Referee match-fixing at Rugby world cup

Joubert’s decision to run off without shaking the hand of either captain has been roundly condemned and his performance will be the subject of a review from World Rugby.

But Gosper’s remarks – made at the Beyond Rugby event to BBC Radio 5 live – are unlikely to soothe the mood of fans who were aggrieved by Joubert’s behaviour.

Australia won against Scotland with a controversial last minute penalty 35-34.  The referee turned the result of the match which Scotland would have otherwise won.


Gosper also suggested the reaction of the Twickenham crowd – which contained a large contingent of Scotland fans – may have had a part to play in Joubert’s decision to make a quick exit.

He added: “It was a very vocal crowd. I’m sure he sensed a bit of hostility and who knows how that affects behaviour? But he’s a superb referee and he has been for some time.

“I haven’t had the full facts to react to the questions. I don’t want to condemn without the full facts. We will get the full facts about the officiating and behaviour in due course.”

Joubert was defended by Australia coach Michael Cheika today, but he found little back-up among World Cup pundits, who were unanimous in criticising Joubert.

Matt Dawson said Joubert’s actions were ‘disrespectful’ and ‘despicable’, while probably the strongest condemnation of all came from former Scottish international Gavin Hastings.

“That is the worst thing I have seen on a rugby field in a long time,” Hastings told BBC Radio 5 live. “He is not prepared to face up to the players.

“That is not the spirit of rugby. He should be sent home tomorrow and he should not be allowed to make an international rugby commitment again.

“If I see referee Craig Joubert again, I am going to tell him how disgusted I am. It was disgraceful that he ran straight off the pitch at the end like that.”

Nationality:South African
Started refereeing:1995


  • Angered France with his handling of 2011 World Cup final. Accused of “not wanting France to win” by Dimitri Yachvili.
  • Labelled ‘shocking’ by Australian commentator Phil Kearns for his handling of a Super 12 game between the Highlanders and Waratahs.
  • Criticised for handling of rucks in New Zealand’s win in England in 2013.

Looks like he’s a regular operator.


10 Responses to “Referee match-fixing at Rugby world cup”

  1. Aldous says:

    Rugby has got to be one of the ‘easier’ sports to fix. Cricket has just got to be another.
    Spread betting has corrupted most games to the point of making them unwatchable.
    Watching Africa 1 play Africa 2 in the English Premier League is also something else I can well do without, with foreign managers and Middle Eastern named stadiums. Morons who watch it and cheer on – and pay through their goy nose – while their country goes to pot.

    The host nation England going out in the first stage came as no surprise whatsoever. The game of rugby is a train wreck, whereas the game of football is about to hit the buffers as the sheeple wake up.

    I can’t watch it – and those f’ing TV has-been pundits just banging on and on and on about some over-paid, over-sexed and over-there mercenary foreign footballer kicking a bag of wind about, is more than this White Man can bear.

    I’m sure that the winner of this ‘competition’ was decided well before the start and that England would not go beyond the Group Stage. It would be interesting to find out the spread betting statistics and how much had been laid on a late win penalty by Australia.

    They con the sheeple dupes into false wars, so they aren’t going to give a damn about conning them about match results – and LOTTERY results.

    Who are these useless idiots who believe what they see on the TV and read in the jewspapers and think that there are any genuine jackpot lottery etc winners? Sad or what?

  2. Tom74 says:

    I think most sporting competitions are rigged. It amazes me how much time and money people invest in watching them.

  3. NPP says:

    I have little interest in rugby – they keep handling the ball! At school the rugby boys apparently had a habit of holding down and shaving off each others public hair as part of an initiaiton. Not my thing.

    I heard Gavin Hastings ranting on about this. Get a life Gavin.

    The ref made a mistake and ran out of fear. Not good, but it happens…. or he is MKUltra mind controlled and it was a conspiracy to keep all northern hemisphere nations out of the semis!

    How does such a tiny population like New Zealand keep producing great rugby teams?

    Bread and circuses.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Mistake? The referee has a history. Sorry about the public hairs. Not all rugby teams do that. Most sing lewd songs which aren’t funny after the hundredth rendition. I used to sit in the front of the coach to keep away from them.

    • NPP says:

      I have not watched it… Gavin Hastings did get his jockstrap in a twist… my Godson loves and plays rugby. His parents are of Welsh and Irish family background. He’s also a Gooner, so we have common ground.

      …. oh, hang on, stop press: it was Jermy Corbyn who supervised the bung. Putin supplied the means. That’s the last straw! Bastards! Vote for George on all fours Columbian marching powder fractional banking expert Osbourne! Posh boys love handling each others oval shapes!

      It is a welcome change to lighten the gloom with such posts. Fun TAP.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Some teams just have to win at these tournaments – the money riding on them assures that. Not just the spread betting but all the commercial sponsorship that depends on results.
    I have thought that England’s World Cup qualifier was odd, against a much better Poland, but England HAVE to start in the World Cup (it’s the LAW), because there’s all that crappy plastic gear to shift in ASDA and keep our economy afloat.
    Then there’s ‘political’ wins…. Murray beating the Wimbledon ‘watch list’ Djkovic in three straight sets???
    I’ve just been reading Tyler Hambilton’s fascinating account of doping and the Tour de France. Cheats certainly, but quite heroic ones. And in it’s early years the riders would hop off and grab some beers and brandy to keep them going. Now it’s a few bags of spare blood.
    I can’t think of one sport that can’t be fixed, TV Rights, sponsorship, betting have made it too ripe a plum not to be picked by the unscrupulous.
    We now know that steroids are used so much in rugby, but somehow if they all do it, it makes it almost ‘fair’.
    I think there is a difference between sportsmen doping and fat men in smokey room fixing.

  6. Dogman says:

    Any sport where gambling is allowed is an invitation to corruption. Horse racing is notorious and yet millions is still spent each week by people having a flutter. Nobbllng a ref is one method or a player (how many Liverpool fans wonder about a former goalie’s howlers) and whether genuine howlers or poor decisions are made, there will always be suspicion. The Scots played a great game and will be rightly furious about a diabolical decision (should have been a scrum to Australia) not a penalty, but human error does occur and they aren’t the first and won’t be the last to suffer from it.
    I worked with somebody that won 3 million on the lottery about 10 years ago and I’m sure it was genuine, but I am suspicious of the huge rollover winners. That’s mostly based on a conversation my brother had with a guy who worked for a company that were involved in construction projects and lotteries. This organisation used to call lotteries “the numbers racket” back in the day.

  7. Gordon says:

    All aside, it was a great game, perhaps the best of the tournament so far. Just a pity it was spoiled by a prat. I sit in shock.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Scotland were magnificent, and in a great game deserved a win. But if a fix was in it was pushing it to the wire in points and time.
    Maybe that’s why the ref ran off – his shorts were full.

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