Oregon Umpqua College Shooting Hoax – Crisis Actors Exposed!



You need a hoax to hide the TRUTH, about what is happening in Syria, i.e. Russia is kicking ISIS’ ass, and the shadow government wants to divert peoples attention away from it. DISTRACTION HOAX, to save people seeing egg on faces. That is really what is going on, hence the hoax has been rushed . . .
ISIS ONLY exists in the media, it’s ALL Hollywood.
“Tis the season to be hoaxy, tra la la la, la lie lie lie!”
I saw this on news this morning (Australia, Little America, I’m an Ozzy) and thought gotta go to Russianvids and see what he’s got to say. Cool, you’re on the ball mate, exposing this shite so quick. I don’t no why they even bother showing us this crap here in Australia, a previous Prime Minister already disarmed us after the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania and it hasn’t stoped thugs and illegal arms!!!
+No Fanfare Yes, some agenda against believers. Seems like what is to come. Almost like predictive programming.

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