Russian senator drafts bill on forced chemical castration of pedophiles

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Upper House MP Anton Belyakov has drafted a bill allowing Russian courts to order the chemical castration of people convicted of sex crimes against children. At present, such a measure can only be applied on a voluntary basis.

In an explanatory note attached to the bill, Belyakov noted that the international experience had proved that chemical castration is an effective method that would minimize the possibility of repeated crimes among those convicted for sex crimes against under age children.

The senator also stated in his explanations that despite the fact that the criminal responsibility for pedophilia was toughened several years ago, the number of such crimes continues to rise. “According to the Interior Ministry, the number of rapes where the victim is between 14 and 17 has risen by 2.9 times and the number of rapes with victims under the age of 14 grew 4.2 times,” the note reads.

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Belyakov’s bill reads that prior to ordering chemical castration the court must hold special forensic research that would definitely establish that the convict is a pedophile. The document does not provide for any benefits for the convicts who undergo the court-ordered procedure.

The document also provides that the necessary procedures and medicines are sponsored from combined sources – the state budget as well as a special private fund that would be created if the bill is passed into law.

Russia already allows chemical castration of pedophiles, but only on a voluntary basis in exchange for reducing prison terms. The measure was introduced in early 2012 and as part of the broader law that also banned suspended and deferred sentences for those found guilty of sex crimes against a child under the age of 14. According to the same act, such convicts can now ask for parole only after serving at least 80 per cent of their sentence.

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Chemical castration is usually carried out by giving the patient drugs containing synthetic progesterone hormone that lowers the levels of male hormone testosterone, reducing sexual desire. The scientific community has no agreement over the drug’s ability to inhibit a pedophile’s desire to abuse a child, while its side effects include depression, fatigue, diabetes and blood clots.



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  1. beLIEve says:


    Hopefully when Mr Putin has …SORTED…out the Middle East, he will carry on in an easterly direction and….CLEANSE….the filth from Western Sovereign Nations.

    • beLIEve says:


      Mr Putin needs to head WEST.

      Actually if, he headed east he would end up in USA, a country as much in need of a ……DEEP CLEAN…as Western Europe !

      • Truth will prevail says:

        Be careful with your wishes…
        Germans certainly wouldn’t want the “cleansing” of Germany by Russian bombardments… under the pretext of “fighting IS-terrorists”…. Such a Syrian- like szenario might well be part of some Evil Zionist war games.

        Zionist Merkel is the destroyer of life and future of the German people. She must be ousted from office. Very difficult to bring that about.

        The costs of mass immigration will be gigantic. Debts will be skyrocketing and suicidal.

        The British and American people have similar problems. Mass immigration not yet as life threatening as in Germany but that’s only a question of time. We must solve the Zionist problem or we white nations will become extinct (they will kill us off)


      I wonder if this is evidence , evidence enough, or some kind of positive indicator, that Putin is drawing attention to intergenerational Satanism in high up places

      Putin must, if he is genuinely on the good side, at a certain point reveal

      – How things really work, the Satanism, paedophilia, killings, and huge blackmail bribing networks making this world go round

      – The fact psychotronic teschnologies exist, have existed for decades, and can be highly beneficial or used for evil. And that today Governments are using them for evil

      – How widespread MKUltra is and Putin to use his Tass Kremlin news agency to start seriously disseminating out defining simply what MKUltra is, and how ubiquitous it is, and how therefore, nothing in this world is as it seems

      – Physics truths/Free energy/Exotic technologies/SSPs

      – Black magic physics/occultism being a real, actual, aspect of physics. Covered up physics

      There are other things but aboves the most pressing

      If Putin does all this then we know this is someone good. If he doesn’t then we have an illuminati stooge on our hands

      Also consider this. The recent Hollywood film American Ultra. I do not understand, why, what benefit to the cabal Satanists does it bring, to start leaking via Hollywood MKUltra things to the masses?

      Next there’ll be a blockbuster film about psychotronic weapons. But why is Hollywood revealing MKUltra mind control? Could there really be white hats in Hollywood? Im starting to doubt it but American Ultra makes me wonder

    • beLIEve says:

      Truth will prevail

      I was referring to chemical castration of paedophiles, i.e. Western societies appear to be infested with them.

      You are of course right about sorting out the khazar problem.

      Actually, this vaccine might just do the job or, at least get the…ball rolling !

  2. Truth will prevail says:

    ” I do not understand, why, what benefit to the cabal Satanists does it bring, to start leaking via Hollywood MKUltra things to the masses?”

    They MUST do that; they call it “Externalisation of the Hierachy”; revelations of “secrets” are part of their “belief system”; the victims are meant to know about what they are facing… they are playing fat cats and mice….and the perverts are enjoying it

    • Maybe they are gambling close to the wire then. Maybe if they dangle the weapons in front of our faces showing us how they work, and whats going on
      Maybe the weapons will start losing their power
      Maybe the cabal are playing a risky game

      – What purpose does it serve for the Satanists, to reveal secrets? Revelation of the Method? Externailsation of the Hierarchy?
      What purpose does it serve? In some occult physics way, is it necessary to obey the laws of Freewill?

      Or is it just a sick game that gives Satanists in the UN and CFR and NATO pleasure, watching our learned helplessness?

      • beLIEve says:

        Reference, the revelations of the SCUM in advance of execution, of their perfidious intent.

        I was under the impression that one of the reasons they reveal their intentions, is because, they obliged under the Free Will Laws of the Universe to do so and, IF INDIVIDUALS DO NOT OBJECT TO THE PERSECUTION…THEY ARE DEEMED TO HAVE CONSENTED i.e. they are considered fair game for the EL-iteS (SATANIC i’ll thieve everything SCUM).

        In fact, Rich Planet has a film on reptillian abductions and NATO involvement.
        If, I remember correctly Richard Hall has said, he believes some people may have avoided being abducted by refusing consent.

        I know that sounds mad….I will try and find a link.

    • Dogman says:

      Perhaps they want to steer our knowledge in a direction that suits their version of events instead of the real one. The MK Ultra info is already factual thanks to the FOIA.

      CIA document and page number:17748, pp. 1, 2, 4, 6-9
      Title: Report of Inspection of MKULTRA
      Date: 26 July 1963
      Link to view images of original:
      Page 1 … nd_control
      Page 2 … nd_control
      Page 4 … nd_control
      Page 6 … nd_control
      Page 7 … nd_control
      Page 8 … nd_control
      Page 9 … nd_control

  3. Lynn says:

    Putin is looking after his position in the ME. Warm water ports etc. However the Zionists are in a tail spin over this. He will never leave now and will have a permanent base. They know this and greater Izrahell will never happen now. He has blown them wide open.. The people of the world are paying attention now and the true strength of justice is coming.

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