Moon waves are shock waves, not evidence of hologram

Published on 28 Apr 2015

How wave-front distort photons. Deliberately made black and white to mimic Crraw777 lunar wave footage. Shot with 1500 fps camera (eliminates atmosphere/no atmosphere condition)/propagation and enables catching of perturbation). Watch carefully touching of wave-front and slope points right and left producing a distortion. Effect of “traveling wave” is reproduced.

What it demonstrates?

1st. – visually is identical not just similar.
2nd. – shows how shock-wave does perturb (influences) photons (camera records photons – LOL, the hill is not perturbed – just photons) .

It connects to “Lunar wave” Crrow777 footage.
I am almost sure how captured wave is caused by sonic boom. Sonic boom produces two shock-waves and such doubling is what Crrow777 describes “Lunar waves always come in pairs”. I am sure, as I said in comments left on Crow’s thread, how perturbation is NOT local to the Moon, but to photons between Earth and Moon. Shock-wave’s pressure is in range of 0.8 1.25 lbf/ft2 (jets or orbital vehicles including few active hypersonic military airplane projects and quite few in development) and definitely is powerful enough to perturb photons in exact same pattern as seen in explosion footage. Due to well-known sound-wave propagation of sonic-boom is not heard on place where camera and telescope are placed.

Such double shock-wave perturb photons with Cherenkov mechanism, and this double-perturbation is simply that what camera or eye sees.

My earlier proposition on Crrow’s777 thread is still valid option. This phenomena could be also product of magnetar such as SGR186020 shock-wave too because we recently have gone through something similar (2004. I think), or even pure kinetic shock-wave (impact or some explosion nearby or by hitting Earth’s magnetosphere) – event happened nearby or on hidden side of the Moon. All these things can disturb photons either exclusively or in such manner that make them visible. But I’ll stick to Earth-bound sonic-boom explanation because it explains double-wave front simply better.

As I said earlier, there is no proof of connection to exact same lunar phase as Crrow777 proposes, as first, if this wave is product or connected to specific lunar phase – it would be caught in between 2012 and present times. And it’s not. As I mentioned, it is because Moon is too dim in any other phase. Also, absence of wave-front outside the Moon alone is something expected, not a proof how wave is local to the moon as Crrow777 propose – there is NO photons in the vacuum of space (we or camera can catch) except ones reflected from the surface (in fact ALL we see is pure reflection – we see reflection only). How any of here mentioned mechanisms needs only photon-perturbation – there is nothing to see – either by camera or eye.

Regarding Russian Hatybov and Crraw’s constant references – sane person will consider how that guy was typical case of “genius going insane”. What he is writing about is combination of known facts entangled in SF and garnished with babbling of mind going someplace else. Have in mind how I can read both Cyrillic and Russian – but that blabbing aside making me going “shit, it is insane” reminded me of many other books published in recent times (Deepak Chopra sold gazillion books…) when one insane person talks to the bunch of same sort loonies who can hear words which sound scientific but don’t understand a shit or connect them in some crazy line of thought crazy mind produces…… getting applause from quire but preaching it to one).

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3 Responses to “Moon waves are shock waves, not evidence of hologram”

    • Hi Eternity

      Motherships, I was meaning, large types of UFO craft. Some I suppose huge floating cities that may well have extradimensional properties too. This is advanced technology were talking about here.

      They could also be huge planet like spheres.

      I get all this, first and foremost, is my own logic and extrapoloations from what technology physics truths I know as FACT. I do not go off automatically, regurgitating all the various people on the net. Dr Michael Salla for example.
      Nevertheless Eternity he, and a few others, even if they are disnfo merchants and/or mind controlled operatves etc etc, are giving disinfo at a very high advanced level. I think theres so much out of the cabals hands, with whats unfoilding. All they can do is tweak and play around with the unfolding story that has to come out and cant be stopped.

      Put it this way, something funnys going on all around us. Somethings not right and doesn’t measure up, ring true, not at all.

      Thomas Townsend Brown electrogravitic scientist with his electric flying discs, that got media coverage until it all went strangely silent
      (classified) in the 1950s. Im sure therve been pioneers whove made the free energy breakthrough before T Twosnedn Brown, such as Tesla and others. But TTB is a good reference point for me someone I can easily latch onto

      His electrogravitic technology, as paul laviolette goes into on youtube in his secrets of antigravity propulsion lecture (1hr 20 mins), is actually quite old hat now compared to what various factions must have in the decades since. Why do I say this?

      Because , ive read, and it makes perfect sense. Once some scientists have free energy to play with, theres an explosive exponential amazing innovative surge. Star Trek is certainly possible and out there right now Eternity

      But back to T Townsend Brown. He used supercapacitiors, with a very very high voltage and very low current (or vice versa cant remember)
      A gravity potential was created at different points of the craft creating antigravity, and superfast jaw dropping speeds with no G Forces inside.

      Not only this. The Qi, that flows through our bodies, that acupucnturists are aware of. The Qi that gets released unfortunately to feed the demonic forces in the Satanic Talmud cults that rule the world when sacrifices happen.

      The same etheric Qi that exists in a wooden table, where does the energy come from Eternity that makes the electrons spin, in a wooden table?

      Weve been lied to in 20th century, this whole worlds a scam

      And T Townsend Brown could draw 100MW of power from a cubic foot of space with his electrogravitics

      Therefore, I have no problem at all saying confidently 100% planet like UFOs and mothership cities exist with advanced technologies that can vacuum up chemtrails, suppress volcanoes and buffer all the glactic central sun energies coming in, and alleviating pole shift trauma. etc.

      As well, advanced archaeological technology evidence, its clear, were talking millions of years. I really think outside of the quarantine the satanic freemasonic Khazar cabal have set up, making us watch XFactor instead. Are benevolent forces.

      And this is what I mean by motherships.
      And no, I am not ever going to go willingnly leaving this earth to be ‘saved’, that will be a cabal ploy. The Satanists need to be defeated here

      Anyway that’s my mothership point

    • And BTW , look at yesterdays daily mail. As has been shown many times, on blogs like Big Picture starship earth,
      the SOHO sun camera of nasa,

      See the massive massive UFO by the sun

      The daily mail, express, and other MSM people, of course have an agenda, they cant avoid coming disclosures, but the Jesuits/talmudists/freemasons/Nazis (did I forget anyone) Satanists cjhild murderers,
      will certainly try and put their own spin on things. Either to save themselves or imprison us in a much much bigger space age Truman Show , if we swallow it. Im not sure

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