Next attempt to start WW3 – US to Sacrifice 3,000 Troops in Syria

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 12:59

(Before It’s News)

The following shocking information has been leaked from the US Military to Gene Tatum (CIA).  The Department of Defense (DoD) has received tasking orders for 3,000 ground troops plus support personnel to be sent to Syria!  US Commanders have been told our troops will be embedded with Syrian opposition forces who are being bombed by Russia now!  Since the US has been caught red handed aiding ISIS and will not cooperate in any way with Russia, our US commanders are very concerned they are being used as pawns to start World War 3 with Russia!  They are worried they are being setup to be bombed by Russia to draw the US into a war while American bodies are shown on our Fake News and Russia is demonized.  This is very likely to happen since the US is not cooperating in any way with the successful bombing operations of Russia against ISIS and Syrian opposition forces we are supporting illegally.


We must now expose this planned false flag operation in Syria!  They are planning to sacrifice 3,000 US soldiers to blame on Russian bombing to draw us into a war with Russia!  Our military does not want a war with Russia!  Spread this information everywhere so we can prevent our soldiers from being killed in a false flag!  Just as 9/11 was a false flag, evil forces in our government will resort to bombing our own soldiers to blame it on Russia if they can get a war started!   They do control the fake news after all.


The alternative media stopped the war with Syria last time by exposing the Syrian rebels using the gas and  not Assad!   We must now stop the US  getting into another NWO war with Syria again!    I’m asking everybody to spread this interview to all alternative media outlets!  We must cooperate to stop this false flag sacrifice of our brave men and women.  There’s no reason to go into Syria!  We have destroyed Iraq, Syria and Libya and made them 1,000 times worse!  They are killing Christians because of our actions in those countries and we’ve created hell on Earth!  Get the word out now and share this interview through all outlets.  You have my permission o repost all of this article and this video through all means possible!


LEAK:  3,000 US Forces to be Sacrificed in Syria and Blamed on Russia to Start World War 3!


Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – Obama Sends US Ground Troops to Syria

The fake news is already gearing up for US boots on the ground through recent stories in the last 24 hours.  What they aren’t telling the American people is orders have already come for sending thousands of US troops to Syria now!  The commanders say they are going to be used as sacrificial pawns for their new world order chessboard!   It’s all about demonizing Russia to make a new boogeyman since the economy is in a depression.  They need somebody else to blame for the chaos to come.  The real culprits are the bankers that run the Federal Reserve scam of course!

Ashton Carter: U.S. to Begin ‘Direct Action on the Ground’ in Iraq, Syria

Ukrainian Wikileaks

McCain and Saakashvili are Plotting to

Shoot Down American Plane in Syria

to Blame Russia [transcript]


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