Occult Forces: Our Ongoing Struggle with Freemasonry





Masonry is based on Judaism.  Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?

Source: The Jewish Tribune, New York, Oct. 28, 1927, Cheshvan 2, 5688, Vol. 91, No. 18.


There is a conspiracy against us, folks. For many of us, once we started to unravel the conspiracy a bit, we came upon the hidden hand of Freemasonry. Much has already been said on the topic, but most gatekeepers in the alternative research community refuse to make the connection to judaism, which is rather obvious.


The Grand Lodge Masonry of the present day is wholly Jewish.

Source: Manual of Freemasonry, by Richard Carlile.


Upon coming to power, the National Socialists of Germany immediately set out to eliminate this criminal cabal from the country, in all of its manifestations. The purge against Freemasons was large and severe. Similar actions were taken in other “fascist” countries. Considering the tens of millions of lives that had already been lost to this jewish disease, these actions could even be considered restrained.


hidden hand

Hitler explained how Freemasonry had been used as a weapon against nationalists and why it must be stopped:


To strengthen his political position he [the Jew] tries to tear down the racial and civil barriers which for a time continue to restrain him at every step. To this end he fights with all the tenacity innate in him for religious tolerance—and in Freemasonry, which has succumbed to him completely, he has an excellent instrument with which to fight for his aims and put them across. The governing circles and the higher strata of the political and economic bourgeoisie are brought into his nets by the strings of Freemasonry, and never need to suspect what is happening.

Only the deeper and broader strata of the people as such, or rather that class which is beginning to wake up and fight for its rights and freedom, cannot yet be sufficiently taken in by these methods. But this is more necessary than anything else; for the Jew feels that the possibility of his rising to a dominant role exists only if there is someone ahead of him to clear the way; and this someone he thinks he can recognize in the bourgeoisie, in their broadest strata in fact. The glovemakers and linen weavers, however, cannot be caught in the fine net of Freemasonry; no, for them coarser but no less drastic means must be employed. Thus Freemasonry is joined by a second weapon in the service of the Jews: the press. With all his perseverance and dexterity he seizes possession of it. With it he slowly begins to grip and ensnare, to guide and to push all public life, since he is in a position to create and direct that power which, under the name of ‘public opinion,’ is better known today than a few decades ago.

While the international world Jew slowly but surely strangles us, our so-called patriots shouted against a man and a system which dared in one corner of the earth at least, to free themselves from the Jewish-Masonic embrace and oppose a nationalistic resistance to this international world poisoning.

The general pacifistic paralysis of the national instinct of self preservation begun by Freemasonry in the circles of the so-called intelligentsia is transmitted to the broad masses and above all to the bourgeoisie by the activity of the big papers which today are always Jewish.

The prohibition of Masonic secret societies, the persecution of the supra-national press as well as the continuous demolition of international Marxism, and, conversely, the steady reinforcement of the Fascist state conception, will in the course of the years cause the Italian Government to serve the interests of the Italian people more and more, without regard for the hissing of the Jewish world hydra.


It has been suggested that the treason committed by top brass in the German military, which played a large role in “Allied” victory, was due to a Masonic plot. The Judeo-masonic hydra had its heads (or tentacles) all over the country. This is why we need to get past the many heads and go straight for the heart.



The United States Holocaust Museum (oy vey!) has an interesting summary of how the “Nazis” dealt with Freemasonry, from which the following is excerpted:

Nazi propaganda continued to link Jews and Freemasons; Julius Streicher’s virulent publication Der Stuermer (The Assault Trooper) repeatedly printed cartoons and articles that attempted to portray a “Jewish-Masonic” conspiracy. Freemasonry also became a particular obsession of the chief of Security Police and SD, Reinhard Heydrich, who counted the Masons, along with the Jews and the political clergy, as the “most implacable enemies of the German race.” In 1935 Heydrich argued for the need to eliminate not only the visible manifestations of these “enemies,” but to root out from every German the “indirect influence of the Jewish spirit”—“a Jewish, liberal, and Masonic infectious residue that remains in the unconscious of many, above all in the academic and intellectual world.

Throughout the history of film, jews and their masons have had unquestionable dominance, but for a short period of time anti-jewish and anti-Mason films were produced. A good example is Occult Forces from 1943.



From Metapedia:

Forces occultes is a French dramatised documentary about freemasonry from 1943, particularly exposing its cronyism, corruption and duplicity. The film was directed by a former member of the Grand Orient of France for eight years, Jean Mamy and thus includes authentic footage of Masonic initiation ceremonies. After the Second World War was over, the people involved in creating the film were persecuted as an act of revenge; the producer Robert Muzard was sentenced to three years, the writer Jean Marquès-Rivière was condemned to death in his absence, while the producer Jean Mamy was executed at the fortress of Montrouge.

In the film, a young politician Pierre Avenel, set in the French Third Republic is sick of the narrow party-political game in parliament which is degenerating the country; he criticises the capitalists for their greed and the communists for their manipulation of the masses for their own self-seeking ends. Naive and looking for solutions, he is approached by freemasons, who tell him that their organisation is about “progress” and upstanding “morality”, so he joins the lodge. There he finds a strange world of intimidating oaths and pledges to serve the brotherhood.

Remember that this film was made as a horrific war was raging across Europe.




If a “helping hand” is ever offered to you, and you realize there is a hidden hand involved, it would be best to decline the offer.

Enjoy the film.


source: http://renegadetribune.com/occult-forces-our-ongoing-struggle-against-freemasonry/


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  1. Truth will prevail says:

    an interesting find


    (I thought it might be interesting to listen to the text, just to take in the information, and have some English listening practice – but it’s torture… the reader’s pronunciation is terribly exaggerated; it’s not normal to speak English like that, is it? It’s certainly not normal to speak like that in German (H.didn’t). It sounds awful.)

  2. Scotty says:

    Well, the Jew-hate campaign never goes away, does it?

    There is some truth to it, of course:

    “But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar.” John 19:15

    The Jews have always served the papal Caesar, and still do.

    Have a look in Nestor Webster’s book ‘World Revolution’ – she demonstrates the the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ are in fact virtually identical to the principles of the Bavarian Illuminati.

    The Star of David is just a hexagram, of course – a powerful occult symbol. This is where we get the term ‘put a hex on someone’.

    The Babylonian Talmud describes Jesus in hell, being billed alive in excrement.

    The Jews are just one part of the puzzle. In the end, as per the old saying ‘all roads lead to Rome’, mystery Babylon, mother of harlots, drunk on the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus. See the Book of Revelation chapter 17 for more!

  3. Scotty says:


    The Babylonian Talmud describes Jesus in hell, being BOILED alive in excrement.

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