The earth is a battleground between good and evil. The same battle goes on within all of us.

We are no longer functioning as natural human beings.  We are being groomed, and being led along ever more intrusive steps to where we are today.  Blatant devil worship.  It’s grooming, poisoning people’s minds step by step.  Kids are being affected with things like the marriage between Kiss and Scooby Doo, for example.

What was the first step?

This is going on globally.   The Illuminati symbolism.  This complete junk.  They’re going for a global culture.  The first step was to disconnect people from God.  To make people believe they are only one thing, sinners or potential sinners.   If you don’t believe there is God within you, and you believe you are only potential evil, you are doing the Devil’s work.

There is good and evil in the world.  The same exists within all of us.

Can we maximise the good, and minimise the evil?  We start off by doing that within ourselves.  The more good or Godlike we become, that will manifest itself in our lives.  We must nurture the God/good within us.  The Illuminati tries to cut the good off within us.  Someone with a positive outlook would not allow themselves to accept the deal that we now all have.  People in the future will not accept the world that we have now.  It’s taken generations to get to the current state.  Our parents, our grandparents have been groomed with the evil, the consumerism, the hedonism, the entitlement, the self centredness which now seems entirely normal.  People now think the educational system is normal.  It isn’t.  People have no idea what it is to be a natural human being.

It will take a lot for us to be degroomed.  People can only resurface gradually from where they are now.  Each of us is a potential Godlike human being within us, and a potential devil-like human being.  Most people make no choice either way, they lean slightly one way or the other.  That’s all.

The problem is that it’s really easy to become evil.   We have a soul which wants to stop us going the evil way.  Most people do.   The system we live within makes us veer towards the dark side.  It is easier for you to be a bad person.  Yet within your heart, your inner world is fighting back the other way.  To be a good person, a good person is aware that the system around them has been set up the way it has to bring evil easily within reach, and they can see the necessity to override the system, and live according to the internal world.  There are very few true spiritual people in the world.  It’s hard to deny yourselves the sensory stimulations, the pleasures, the material world made tempting around you, but it leads you down a dark road.  You can’t grow spiritually at all, and you are surrounded by other people who are stunted spirituality.  To break the pattern gives you, and the world, a huge opportunity.

Your soul is the most precious gift you possess.  This gift is devalued by religious teaching, which plants prejudiced ideas in your mind.  How many people are conspiring to become a saint, serving the good within you and the world.

TAP – what about psychopaths?  Surely there are a kind of people devoid of any goodness in their soul, without a soul.



2 Responses to “The earth is a battleground between good and evil. The same battle goes on within all of us.”

  1. Nicky says:

    Got my attention very quickly, Few minutes in and still listening.. Wonder what I’m missing on the old evil edna.?
    get thee behind me incremental step to suffering. Thank you for another top tap
    video link.

  2. Lynn says:

    Evil is indeed taught, we are not borñ evil, the few who are in control have been groomed from añ early age. Obvious now that marketing and advertising have played a huge part iñ this. Those of us old enough to know the pitfalls can see,

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