Michael Meacher, outspoken doubter of the 911 official story, dies suddenly in as yet unexplained circumstances


Roger I wonder how many people in the UK know about the 911 Consensus Panel and Michael Meacher’s honorary membership from September 2011.

Five days ago he was in perfect health very much enjoying the new Corbyn era alongside John McDonnell, the new Shadow Chancellor.

But as Labour’s latest doubter about 911, was he assassinated as were John Smith and Robin Cook before him?

Veterans Today believes he was.

Peter Dean, Mr Meacher’s PA and Office manager, confirmed the news (of his death) on Wednesday. “We are extremely sad and it has been quite a short illness he has had and we just don’t know the details at present,” he told the Oldham Chronicle.


Michael Meacher, a long-time MP and former Minister of the Environment, was one of the UK’s leading politicians. When he broke ranks with the liars and traitors back in 2003, and came out for 9/11 truth in the pages of The Guardian, the Deep State panicked – and Meacher was targeted for vilification and threats.


This week Meacher suddenly dropped dead “after quite a short illness.” He had been in perfect health, and was mounting a low-key campaign to open an official inquest into 9/11 on behalf of British victims’ family members.

Meacher’s death is just one of many – most notably that of WTC-7 demolition witness Barry Jennings – that were all-too-convenient for the forces behind the 9/11 cover-up.

List of apparently assassinated 9/11 witnesses

Along with these and other witnesses, a number of journalists appear to have been murdered, including Phillip Marshall andHunter S. Thompson. Marshall, an ex-CIA drug pilot and author of The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror, was shot dead, along with his two children, in a fake murder-suicide designed to send a message to insiders, and perhaps to recover incriminating evidence. (Wayne Madsen says Marshall may have discovered evidence that airliners allegedly used in the 9/11 attacks are sitting at the “boneyard” in Pinal Air Park in Arizona.)


High crimes of the Deep State are generally followed by bloodbaths. Witnesses and investigators who pose an “actionable threat” to the criminals are routinely slaughtered en masse. The JFK assassination, for example, led to the murder of hundreds of witnesses and investigators. At least fifty of those murders have been “solved” beyond a reasonable doubt, meaning they have been pinned decisively on the JFK-hit coverup crew.

9/11 was such a large, sprawling, messy operation that it must have given the “clean-up crew” fits. While many of those who knew too much were presumably ordered to report to a room in one of the Towers or WTC-7 early on the morning of 9/11 and then locked inside, numerous logistical glitches must have created a large number of inadvertent witnesses and actionable threats. VT sources state that hundreds of mostly-unknown patriots in the armed forces, the intelligence services and the NYPD have been murdered to keep a lid on 9/11.

By risking his life for 9/11 truth, and finally adding his name to the list of martyrs for truth and justice, Michael Meacher achieved what so few people in today’s world can even hope for: A meaningful death and with it, a meaningful life.

RIP, Michael Meacher. You stood up for what was right.



13 Responses to “Michael Meacher, outspoken doubter of the 911 official story, dies suddenly in as yet unexplained circumstances”

  1. Lynn says:

    Another good man out of their way. They have done this over and over. All now being reported.

  2. Aldous says:

    If the mendacious Guardian published that off-NWO message story on 6 September 2003, then I have my doubts as to the reason for his death being anything other than natural.
    He was 75 and two weeks shy of his 76th birthday. Not a bad innings.

    Let’s get real here. There are perfectly healthy footballers who drop down dead on the field of play. My old man was getting on in years but a near picture of health the day before he didn’t wake up the next morning. “Live every day as if it’s going to be your last because one day it will be” he used to joke. ‘Tomorrow is promised to no one’ as they say.

    But seriously, it’s now 12 years since that Grauniad story. That’s got to be one of the longest awaited assassinations in history. Are they trying to dilute the Truthers’ 100% credibility of the Robin Cook/John Smith genuine assassinations John Smith because he was a good, honest man (and not a Fabian) who stood in the way of Blair; and Robin Cook who was outspoken about al-Qaeda/The Database (CIA) and due to give evidence in the States just before he died/was killed?

    † Rest In Peace † – Football Deaths 4:38


  3. Tapestry says:

    Maybe Aldous, but if any of the newly arrived Corbyn crew were wondering how far to push things in fighting back against the war-bankers. here is their answer. Caution advised.

    • Hi Tap,
      Its just occurred to me, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if all the huge sports stadiums, that double as rock concert venues. And Glastonbury too. Arent plonked down anywhere
      I wouldn’t be surprised if they are situated on important leylines and vortex points.
      Wembley stadium. Millenium Dome the satanic mandy had a hand in
      Olympics stadium. All the Consciousness energy of the audience is a very valuable powerful thing the cabal want.
      I wonder if the BBC studios too in central London are carefully situated? I wonder if theres a special satanic ritual temple room in Broadcasting House? There might be

      As well, changing topic, on the front cover of todays free Metro paper, front and back entirely given over to promote some new ER type drama. Headline page was page 3 today
      On the front, today, are the words ‘CODE BLACK’
      pretending to do with the ER type show

      I do not think its this. I think Metro paper is a major dispenser of propaganda and occult symbols and meanings to commuters

      I have a feeling todays CODE BLACK is some kind of message to those in the know

  4. Truth will prevail says:

    Caution Advised

    Who shall own the world?
    The brave ones, the faint-hearted?
    Rabid dogs? Hyenas?
    Caution advised.

    The world is not for the faint-hearted.
    If you want to have a future for your children to live in peace and happiness you are not allowed to leave it to war-bankers to decide humanity’s fate.
    Caution advised.

    Evil psychopaths, war mongers and their “order out of chaos” idiocy is worth fighting – worst scum on earth.
    Nuclear war looming.
    Caution advised.


  5. liam says:

    I wonder how many people in the UK know about the 911 Consensus Panel and Michael Meacher’s honorary membership from September 2011.

    • emm jay says:

      Good question there liam, I for one, had no idea there was a 911 Consensus Panel, let alone Michael Meacher’s place on it!

  6. Tom74 says:

    ‘A short illness’ sounds like a sudden decline from cancer, which isn’t unusual. A great loss to politics, though.

  7. Dublinmick says:

    And don’t buy the old line propaganda that furher was non other than than a a Tavistock plant.

  8. edbutt says:

    Have not yet heard anything to make me suspect there was anything untoward about Meacher’s death, but the elite are now so corrupt anything is possible.

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