Russian Leaflet Dropped on Syrians Names the Jew as ISIS Controller

reported by by DAILY STORMER
October 7, 2015

( smoloko note – I’m curious to see, especially after this report, how many more people in the alternative anti-Zionist media are going to continue to call Putin a ‘Zionist puppet’ or ‘freemason’ that is playing along with international Jewry to bring about a WWIII ?  )

These are the actual leaflets being dropped on Syrians by the Russians.


Jew isis

Can’t really get much more straightforward than that image.The ones on the right are telling terrorists to get out or get blown out.



Daily Mail reports :

above meme – made by a dear friend – Alice Friedmann 

A pamphlet aimed at civilians, and designed to look like ‘religious literature’, read: ‘Co-operate with the army and leave the zone of the special operations for the sake of your own life.’

It said they can travel through Syrian checkpoints safely with the leaflet, and the government will give them ‘shelter, food and medical aid’.

Another one, meant for ISIS fighters, said: ‘Don’t make it even worse for yourselves.

‘The Motherland [presumably Syria] is ready to hug you back again. Give up your arms as hundreds of other young guys like you have done.’

One of the pamphlets, obtained by the Kremlin-friendly Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda website, featured a cartoon of an al-Nusra front figurine being wound up by Israel and the United States.

So yes. Russia is officially accusing the Jews of running ISIS.

That is a thing which is now happening.












Today is Czar Vlad’s birthday. He is sixty-three.

We here at the Daily Stormer send him our best wishes.

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2 Responses to “Russian Leaflet Dropped on Syrians Names the Jew as ISIS Controller”

  1. NPP says:

    It is astonishing. Had you told me 10 years ago I would be sympathetic toward Putin I would have been scepticle. For example, I’m sure Putin has over seen his own share of false flag operations.

    Despite the rhetoric from Turkish president Erdogan, I have Turkish friends… and they like Putin! My understanding is Turks do not want to fight Syrians. The Kurdish issue is more complicated.

    Assad invited Putin as did it seems did the Crimea.

    Our leaders are such appalling liars and decievers, but it has to change. You cannot maintain solidity upon false foundations. Cameron & his co war mongers will fall, and ISIS with them.

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