The FRACKING NIGHTMARE is in danger of becoming a Toxic Nuclear Waste Disposal Nightmare

 … at what point does the population of the UK actually say “ENOUGH” … and mean it?


Bury Green Party

Bury Green Party are pleased to announce that they will be hosting and evening with Ian Crane, former oilfield services executive and anti-fracking campaigner on Tuesday 3rd November at 7:30PM

Ian will be speaking at our meeting at Freedom Church, Walmersley Road, Bury, before taking questions from the floor. An event definitely not to be missed!


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  1. Aldous says:

    Bury Green Party are pleased to announce that they will be hosting and(sic) evening with Ian Crane, former oilfield services executive and anti-fracking campaigner on Tuesday 3rd November at 7:30PM

    Sorry but it smacks of Controlled Opposition to me. Bury Green Party definitely so and ‘former oilfield services executive’ sounds vague enough to mean just about anything.

    Is this what it’s all about?

    It looks and sounds like a Zionist front job to me.

  2. Bardon58 says:

    “Controlled opposition”? “Zionist front job”? Do you realise how dumb this sounds? So, let’s be having some PROOF of Ian being part of some “controlled opposition”. I too have my misgivings about the Green party, but casting this slur against Ian is disgraceful. Oh yes, weren’t you the one who had similar views about Brian Gerrish?

    • Aldous says:

      Well there’s always Dumb and Dumber but I usually refrain from making personal attacks.
      I don’t recall ever commenting on UK Column’s Brian Gerrish but you may well (inadvertently) have a point about him being at least ‘tolerated’ opposition seeing as most of the dumb and hardly worth saving electorate will never have heard of him or UK Column but can name X Factor winners dating back to when that particular programme was spawned.

      Also, are the good people of Bury North and South Parliamentary Constituencies getting what they deserve and voted for?

      The Green Party lost their deposits in both constituencies in May just gone by a good margin, so it’s not like the electorate in Bury haven’t recently had the perfect chance to register their outrage.
      Blimey, they couldn’t even be fracking bothered to save the Green Party candidates their £500 deposit!

      Let the frackers burn I say because it would seem they don’t give a frack until something affects them in their own back yard – AND I bet they would vote pretty much the same if by-elections were held there this coming Thursday.Out.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Ian Crane is a hero of our time. The people who support political parties are misguided but they are still human beings, and the majority mean well. The evil that controls them from on high is not visible to them…as yet.

    • Henry, excellent insightful words. You surgically analyse and cut round and get to the heart essence of what needs to be said. And yes, I can see that praying to the freedom fighter, astrologer, gnostic Jesus is the fantastic inspiring igniting force we can use as we collectively push back against the NWO Talmud Pharisee Satanists Khazars

      ”Rather than undermining religious belief and spirituality, the knowledge of who Jesus really was, that is, a gnostic, an astrologer and a freedom fighter, is potentially a far greater inspiration in the modern age, than the biblical Jesus, who’s an unknowable, impossible to fathom fairy tale. The bible tells us to allow Caesar (the government) to run the show, as you would expect of a religion created by government. (The Gospels were mostly written by Josephus Flavius (who was Saul/St Paul), who was instructed by Vespasian to create a Judaeism for the Gentiles). The real Jesus, on the other hand, tried his best to overturn the injustice and brutality of Rome, and allow the world and humanity to move ahead. Now, just as then, we are assailed by the brutality of those who would enslave us, and we could do with the inspiration of the historical Jesus. I would suggest to anyone who wants to end the world’s ills, and to stop the descent into barbarism being brought upon us by our own governments and church (which says nothing to stop it), that prayer to the historical Jesus would be a good step, and to abandon the biblical Jesus for the false creation that he is”

      BTW I hope these new 2 new Keshe units that can be ordered now, don’t somehow act like powerful plasma smartmeters in the home in some bizarre way. Im sure they don’t, but this might be the Rockefeller Soros sting in the tail, this will need assessment over coming months

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Tap, I need to get out less because I hadn’t heard of Ian Crane until yesterday.

      The fracking issue is hugely important but I believe it’s far more important to be wary of ‘any one issue’ that any one person or group is solely committed to – at the expense of any/all others.

      Are the anti-frackers of Bury (and Ian Crane) taking their eyes off the broader picture hidden in plain sight and happening every day by stealth right under their noses?
      They seem to be at far more risk of being ethnically cleansed and bred out of existence by Third World immigration rather than being fracked out of existence. Where’s their concern over that? Or do they embrace diversity and their enrichment?

      The Green Party are a dangerous group to get into bed with when you realise their abominable views on many other wide ranging issues from abortion to immigration. Their very name is a misnomer.

      The Freedom Church website has a Compassion UK(sic) link when the UK has masses of problems regarding its own impoverished and abused kids. Why not worry about them?
      “Compassion partners with more than 6,900 churches in 26 developing countries”. They’re ALWAYS developing aren’t they? God forbid that they should actually ever ‘develop’ and end that never-ending money supply. It sounds like the cancer cure just around the endless mone-raking corner.

      Freedom Church is a registered company and doesn’t appear to have any connection to any known mainstream Christian denomination. Have the ‘ministers’ got any Theological Degrees or qualifications?,-bury

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Whether or not IC or the Greenies are controlled opposition is not the point fracking is a very bad idea. If and I emphasise the “if” they are controlled opposition and act in our wider interests then let them roll.

    It would seem to make far more sense to be nice to the Russians and buy their gas than wreck our own country by poisoning the groundwater for ever.

    Oddly enough the Rothschild fracking gang have links to the ISIS / CIA gang that advocate sanctions against Russia and pipelines from ISIS supporting Quatar via Syria.

    What do Dick Cheney, James Woolsey, Bill Richardson, Jacob Lord Rothschild, Rupert Murdock, Larry Summers and Michael Steinhardt have in common? They all are members of the Strategic Advisory Board of a Newark, New Jersey-based oil and gas group with the name, Genie Energy. It’s quite a collection of names.
    First appeared:

  5. Aldous says:

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

    Of course the Green Party is Zionist controlled opposition. Here is an excerpt from their Climate Change page:

    CC001 Climate Change is one of the worst environmental hazards facing human society and the rest of the biosphere. The detrimental effects of human-induced global warming so far on human societies and ecosystems are already severe. Future effects over the next few decades will be far worse.

    Just a bunch of fracking liars in bed with the NWO/Globalists. No mention of HAARP, Chemtrails or the Weather Modification agenda but no doubt they’ll jump on those particular bandwagons once they become mainstream concerns, as in ‘the last refuge of the political scoundrel’.

    Aren’t they often referred to as The Melonheads – green on the outside but red on the inside? Judge a person by the company they keep. Does Ian Crane have a view on HAARP and Chemtrails – and the Scourge of Cultural Marxism for that matter? Is Ian Crane a member of the Green Party? Just asking.

  6. Truth will prevail says:

    Aldous – you’ve nailed it.

    As to “controlled opposition” (fifth columns) Yes – I’m just asking too (nothing wrong with that) when warning my fellow patriots that PEGIDA Dresden (Germany) is a Zionist controlled front too. The leading figure “Götz Bachmann” is most likely their puppet, and the speaker “Tajana Festerling” too. There are lots of reasons to support that claim. The patriotic movement itself is genuine; but the danger is imminent that all German patriots are meant to be led to the slaughter… defamed as “Nazis”; the Zionist controlled media are raging against PEGIDA (and the grassroots movement “Vigils for Peace”) but kept strangely silent when Zionist Geert Wilders paid his visit to PEGIDA Dresden. Only some nitwit and/or (corrupted) Zionist puppet could have invited him. Misled so called “Christian Zionists” wave the “six pointed star” (Rothschild hexagramm) flag and the US flag… The flags of the occupying forces!!!! Certainly something you would not normally expect to see at a German patriotic movement… Geert Wilders talks about an “Alliance of Patriots” (clearly controlled opposition, EU and worldwide) and how “Israel must be defended” against the “Muslim threat”….That’s Divide and Rule (indigenous Germans vs foreigners; Christians vs Muslims)

    German patriots are aware of the various threats. From within, tearing all the walls down (“Mama Merkel” hailed by the Muslim invaders), rendering the German people defenseless to the threats from outside (genocidal Muslim mass immigration engineered by Zionist Jews; stemming from the Talmud: an obsessive hatred against all non-Jews, especially the Christians of the white European race)

  7. Aldous says:

    Here are some links that I found very interesting:

    The last link does have me wondering if i was hasty in associating Ian Crane too much with the nefarious Greens – and the choice of a fringe religious venue didn’t help much either but I suppose they’ve got to meet somewhere.

    The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition

    Natalie Bennett Says Green Party Is ‘Open’ To Three-Way Marriages

    Interestingly, Ian Crane relinquishes all copyright on his DVD’s and stuff so that they can be copied to spread the word.

    Understanding Controlled Opposition

    Green Party Pledge to Eradicate White People to “End Racism” [DEAD LINK]

    Here is an apparent Green Party pledge to “end whiteness” in order to end racism in Britain.You can see the evidence of it in every major city in Europe, some further down the line in terms of eradicating white people altogether. [There was a screenshot of the original Daily Mail article]

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