Pedophilia: A Line in the Sand (50 Shades of Black)


Published on 17 Oct 2015

This shockingly frank video centers around the question, “what will you do when pedophilia is legalized?” This no holds barred documentary begins with the history of the laws of consent, and then moves to explore how societal conditioning that has perverted the average western male to be inclined toward pedophilia. Today pedophilia, pederasty and child murder form core behaviors sanctioned and practiced by many high level officials, religious cults and secret organizations throughout the world. There is a major push by social engineers to legalize pedophilia through the efforts of the main stream media, the fashion industry, engineered peer pressure, Hollywood mind control, academic liberal mindedness and the very influential psychological associations. The UN sanctioning of Sharia Law also paves the way for the legalization of pedophilia. It appears that the die is cast for this action that will destroy western civilization as we know it. To see the shownotes for the sources visit our blog:

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  1. dkblue says:

    Liberal Senator reveals that a police document names 28 prominent Australians as pedophiles including a former prime minister. he has been calling for the Royal Commission into child abuse to broaden its scope…

    • dkblue says:

      Good article at Makow re the new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau possibly being the victim of MK Ultra mind control with his father – former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, being a satanist and pedophile. Abel Danger also has some things to say about Pierre…

      • This is incredible Dkblue, and shocks me all over again even though im aware its the situation of things. Helen Clark and the NZ Govt Satanism and depravity and sicko warped policies too
        Its quite clear

        – MKUltra trauma based mind control
        – Psychotronic weapons used to harass, depress, implant thoughts and suggestions, change mood. And even physically beam implants into people

        It is quite clear that these 2 things , the technology and methods, and their widespread use. There needs to be a mass education programme, broken down in simplified form. SO every man in the street is awake and aware of them. Then they’ll lose their power because these 2 things rely on everyones ignorance of them, therin lies their power

        – Of course, this opens up the 3rd major truth the people need educating about. Satanists Globalists in Governments and Corp[orations are 5th columnists in our midst

        – And I suppose another basic truth that needs educating is that Black Magic physics is actually real. And leylines. And astrology physics, electromagnetic effects on us all and reality

        Who will do the vital job of educating apart from us? Well, either some kind of White hat presence taking over the MSM one day, probably unlikely but I still hope


        The human 100th monkey effect which is tremendous grounds for optimism Dkblue. Hopefully Tap will post it from the dashbloard

      • And btw that’s how we will know whether any secret space programme ‘whistleblowers’ are real. That’s one of or the, key litmus test. Do they inform us all abour mkultra and psychotronics?
        If they do, then this is something positive
        If they don’t, and instead just bang on about aliens and ufos, and don’t explain to us the smoke and mirrors deceptions due to the
        trillions and trillions siphoned off over decades in taxes and financial scams going into not only SSP exotic ufo crafts using nikola tesla type free energy tech
        ….But aside from antigravity craft apparently theres a huge range of amazing exotic technologies, extradimensional technologies, that look just like magic
        Andf theyre going to use this in the Great End Times Deception

        RedefiningGod blog told me all this, the Obama antichrist article

        As well, theres been an insidious infiltration of Jews and Zionists getting into the minds of Chrsitians. As Tap or was it Dublinmick recently showed, the KJV Bible alterations deletions was to allow for the Zionist agenda to happen and they need to get into the Christians minds to do this.
        Ive gone off point here
        Thanks for the visible origami link will read it now

  2. Dogman says:

    That’ll have to push f’king hard to get me to accept it as normal! These people disgust more than anything else that springs to mind. It’s an ancient disease that needs stamping out not encouraging

    • dkblue says:

      Yeah, I just can’t see it ever being accepted by the majority – it’s so abhorrent and unnatural….think their own perversion has clouded their perception on this one… and everything actually

  3. Dogman says:

    Worth a read – Guy Carr: Globalists are Satanists

    • beLIEve says:

      The Guy Carr book you have linked…..

      “Satan Prince Of This World”

      is an amazing read, I am currently working my way through it

    • Thursday, October 22, 2015

      First Quarter: step out, take action

      Moon in Aquarius

      Goddess of Wisdom: Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

      God of Will/Desire: Elias, King of the West

      Skill: growing up

      True Alignments: inspiration, things happening in the blink of an eye, ability to see beyond the surface, piercing the veil, aware of signs and synchronicities, child-like wonderment, fascination, desire for deeper wisdom, nurturing, bringing together different pieces of information, new solutions revealed

      Catalysts for Change: not taking a risk when an opportunity is presented, talking too much and not listening enough, over-disclosing at inappropriate times or situations, distasteful, denying self over others, the continual search on the outside, for something missing on the inside, overburdened with responsibility, confrontations, drama that is not entertaining

      Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a Jewish rabbi performing his duties”

      Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

      The Great Mirror in the Sky continues to grow and shine, and today it sets up issues that reveal the two poles or opposites of several things:

      POWER V. POWERLESS: The Sabian symbols that are in effect today involve either children or powerful adults. From the broad view of this, the “innocent” or “less aware” part of us may feel in over our heads with some things, outmatched, or at the mercy of other people and their feelings and actions. Situations where our naïveté became or is becoming evident are in focus with the approaching full light of the Moon. So are any areas where there is imbalance between self and other or giving and receiving. There is wisdom is there to be gained here.

      RESONANCE V. DISSONANCE: It’s quite easy to see where or with whom we are in resonance or like-minded. The purpose behind this is to reinforce our understanding and appreciation of ourselves. Under this energetic, we see where we compromise ourselves and why we the first place. Today, the answer to these types of self-reflection are “the experiences of the inner child,” so if you are trying to come to a higher understanding of something, the answer is sourced in childhood experiences. The reason for this is…

      MARS OPPOSES CHIRON: Mars is located at the degree of “two girls playing with a Ouija board” and Chiron is located at “in a huge tent, a famous revivalist conducts his meeting with a spectacular performance.” The activation of both energies at once gives potential to be played, rooked, fooled, robbed, deluded, or overpowered. Mars is aggressive energy and Chiron works first by wounding. This brings the potential for deep pain to be inflicted or deep pain from the past to be re-experienced.

      The symbols imply that a message or teaching comes from the experiences, most likely showing us how we rely on something outside of ourselves too much or how we have given over our power to something or someone else. Both symbols involve seeking something – an answer, a revelation, a fulfillment – from outside ourselves. (Note: Potential for attack on Christians is higher under this dynamic, as Chiron is heavily associated with the Christ energy.)

      Mars will make the exact opposition with Chiron at 4:36 am ET/8:36 am UT tomorrow, Friday, October 23, but is strongly in effect until that time.

      Be aware of the octaves of Mars and Chiron. Mars Highest: action, energizing, initiating, and impulsing. Mars Lowest: overblown egos, selfishness, violence, and impulsivity. Chiron Highest: service to others, healing, teaching, innovation, and missions. Chiron Lowest: self-sacrifice, suicide, hurting or wounding others, abuse of alcohol, and fighting.

      SUN: The Sun disseminates the energy of “three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head.” This gives us all we need to figure things out today. Three pieces of knowledge or information may come your way.

      As the Great Moon Mirror grows, so do we. But today, the inner child seeks to grow. It wants to grow up and be free. What part of you needs to do this today?

      Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

  4. Lynn says:

    It isn’t normal, it never was and it ñever will be. Try as they may it will be the wake up call. No decent red blooded man would simply accept this depravity. A step too far I think, see the total disgust whenever Savill appears in any of the fake news reports in the fake newspapers. Total BS.

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