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  1. NPP says:

    Is the yellow writing SNP. This hilarious. Well done Scots.

    Football: symbolic of life in so many ways.

    • Aldous says:

      I’ve magnified the PNG 105 KB image and it looks very much like SNF which is almost certainly Scottish National Front – which in turn sadly is probably a Zionist front outfit focusing on Muslims and immigration.

      Most of the members will be good eggs and well meaning, not realising SNF is very likely controlled opposition leading them away from the actual causes of what they are protesting about – in this case the Police State brought to you by ZIONISM.

      I should imagine Celtic will be in trouble with the SFA for such a display of inconvenient truth. Those responsible – possibly actors/agent provocateurs – will be quickly identified and banned from Celtic Park and all Scottish football grounds. It could well be a totally staged event to show Whites in a negative light. I find it helps to think outside of the box with these ‘news’ stories.

      I think the banners are actually saying: POLICE STATE – [this message] BROUGHT TO YOU BY SNF

    • Aldous says:

      Apologies NPP, it is SNP. I opened image in new tab and you get a 358 KB version which clearly(ish) shows it as SNP.
      I still think Celtic and the supporters could be in trouble over it though. Too much truth and reality.


      • NPP says:

        Please, no apologies. It’s just thoughts and opinion.


        Re. “it helps to think outside of the box with these ‘news’ stories.”
        Though Gerald Celente might say “What box?!”
        Somewhere here:
        But, you are right, it may inspire some thought and even courage.

        The interesting observation is will there be a complaint and ban? Oh yes, the 3rd Reich is here and healthy: be free to express yourself according to the rules!

        Most recently a crowd booed the Champipons League anthem. Man City? Now the Champs League gang wants to fine the club for the crowd’s behaviour. Ah football, so ridiculous, but I love it. Except when when Sheff Wed beat us 3-0! Arsenal!!

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Whoever did it had a stroke of genius if the match was broadcast live the message will have reached a very large audience. Hat Tip Celtic Fans 🙂

    A sign or a banner sited adjacent to a busy road would also be very effective in reaching a large audience especially when located at a site with regular congestion and slow traffic. Hard for the law club to come after you too, spray painting the same would no doubt attract the wrong sort of attention from those shooting their future in the foot.

    • Aldous says:

      Who would have seen it nationally and where did this image come from – source? The ZTV guys would almost certainly have avoided it’s transmission. It looks photoshopped. I can’t see the footballing drones and minions giving a foot about politics.

  3. Lynn says:

    This is where it starts on a national scale. Football was always a divide and rule. Mob rule was encouraged.
    Let’s see the fans fighting back now.. This will spread and spill over. Revenge for the total programming of white males.

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