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This is the banner picture from Starship Earth website.  In itself it gives you another perspective on how the earth looks, how narrow and small the Atlantic Ocean is compared to the Pacific.  On  a traditional school world map they look almost equal.  Adam forwarded this link from the site.  It covers many different topics from what is known as the ‘esoteric’ and ‘alternative’ media.  This lady came out of the traditional health world, a neo-natal nurse, who realised something was wrong about the way her children were behaving.  It started her journey.  This is where she is now. Her Grace Karen McDonald.

She speeds over so many topics so quickly you really need an hour for each second.  She covers the role of Elizabeth in the murder of Canadian children at Kamloops, amongst other things.  The world of DUMBs.  They’re looping the matrix, so that the information being given is three years out of date.  The water ‘s being taken into the underground network.  The fracking is to cut people off from fresh water.  She only drinks mountain spring water.  She describes her work as a therapist.  DNA activation.

Natural law supercedes common law.  We can go back to what we were pre-‘civilization’, sentient beings.  Women working in commerce are classified as prostitutes by current laws.  She talks of ‘the clans’, the original tribal origins we all have.  She says Meredith Quinn on youtube explains the tribal definition.

We have to set up a tribal force, she says.  All quite confusing to my ears.  Bearklan mother. Incredible strength and belief in herself.  Maybe it will become more clear later!

Published on Sep 28, 2015

In what is one of the most detailed and advanced interviews to date, Her Grace Karen Macdonald gives a wide and highly detailed first interview. Via Skype from Canada, near one of Canada’s big DUMB bases, and not far from Nelson, which Karen confirms James Casbolt’s story.
|Karen is the last surviving Klan Mothers of the so called “white races” (nothing to do with skin colour. She has authority which gives her legal power back to the pre-catastrophe era.
Here we show some of her “kammands” which give arrest warrants to existing fraudulent “queens” and presidents. Her vast and wide knowledge and experience, and backed with data and knowledge sources with Sgt Pattie Brassard (Pattie Brackett) gives us access to level of information in such detail the viewer must pay extremely close attention to the details explained here.

The scale and level of the various ET races and the massive assault on humanity’s genetic structure and the scale of the alien war around us is further explored in part 2, with Pattie Brackett.
A High Definition Skype, from Canada.
Karen explains how the water from her lands have been stolen to supply massive deep underground alien bases from her land in Canada, to the United States.The new underground bases for Queen Elizabeth is also revealed. This and more, in a smiling extremely positive briefing from Karen.

For those with two ears, the sound is in stereo

Within days of this interview, Karen was locked out of the house and is now with the native people’s lands in western Canada, and is in serious need of facilities to set up a secure base of operations. Such as an RV and trailer home.

Adam comments –

” I was astonished by Karen’s healing work as a medical intuitive and empath with various high-tech machines, essential oils, salts, auras, energetic signature, etc. because I was unaware anyone had taken healing to this level with technology, massage therapy, colon hydrotherapy—80 modalities! Talk about a medical over-achiever ”

” There is hardly a timely topic they fail to discuss, including AI, extraterrestrials, satanic pedophilia, corrupt law enforcement, free energy, Kirlian photography… you name it.

Karen doesn’t engage in commerce. She doesn’t exchange money. Period. She is a living example of where we are going, and proof that it can indeed be done if we can just open our minds.

She’s living years ahead of most of us, and she is FEARLESS. It’s obvious to me that she has achieved a significantly higher vibration and might be living in a higher plane already. She certainly raised MY vibration. ”


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  1. They are Molly at BPs comments at the end not mine

    It is something that’s gone through my mind in the last year or so fleetingly but never read anything on it found anything on it. Of HM QE having underground bases
    Who knows what these places are like, cities, other worlds down there

    V, the 1980s tv series comes to mind, the huge water pipes draining the seas into the mothership above. Except it seems to be underground, in reality

    Ive noticed certain universities on their websites discussing Fracking. Framing it as a ‘debate’, how everyones views are important, including the Frackers. And that efforts need to be made to clarify to the public, benefits of it

    So the agenda of certain universities with fracking is skewed and naïve at best. I wonder if Cuadrilla or others have ‘influenced ‘ academics at unis

    The sinister agenda of fracking to steal our water must be exposed and attacked, universities are key places to do the counter this

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