The Full Circle Project Presented at the Open Mind Conference

by Zen Gardner



Dear friends

The Full Circle Project continues to grow with many new members participating on the website every day. If you haven’t been on the site recently, please log in and get involved. Please explore your local area on the members map and connect and meet up with members close to you.

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The Full Circle Project was presented to the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Louise’s presentation (posted here) was well received, serving to carry the momentum of the conference forward into wise and coordinated action by seeding local groups. Meanwhile, in Southern Spain, the FCP is stepping into the village square to encourage participation from the community, tapping into skills and resources and awakening focused response to common concerns. We will be offering regular updates as we follow this process.

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On Thursday, 1st October at 21:00 GMT we will be holding our first FCP live symposium. Max Igan, Zen Gardner, Louise Sutton and Mat Dowle will be available live to answer your questions. If you have any questions you would like addressing, please log into the FCP website via the link below:

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London (BST): Thursday at 22:00
Madrid: Thursday at 23:00
Sydney: Friday at 07:00
New York: Thursday at 17:00
Los Angeles: Thursday at 14:

Here’s the link the the Symposium


TAP – I always feel cautious of any centrally controlled activity.  It’s so easy for them to penetrate and control.  Locally taken initiatives, yes.  But always watch out for outsiders who turn up with money to burn.


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