Russian Video Reveals Hellish Carnage in Syria

Syrian government and jihadis have fought over neighborhood for more than two years

by Kurt Nimmo | | October 21, 2015

Earlier this week Russian television released an HD video of a devastated Jobar, an eastern suburb of Damascus, where jihadists and the Syrian government are battling.

The video allegedly shot by a drone shows tanks firing amidst a hellish wreckage of buildings.

The Syrian government and jihadis have fought over the neighborhood for more than two years. It is largely abandoned, although it reportedly had 300,000 residents, primarily Sunni Muslim, prior to the war.

Jobar is considered highly strategic because it is near the Abbasid Square roundabout that leads into Damascus. It also provides access to Eastern Ghouta, a region east of the capital captured by the jihadis.

The Russians are providing air cover for the Syrian Army as it conducts an offensive in regions near Damascus.




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