Lord Ashcroft suffers kidney and liver failure hours after ‘pig-gate’ David Cameron book is published



19 OCT 2015 UPDATED 20:31, 19 OCT 2015
The former Tory peer suffered liver, kidney and renal failure the day after his book was serialised.

(TAP – Did Cameron’s protectors try to bump Ashcroft off?  It’s a very strange coincidence if they didn’t.  The war-bankers will do absolutely anything to protect their political assets.  That’s the measure of how desperate they are, and why they’re investing so much in Corbyn.  Corbyn’s job is to keep Cameron in place (by being unelectable Michael Foot style), and to support war against Russia when the time comes.  If Cameron goes, then they might lose control of the British Parliament, and the ability to call the world to war.  Ashcroft is a threat to their prime war asset – David Cameron – and they want him silenced.)
The Picture Library – Lord Michael Ashcroft and David Cameron

Lord Michael Ashcroft, left, is in hospital while his book about David Cameron goes on sale

Lord Ashcroft is in hospital tonight having fallen ill hours after extracts from his controversial book about David Cameron were published.

The former Tory peer suffered liver, kidney and renal failure and septic shock the day after his Call Me Dave biography of the PM was serialised in a newspaper.

He was taken to hospital and spent 18 days in intensive care. He is now recovering in Belize.

It included extraordinary claims that Mr Cameron inserted a part of his body into a dead pig’s head at a boozy bash during his Oxford University days.

Guests gathered for tonight’s official book launch were stunned to learn Lord Ashcroft fell ill on September 24.

Guests were told the peer and co-author Isabel Oakeshott “left out a lot of material relating to David Cameron’s private life” from their final draft.

Lord Ashcroft’s sensational book sent shockwaves through Westminster when extracts were published in the Daily Mail just two weeks before this month’s Tory Party conference in Manchester.

It cemented the secretive billionaire’s reputation as a powerful figure not to be crossed.

His millions helped the Conservatives target key seats in the 2010 election, and he revelled in his image as the moneyman with real influence.

Labour figures privately admit the Ashcroft-funded campaign blitz in marginal constituencies helped turf the party out of office.

But following the election which returned the Tories to power, the peer fell out with Mr Cameron over the Prime Minister’s supposed refusal to give him a job he wanted.

Chichester-born Lord Ashcroft had been party treasurer and later deputy chairman – and had pumped £8million into the fighting fund.

But the behind-the-scenes operator walked away from Conservative HQ and set up his own polling company, producing reports from key seats.

The 69-year-old ex-grammar school boy with an estimated £1.32billion fortune is now a respected pollster and a political commentator on Twitter.

Best known as a Tory donor and for his controversial tax arrangements, he is the founder and chairman of crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers.

He has also penned military history books and has spent 29 years amassing the world’s biggest collection of Victoria Cross medals.

He owns more than 180 in the £30million haul which is displayed at London’s Imperial War Museum London in the Lord Ashcroft Gallery – paid for by a £5million donation from the peer.

He has also given £50,000 to the campaign to overturn the murder conviction of “Marine A” – Sergeant Alexander Blackman, the Royal Marine who shot dead a wounded Taliban insurgent in Helmand.

Lord Ashcroft owns a £35million Dassault Falcon 7X private jet via his Bermudan-registered company, and has two 150ft yachts – the Lady M and the Atlantic Goose – both thought to be registered in Belize.

He is believed to have been bankrolling the Tories since the 1980s and served as the party’s treasurer from 1998-2001, when he was also Belize’s ambassador to the United Nations.

But the donations were criticised by political opponents who questioned whether he was based in the tax haven to limit how much cash he paid to the Treasury on overseas earnings.

It also led to an outcry when then Tory leader nominated him for a peerage in 2000, shining an unwelcome spotlight on his finances.

He quit the Lords in March(2015) saying his “other activities do not permit me to devote the time that membership of the Lords properly requires”.

He has been married to Susan Anstey since 1986 and the couple have homes in London, Maidenhead in Berkshire, and Belize.



7 Responses to “Lord Ashcroft suffers kidney and liver failure hours after ‘pig-gate’ David Cameron book is published”

  1. Aldous says:

    ‘There’s no honour amongst thieves’ springs to mind.

    I hear that he’s ‘out of danger’ and this could well be yet another non story that seem to be infesting the jewsmedia at the moment.

    I doubt I would ever have heard of Ashcroft’s wretched book had it not been for Pig-Gate. Now we have this on the day of its launch?

    I honestly feel I’ve been had, skull-fcuked, sodomised and jerked off via a reach-around all at the same time by a couple of Westminster Village bum bandits.

    BTW, Ashcroft’s supposed to have been in hospital/ICU for the last 18 days with this ‘life threatening’ illness. Why wait until now for the msm to report it?


    Watch for ‘story drift’ on this one as it starts to fall apart.

  2. Lynn says:

    Bang on it Aldous. No one believes these shysters anymore. They have blown their cover.

  3. downbutnotout says:

    Astute question Tap …. political protection tactic subtle as a brick!

  4. sovereigntea says:

    echoes of …..

    A well-placed UK source has informed the Wayne Masden Report (WMR) that the suspicious death of Prime Minister David Cameron’s friend and political adviser, Christopher Shale, found dead in a portable toilet on June 25 at the Glastonbury Festival, was, in fact, a political assassination designed to silence an emerging critic of Conservative Party policies. Shale was the chairman of the West Oxfordshire Conservative Association. Shale had written a memo containing a scathing attack on Tory policies under Cameron’s leadership. The memo was due to be published in The Mail on Sunday, the day after Shale’s body was found in the toilet.

    Cameron later said he was “shocked” by the death of his friend. Shale’s death was alternately described as a “suicide” and heart attack.

    However, WMR has been informed that Shale’s suspected disloyalty to the Tories resulted in worries at Number 10 Downing Street that the longtime friend of and adviser to Cameron might have decided talk about a Tory scandal dating from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Cameron visited South Africa in 1989 on a trip financed by the South African armaments company Armscor. It was the same year that South Africa began dismantling its nuclear weapons program.

    As South Africa began to transition from apartheid to majority rule in the early 1990s, Shale, a British Army veteran, visited South Africa as part of a UKaid (Department of International Development) mission. After leaving the army, Shale established two companies, SGL Communications and Oxford Resources Ltd. Shale also visited Rwanda on numerous occasions as part of his work for UKaid. There is some evidence that Shale was involved with MI6 activities in Africa.

    However, it was Shale’s work in South Africa, establishing links with the African National Congress and other black political parties in an attempt to undo some of the damage resulting from Margaret Thatcher’s support for the apartheid regime, that put him in contact with the British Ministry of Defense scientist charged with overseeing the transfer of South Africa’s nuclear weapons and other nuclear materials to Western hands from South African nuclear weapons stocks at the Pelindaba nuclear research center, near Pretoria. That scientist was Dr. David Kelly, Britain’s foremost authority on weapons of mass destruction, who was found dead from a reported “suicide” near his Oxfordshire home on July 17, 2003.

    • sovereigntea says:


      “The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.”
      ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

      David Cameron Hosts A Party For Lady Thatcher’s 85th Birthday At Downing Street (Leon Brittan)

      The Mail has reported on shocking news that David Cameron’s close aide, Patrick Rock, has been investigated for allegedly having images of child-abuse on a computer.

      Both Cameron and Rock were, coincidentally, protoges of pervert-loving Margaret Thatcher and had worked as Spads for all round shady person Michael Howard.

      There are also striking similarities with the case of Philip Lyon, who was an aide of Tony Blair:



  5. beLIEve says:

    It is a requirement of “public office” in the UK, to be of…dubious moral character.

    It is how the RATs-childs & Co: UNLAWFULLY control the BRITISH Isles.

    The running costs of this SCAM are called tax.
    The mechanisms, as we all know, are every so-called “government” office/employee in the UK.

    We have been unlawfully “stitched up”.

    Cessation of tax payments may be a way to bring the KZM show to a close.
    However, the khazars have excelled themselves, and stolen so much the economy is about to collapse.
    I imagine when it does the perpetrators will have a scheme up their sleeves to …………push us further into the mire.

    As for Ashcroft, he is out of the same nest as Hameron, so I agree another pack of lies to fill the …khazar rags.

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