Russia’s military action first step to replacing US in the Middle East

the final nail in the US’ coffin of chaos would be if Afghanistan would request similar assistance from COR to remove US’ presence

Moscow’s “Mideast Pivot” is geared towards restoring the principles of order in the region that Washington had so wantonly disregarded as it blindly sought to destroy the status quo and chaotically remake the Mideast according to its own desired vision. With the tables having dramatically been turned, however, it’s time to explore another vision of the future, albeit one in which Russia, not the US, plays the guiding role over events. This “New Middle East” is a lot different than the one the US had intended, and it eliminates just about every lever of influence that Washington had previously employed in attempting to keep the region servilely under its strategic command.

The article’s premise is predicated on the Coalition of the Righteous (Russia-Syria-Iraq-Iran) succeeding in its extermination campaign against ISIL, and Part I proceeds to describe the paradigm shift that the Allies have enacted through their actions. Part II is then broken up into two separate sections that uncover the wide-ranging geopolitical consequences of a coalition victory, with the first one discussing the Lebanon-to-Iran Resistance Arc and the second one detailing the resultant destabilization of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Finally, in response to this historical defeat inflicted against unipolarity, the article concludes by forecasting the ways in which the US will seek geopolitical revenge against Russia for unseating it from its prized perch at the crossroads of Afro-Eurasia.

Out With The Old, In With The New

The Coalition of the Righteous (COR) has completely upended the previous US-led order in the Mideast, and not much of the strategic architecture that Washington created over the past two and a half decades is expected to remain by the time its campaign is concluded. Here are the most notable elements that define this paradigm shift:

Russian Leadership

First off, the most visible difference is that Russia has assumed the key role of setting the region’s agenda, and it’s Moscow, not Washington, that’s affecting the most tangible change in the Mideast. This development didn’t come out of nowhere, as despite the surprised reaction of many observers (especially Western ones), Russia had been steadily growing its regional clout for decades through the management of two ultra-strategic partnerships with Syria and Iran. The one with Iran is relatively new and mostly goes back to the early 2000s, but the relationship with Syria began in the early 1970s and is remarkably the only Soviet-era friendship to remain unscathed by Russia’s international drawdown in the 1990s. Through the simultaneous leveraging and strengthening of each of these bilateral partnerships, plus the unified strategic overlap between them (i.e. the Syrian-Iranian Strategic Partnership), a super nexus of interests has been established, thereby setting the strategic backdrop for the COR and the multilateral pushback against the US’ “New Middle East” of chaotic destruction. Unlike the US, Russia leads from the front, not from behind, and this fearless example has energized its coalition and raised the hopes of the entire multipolar world.

The Iraqi War Of Independence

One of the most prominent elements of the Russian-led “New Middle East” is the inclusion of Iraq in the COR, which can be read as nothing less than the country’s desire to liberate itself from American proxy domination and truly experience its first sense of independence since 2003. Most Iraqis, and especially their government (as can be inferred by their membership in the COR), are cognizant of the fact that the US had been using ISIL as its strategic wrecking ball for actualizing Ralph Peters’ “Blood Borders”, and whether Sunni, Shia, or Kurdish, they appear to have finally had enough. Over 13 years of full-on destruction and countless false promises are enough to make even the most stalwart pro-American forces falter in their loyalty, and the Iraqi experience is the most striking global example of the grave perils that befall all of America’s second-rate, non-Western ‘partners’. The Iraqi War of Independence, which is what its COR anti-ISIL campaign basically amounts to, powerfully demonstrates that even the most abused proxy states have the real potential to fight back, provided that the political will is there at the highest levels and that the population is truly fed up with the prior state of affairs.

Syria Comes Full Circle

Syria, the scene of the present global attention, ironically just so happens to be the first battleground of the New Cold War, and it makes for a certain sense of poetic justice that the most epic geopolitical resistance that the US has ever experienced is taking place right there. The Pentagon’s power ploy in wrestling full control of the region by means of the “Arab Spring” Color Revolutions was the opening salvo of the New Cold War, as the US had originally planned to carry the chaotic regime change momentum all the way to Central Asia the thenceforth to the Resistant & Defiant (R&D) states of Russia, China, and Iran. It goes without saying that all three of these actors understood the global power grab that the US was undertaking even if they were slow in coordinating their response, and had it not been for fierce and patriotic Syrian resistance to this scheme, it’s possible that they would have been in a much less advantageous and more disorganized position in confronting it today.

Bagdad_28_09_15_620Syria’s sacrifices stopped the tidal wave of terror from slamming into the R&D states, and Russia’s gratitude was expressed through its 2013 diplomatic intervention in staving off an American bombing campaign against the country. This bought the R&D states a bit more time to prepare before the next imminent onslaught, but it unwittingly provoked the US into moving forward its regime change plans for Ukraine and deploying them a year ahead of schedule. This vengeful attempt was meant to ‘punish’ Russia for the global embarrassment that it inflicted on the US in Syria, and it’s what most people mistakenly think set off the New Cold War, overlooking that it was Syria, not Ukraine, where the first battle was fought. Incidentally, everything has come full circle, and the most important stage of the New Cold War is presently being played out in Syria, as the COR smashes the terroristic instruments of unipolar hegemony and midwifes the birth of the multipolar world order, and more than likely, it won’t limit its successes to the Mideast either.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    The modern day conflict is merely the latest instalment in a 1000 year old conflict for control over Eurasia ad Russia.

    What conjoins the Nazis Jews & Jesuits ?

  2. bangonit says:

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    The Saudi oil industry have been warned not to load any more crude oil onto any more tankers as you will not be able to sell it.
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    If anybody in Rome is reading this Mehran Keshe has said that free energy units will be given away to people outside that could not get in to the conference because the building was full.
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    Love peace harmonies.

    • Can it be true bangonit? This is wonderful news I hope its true, not too good to be true
      I am going to copy and paste your comment and youtube keshe talk out on emails
      Keshe and other free energy technologies explain a lot, account for a lot, are the ‘dark matter’ in the whole situation and world equation why things are so messed up as they are. Evil forces don’t want free energy out
      I hope this is not a Soros etc intentional release of free energy, I cant think what trick though theyd have up their sleeve to sting us with
      Kleenex sized boxes

      • bangonit says:

        Theres more good news here too Adam.
        It is four hours long but i believe this man really knows how the human body really works and he knows how important water is,treated in the right way it can heal every single one of us.
        Love peace harmonies.

    • beLIEve says:

      Well Well Well….free energy…….

      Putting two and two together and, possibly coming up with the wrong answer………

      I am beginning to wonder if the acceleration in the evil of the EL-iteS (SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM) could be related in part, to the ….release of free energy devices ?

      Maybe they were desperate to lock us down, before this apparatus was released to the masses.

      Free energy will surely dent almost all of their ….income streams/THEFT SCAMS.

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      Climate change LIES and, “THEIR” plans to tax emissions etc.

      I do not believe for one minute the thieving RATs-child & Co will surrender one cent of their intended theft, of our hard earned, earnings.

      “THEY” will almost certainly think up another..SCAM…to steal what “THEY” have no right to expropriate.

      The interesting thing is, we are sailing into new waters, what with Mr P giving the….mercenaries of the Israeli SECRET Intelligence Service…..a thrashing in Syria.

      If, this Keshe free energy device is authentic, it adds to the interesting state of affairs that is beginning to unfold on Planet Earth.

  3. Lynn says:

    Ameriscum got rid of the top brigade of Generals as they refused to turn on their own. Now Ameriscum are a lost cause. The whole thing has caught them in the headlights. Used to just using proxy bogeymen mercenaries, their little scam is suddenly thrust into the international stage. Game over losers. You ain’t big enough to fight this retaliation. You sacked the big men just when Putin was ready for you.

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