Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told

Rules which bar sex offenders from working with children are ‘unfair’ and even convicted paedophiles should have the right to adopt, a leading legal academic has said.


Theresa May was urged to allow sex offenders to adopt Photo: AFP




Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to relax rules which automatically ban sex offenders from caring for children, saying that this could breach their human rights.

In an article in the respected Child and Family Law Quarterly, Miss Reece suggested that reoffending rates were not high among sex criminals, adding: “despite growing public concern over paedophilia, the numbers of child sex murders are very low.”

A review is currently ongoing into the Vetting and Barring Scheme, introduced following the 2002 Soham murders, amid concerns by ministers that it is too heavy handed.

As well as banning certain offenders, the law currently requires adults coming into regular contact with children other than their own to be screened.

Mrs May ordered the review amid concerns about the vetting of ordinary volunteers such as parents who drive children to football practice and church flower arrangers.

In her article, Miss Reece suggested that the review should also introduce an assumption that sex offenders including child abusers posed no threat once they had served their sentence.

She said: “There is no reason why all sex offenders should not be considered as potentially suitable to adopt or foster children, or work with them.

“The Vetting and Barring Scheme and other legislative measures single out sex offenders for unfair special treatment and they destroy the principle that a prisoner pays his or her debt by serving their sentence before re-entering society on equal terms.”

Individuals are placed on the “Barred List” and banned from working with youngsters or vulnerable adults if they are convicted of a sexual or violent offence, or one involving the mistreatment of a child.

Miss Reece criticised the rules for leading all sex offenders to be “tarred with the same brush,” saying that while “careful screening” was “important,” the issuing of a “blanket ban” violated the rights of criminals who wanted to adopt or work with young people.

She highlighted the case of a grandfather with a conviction for having sex with a 15-year-old dating back to when he was 29, who was refused permission to adopt his own grandchildren.

The ban could contravene the principle of non-discrimination enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, and may leave the Government open to legal challenge, Miss Reece warned.

Comparing sex offenders to cohabiting couples, she suggested that if blanket bans on the former were allowed, it would make sense to bar those who were not married from adopting because parents who were wed were less likely to separate with harmful consequences for the child.

She also highlighted the case of four nurses who recently won a High Court challenge after being barred for having convictions. One of the nurses was banned over a police caution for leaving her own children alone in their home.

“Rather than presuming that everyone is a potential risk to children and must therefore be vetted, any vetting or barring should be based on very strong evidence that they are a risk,” the academic said.

“This would represent a victory not only for human rights but for protecting the best interests of children.”

Miss Reece has been at the LSE since September 2009, having previously worked at the University of London, University College London and Birkbeck College.

A trained barrister, she has an MSc in logic and scientific method, and was awarded the Socio-Legal Studies Association Book Prize in 2004 for a monograph called “Divorcing Responsibly.

She has also argued that rape victims should no longer be granted anonymity.

A Home Office spokesman said: “It is safe to say that the vetting review will not be considering allowing paedophiles to adopt. It wouldn’t exactly go down well with the public.

“The review is very much focused on seeing whether the rules have gone too far in stopping normal volunteering with children, while continuing to carry out criminal records checks on people in sensitive posts, such as in the NHS.”



24 Responses to “Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told”

  1. Lynn says:

    How sick does this have to get. She is really risking a lynch mob now.

    • Yes Lynn, but might it be a May clone that gets lynched instead?
      It could even be a tony blair clone talking on the news today
      And im getting a feeling the WHOLE thing, all the ‘releases’ of the evil sinister goings on in this world. That aanirfan reports on so well.
      Are being done at precise times in precise ways, to bring societies down. Like a controlled slow motion demolition going on.
      And I seriously am wondering if there is some kind of dangerous altering external event coming, that the elites have known about – and that’s the big secret
      I can see now that much is out of our hands

      And I can see that if something big is coming. The logical way for them to do things would be lie and not tell humanity, because of the chaos and loss of control theyd suffer
      So maybe things will be normal right up until the last minute then we all die

      Im just speculating hope im wrong, I hope more positive futures await us

  2. Aldous says:

    Homo Secretary Theresa May is a Khazar Zionist Jewess so I guess anything goes – anything that is but normal.

    The Semitic Steps of Cultural Marxism

    1. Mass Immigration
    2. Racial Integration
    3. Interracial Marriage
    4. Gay Rights
    5. Gay Adoption
    6. Gay Marriage
    7. Paedophilia
    8. Bestiality
    9. Necrophilia

  3. Lynn says:

    Mankind has been desensitised for a long time. Slowly and subliminally engineered to this mass invasion of insanity. This lot have been placed in front to see the laws adapt to protect this gross indecency rising to destroy the lives of the people who pay them to do this. Peodophillia will never be normal, it is a mental illness and will be treated as such. No cure for this depravity. They need removing from society by way of incarceration or a bullet in the head. Our babies and future generations rely on this being done for them. We all have a moral duty to see this done pronto.

  4. beLIEve says:

    There are no atheists on a crashing plane !

    There is a chance that mankind might come to its senses at the eleventh hour ?

    I am praying that will be the case.

    Isn’t “Terrorista May” a name that came up in the Holly Greig case as one of the “participants” ?

  5. Truth will prevail says:

    Sweden, Germany, Austria, even Denmark struggle to survive

    “… we would do well to look to Denmark , and say a prayer for her future and for our own…(TAP) and most of all to embrace Danish strict immigration policies RIGHT NOW…to ACT NOW or else….Chaos and total destruction descends…

    Zionist Jewess Lerner-Spectre:

    The imposters/criminal elite (Zionists/Satanists/Talmudic Jews) want to legalize and “normalize” all kinds of depravity by imposing Cultural Marxism (mass immigration of mostly dark Muslim, Arab and African men, race mixing, interracial marriage, equal gay rights, gay marriage, gay adoption rights, legalization of paedophelia, adoption rights for paedophiles, bestiality, necrophilia, polygamy etc) to completely undermine and destroy the fabric of ethnic white societies and Christian ethics. The flooding of Europe with masses of Muslim immigrants (fake war refugees/asylum seekers) accelerates the process of destruction.
    They want Shariah law and Talmudic law introduced. Yes, it’s an “invasion of insanity” to torture us with, to hunt us down, to demoralize and weaken us. To kill us.

    Judaism Discovered:

    Talmud Debate, Michael Hoffman Refutes a Defense of the Talmud:

    Videos give good insights (with one exception when refering to “Nazis” and “holocaust”/ holyhoax)

  6. Eternity says:

    And you will increasingly see the way being etched out to relax laws with perfect examples such as, “She highlighted the case of a grandfather with a conviction for having sex with a 15-year-old dating back to when he was 29, who was refused permission to adopt his own grandchildren.”
    Also a means to make the populace accept the removal of the human rights act. The media creates the scenarios to play out to the populace to control minds to get what they want… same old one step at a time.

    • Aldous says:

      A 29 year old having sex with a 15 year old (virtually half his age) is unquestionably wrong as well as criminal. It demonstrates/indicates an unhealthy inability to control and restrain one’s sexual urges and tendencies, as well as probably taking advantage of a young girl’s immaturity in sexual matters and relationships.

      No normal parent would be happy with such a relationship – especially as the parent(s) might be barely into their 30’s themselves.

      God forbid paedophilia is ever legalised but it would end up being a free-for-all as one of the final taboos is swept away.How the hell do you define ‘consent’ with a pre-pubescent?

      Anyone with half a brain knows that no one still at school should be indulging in sex. Exploring and heavy petting with one’s peers of similar age (and opposite sex) due to physical attraction is one thing but the line should always be drawn at intercourse before 16 years of age. It’s there for a good reason which is why the usual suspects want to lower it and even make the bar zero.

      • Eternity says:

        Absolutely, but my point was that they use the middle ground so to speak. They are not going to come out and say sex with under age is OK so they raise their argument to the cusp as a means to argue their obvious acceptance of paedophilia while trying to convince the people. They must believe we all think like them and with a little persuasion we will eventually accept, but we do not and that is their challenge in trying to persuade.
        There are many people that believe 15 year old teens are ready for sex, and in honesty many are which is why it is used as an example, but that as you and I know is totally open to abuse, especially older perverts and should never be lowered under any circumstance as one step leads to another until yes, a free for for all. That is just their means of persuasion, to look innocent and innocuous with a devious agenda behind it.
        I agree with every word you said.

      • Eternity says:

        Just came across the perfect example of what I was trying to point out. This article will go over most peoples heads and all they will see is, ahhh, how sweet she’s bisexual, completely missing the fact that Lilly is only just 16 years of age and this should not even be a conversation.
        This is how they play the public’s minds.

  7. dkblue says:

    Always feel I am looking at a man in drag with this one…

    • Man in drag totally agree. Yacht , isle of wight, god knows what else, sinister twat, sorry for the language but its what fits the emotion

    • Aldous says:

      Hidden in plain sight dk blue. I missed that one. I’ve been saying for some time how horribly she’s ageing and put it down to her inbred Jewishness, as with the God and Windsor Curse where they look normal and even good in their earlier formative years but end up looking like horses asses – without hair where the males are concerned.

      Is she/it a clone or double? She certainly has the gait of a man as does Obama’s wife Michael. There’s something funny going on with these fruitcakes. TM is far too young to be looking like a man if she was normal. Geriatric women (my wife) often start to look manly in old age and acquire a deep voice which is why I’m seeing a shrink as I still fancy her. Perhaps I’m changing and on the prowl.

  8. dkblue says:

    Don’t worry Aldous, in coming out of the closet you’ll have all the perks the NWO can offer – especially if you were also in fact a muslim refugee of no specified gender.
    Re Michael and husband, I wonder how many more people that loose cannon Joan Rivers would have outed had she not been silenced?

    • Hello Abi, I hope you are feeling better, and replenished however. try and get organic carrots if you can. A juicer. Don’t get the david wolfe bullshit Nutribullet. Its tooyin, you have to add water too. This is extremely yin in these times of excessive yin environment and yin bodies. This will be rejuvenative
      10. DRINK CARROT JUICE DAILY. Carrot juice has an affinity for the liver, for some reason that I do not know. Dr. Max Gerson, MD. used it extensively to rebuild the liver. He wrote about it in his book, A Cancer Therapy – Results of 50 Cases. It may be the calcium in it, or perhaps something else.

      Caution: Do not to overdo on carrot juice, and do not do a lot of juices of any kind. I know that juices are highly recommended by some health authorities. The problem is they are too yin in Chinese medical terminology. Ten-twelve ounces daily of carrot juice with a few greens added if you wish, is plenty for most people. Cancer patients may need a little more, up to 16 or even 20 ounces daily, but no more. Dr. Gerson used much more, but his therapy is not working as well today. Perhaps it is too yin due to all the carrot juice and other juices. See below to understand yin.

      On other matters. When you have time , please read every comment on this post. I have an instinctive, Higher Self feeling, we have hit on something major. Identifying some hard to argue with scientific proofs, truths. And the man , Dubay, making very sound decent arguments about all the other ‘voices’, in the flat earth movement. Who are actually shills. Please read as this is dynamite I can feel it. beLIEve and I agree, theres too much effort put in with the cabal controlled opposition into this matter. They want to hide spmething. They’ve assembled their shills. Eric |Dubays youtube clips affected me a great deal Abi
      I really think the earth could be flat. The lie is so stupendously huge. If true

      BTW in case youre from that part of Oz, me and my sister would goto the Ryde huge huge swimming pool, it must still be there. I remember grace bros dept store in ryde too, I assume that’s still there.


      By the way

      Anyone whos intelligent, aware, who has cancer. Goes to a clinic or does coffee enemas themselves. With cancer, the liver is very very toxic, and this makes the patient very ill, and have a lot of pain.

      Coffee enemas, help break down tumour tissue, and eliminate it out through the faeces and bile. This is tremendous assistance for any cancer patient. It helps their entire detoxification pathways. Also, coffee enemas an excellent pain reliever. This means no toxic pain relieving drugs. One day, when I set up my detoxification alternative medicine clinic. I will offer clients coffee enemas, as well as saunas, and other strategies. To help them

      Goodnight X

    • It is a pleasure and privilege, to have made friends on Tapblog, with such nice people

      • dkblue says:

        Hi Adam,
        in response to your messages, yes it is a good crowd here on TAP I reckon!
        And thankyou, I am slowly recovering.

        Re juicing, i was doing an immune boost with a little Apple, Beetroot and Carrot (ABC) every morning for awhile – will re-start after reading what you wrote re carrots and liver as liver is under the weather just now. Can’t seem to kick the coffee and I take it by mouth only 😉
        Certainly the coffee enemas sound amazing but really don’t have the energy at moment.

        Re Australia, it certainly is a leader in the NWO unfortunately and the new PM terrifies me frankly – being a former banker, multi-millionaire and carbon made climate change hoaxer. Not the lucky country anymore…. I love it though – the trees and landscapes – so vast. As I was born in England, that must be in my veins but it is so sad to see how it is being run by wolves and like Europe and the US, being utterly destroyed.

        I have looked into the flat earth thing a few months back but my outlook now is that I don’t feel that it is important or useful or necessary to solidify concepts about such things. It’s back to; ‘With our thoughts, the world arises’. So although I keep up to date with world events etc, I am turning my focus from the endless news and distractions to my own heart and mind.
        I appreciate your valiant efforts to find the truth in what is going on with our world but if you follow the philosophy that our observation changes the observed, the inseparability of all phenomena from perception, then you know that nothing ‘truly independently exists’ and can save a lot of energy in not chasing external phenomena. I personally feel I have a clear enough picture of what is going on behind the scenes without having to know everything about it.
        Sorry, not wanting to preach but it does look like we, humanity, are at midnight and with no guarantees of reprieve or safety we have no time to waste to make it right within ourselves…. After death, I see that we will follow the trajectory of the accumulated positive and negative deeds from this life so the best thing I can do is get as clear as possible.

        I’m sorry your parents aren’t receptive to you as you wish but they come from another era as do mine. I have decided not to burden them with all the negativity at this stage in their lives and just try and help with practical health tips and sharing special times. They are both quite spiritual so I’m happy for that.

        Well it’s goodnight from me!

    • In most ways, and I mean this genuinely. My mother, and dad too, are great people, generous, loving since birth. This fact has to be emphasised and hammerd home. They’ve helped me at every turn. And im gratefula nd the full force of my ….gratitude for want of a better word…im there for them

      That said Abi im much happier being on my own in my own company. And I feel the desire welling up within me, a good f..cking drink, few beers. After chatting with my mother
      Family relationships have many many layers, and are complex. On the toppermost levels I don’t like them and enjoy, thankfully, my time alone
      Its a fact I think energy vampirisim is taking place

    • Hello. I wonder if the intense heat in Oz has got you down. its summer over there as you know
      You might need to eat a lot more cooked vegetables daily. I know im shooting in the dark but these are the most helpful things I can think of. Living on only raw vegetables, depletes the body badly of minerals, not just due to the 21st century situation we find ourselves in for many reasons we often discuss. But we are not cows, with 5 stomachs.
      A small amount , of meat, but not pork, is needed every day. if your digestion is weak then a quality digestive aid is a must. In fact its needed for us all. Pancreatin, ox bile, these kinds of things are good. bromelains ok, but too many cheap digestive aids are fungal based and not helpful, too yin. So I read. Im not trying to lecture, but simply transmit helpful info
      Sardines twice a week or so are good. A lot of cooked vegetables, regenerate the intestinal lining, and provide fantastic amounts of phytonutrients.
      If you suspect imbalanced gut flora. Taking probiotics can be good in a way. But really abi, ive read the body chemistry, the mineral ratios need to change, and then imbalanced gut flora goes away by itself. Yogurt and kefir can still be hepful
      Stay away from kombucha, so I read, on authority I trust. Aplogies if you do this already, zinc 20 or even 40 mg per day, or even more you might need. 750mg of quality calcium, try and get mchc but calcium citrates good too. and as well magnesium, about 450mg per day. Magnesium citrates ok. perhaps take 2oo mcgs of selenium too. This will start shifting your body chemistry, altering the mineral ratios. There are many more things to think of. But in the search bar I sent, the basic free programme if you key in that, should help.

      I agree with you answers now lie within. And in many ways im pulling up the mental drawbridge. The worlds gone totally insane. Deceptions all around. Its always been this way of course. But some single spiritual candle, flame, is alight, there for us. if there was no counterbalancing force of good, spiritual force of good, then matters would have been decided long ago Abi. Instead, we can certainly sense, some invisible counterbalancing restraining presence the Satanists continue to fight against. otherwise why haven’t they progressed far quicker with their plans?

      Observation changes the observed. perception does seem to mean everything.

      It seems to be that, our beliefs and perceptions are the cinema film reel. And what manifests outside, is the projection and film we see.

      neverhtless I cannot help be intensely inquisitive now, what if ‘Antarctica surrounds us all round some circumference? And what lies beyond?

      oracle reports good today. My instincts telling me, planets, whether theyre spherical or flat, are real.

      I find it very very interesting that pparently, if I was a millionaire, I would not be allowed to sail my boat or fly to ‘antarctica’, since its off limits. I find that very interesting. If WW2 has been a colossal web of deception. I wouldn’t put it past these freemasonic f8ckers to conduct deceptions on every other topic too. Im going to watch logans |Run again I have a feeling, that film has things in it

  9. Dogman says:

    Terry May’s statement should be the kiss of death to her political career, but probably won’t be be. How could anybody other than a sex offender VOTE for somebody that makes such a ludicrous statement. I know we have thieves running the banks, but this is a step too far. There is already an industry at work stealing kids from families and placing them with sex offenders would be every natural parents worst nightmare. I have struggled to type this comment without obscenities, as I am way beyond angry at the whole concept.

    • Terry May is a Satanist and I think a Khazarian. I think he has gone on yacht trips out from Jersey, out into the English Channel.
      Some beautiful weather out there, im sure Terry has done nothing more than relax with a cocktail on deck, while contemplating how best to help England, with its political policies. For the good of England.
      Terry May will be totally focussed on this matter when in jersey and the yacht im sure

      I don’t think Terry Mays focus and attention will be on anything else, when out there? Surely? Our politicans are dedicated public servants.

      They wouldn’t hurt a fly, they are serving us. Lets get this truth thru our heads

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