.
    The climate is largely driven by…..FACTORS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL.
    Domesday predictions are not reflected in actual temperatures.

    • Truly mindblowing interview Kingel. I know theres many we all recommend on tapblog but this one is essential, essential
      john B Wells interviewing Paul LaViolette
      We need awareness of these topics to build. These technologies are going to be our hope, our protection and ability to adapt, and thrive!
      The actual interview begins 22 minutes into the show. Topics discussed included: the B-2 bomber propulsion system, the Nassikas thruster, and T. Townsend Brown’s electrogravitics research, topics that will be covered in greater depth at the Secret Space Program conference the weekend of Halloween in Bastrop Texas.


      • beLIEve says:

        I have had a look at the video.
        The B-2 propulsion system looks amazing.
        The Nassikas thruster, if true, also looks amazing but….

        Dr Laviolette was talking about……

        (1) Nasa space rockets and cerses ?
        I am not currently convinced man can travel above low earth orbit ?

        (2) Dr L also talked about the war in Syria and mankind not getting on.
        My take on Syria is, it has nothing to do with mankind getting on, or not.
        Syria is the Luciferians on another genocidal theft mission !

        I would be pleased to hear about free energy but, I do not hold out any hope whilst, the Luciferians have a foot on the throat of every pollutician/banker/official on planet earth.

        As for Secret Space Colonies, I am not convinced they exist.
        As, you are aware Abel Danger published an official picture of the terrain on Mars and, lo and behold, there was a chinchilla amongst the rocks !
        I believe Abel Danger has been asked to surrender the picture/not publish it further, AD has declined.

        I try to keep my mind open but, there appears to be so much dishonesty/obfuscation reference space, I believe very little of what is in the public domain.

        Finally, the Luciferians “apparently” hate humanity so, why don’t THEY LEAVE Planet Earth ?


    • Hi Kingel
      That is a mindblowing prospect, if its true, man cannot fly above low earth orbit. Then all the SSP stuff could be a deception
      Planes can go high, and see the earths curvature. Im not sure if this means flat earth is a lie.
      If there is a flat earth, the flat disc will be horizontal surely, and both arctic and Antarctic actually at the same place furthest from the sun. So the maps now could all be wrong.
      Could the sun actually orbit the earth? I don’t know, but it goes to show how im questioning everything now as LIES have been inserted everywhere

      The Luciferians seem to be taking the initiative with free energy release, Keshe for example. Could it be theyre trying to let us get preoccupied with free energy, but in the meantime, no one asks the essential questions about psychotronic misuse, against humanity.

      I don’t understand about abel danger, ive never gone to that site. Is AD actually a truthteller? or a disinformationist?

    • Michael K.29 October 2015 at 05:19

      Nazis were essentially gangsters.
      Putin is essentially a gangster running a government of gangsters.
      Jewish Zionists are essentially gangsters.
      Switzerland is a hiding place for the criminally acquired wealth of gangsters.
      Bush and Cheney and Reagan were all essentially gangsters.
      Japan is basically run by gangsters.
      China is basically run by gangsters.

      Does anyone else see a disturbing pattern?

      Christians call it “the world”; it is run by Satan, the big gangster at the top

  2. dkblue says:

    How anyone who even scratches the surface on researching climate does not come across the patents,history and evidence of weather warfare and modification beggars belief yet alone people who claim to be researching at a much deeper level. I think Dr Evans is just providing another distraction and red herring with his new theory practically proposing verbatim what solar radiation management (geoengineering) espouses and is occurring globally. (See
    “Dr Evans has a theory: solar activity. What he calls “albedo modulation”, the waxing and waning of reflected radiation from the Sun, is the likely cause of global warming.”
    Followed tellingly by,
    “He predicts global temperatures, which have plateaued, will begin to cool significantly, beginning between 2017 and 2021. The cooling will be about 0.3C in the 2020s. Some scientists have even forecast a mini ice age in the 2030s.”
    Well considering the decreased amount of sunlight we are now receiving – some estimates of 30%, it is hardly surprising temperatures are dropping.
    Sell out like Tim Flannery

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