2 Responses to “SECRET UNDERGROUND BASES REVEALED – Iran Shows Off Its Huge Underground Bases & Missiles”

  1. Dogman says:

    Apparently the Russians have a massive underground complex in the Ural mountains that has been estimated to be approximately 400 square miles in size.

    In America, there is an estimated 140 DUMBS and they have allegedly been under construction day and night since the 1940s. Most of the tunneling activity is beneath military installations and all information is highly restricted. There are an estimated 1500 DUMBS worldwide with 2 underground bases being built every year in the U.S.

    Several books have been written about the secret underground cities including ‘Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?’ by Richard Sauder. Sauder is a Ph.D. architect who went public with information about the work he did for a number of government agencies. In his book, he describes nuclear powered laser drilling machines that can drill an underground tunnel seven miles long in a single day. The drill goes through rock at a tremendous rate and literally melts the rock away to form a smooth glass like surface around the edges of the tunnels.

    Other ex-employees claim that the deep “underground cities” and tunnels are connected by high-speed magnetic-levitation trains.

    Don’t forget the DUMB underneath Denver International Airport, which is over 22 miles in diameter and goes down over 8 levels. It’s no coincidence that the CIA relocated the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations in the United States, from the CIA’s Langley headquarters to Denver. Constructed in 1995, the government and politicians were hell bent on building this airport in spite of it ending up vastly overbudget. Charges of corruption, constant construction company changes, and mass firings of teams once they had built a section of their work was reported so that no “one” group had any idea what the blueprint of the airport was. Not only did locals not want this airport built nor was it needed, but everything was done to make sure it was built despite that.

  2. Truth will prevail says:

    Endless war since 1945… and preparations for a future atomic war and global genocide by building DUMBS (for the “Chosen Ones” and a number of “goy” serfs)

    See: Denver Airport murals…

    Actually, they might be some kind of “alien invaders” (already HERE) who want to make the earth all their own; cannibals planning to kill off (“cull”) most of humankind

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