Israeli Media Fabricating Palestinian Attacks Of Jews, Lying To Public

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Not only is Israeli media lying to the public, they are also fabricating Palestinian attacks of Israeli’s in their media reports!

By Ariyana Love
Whistleblower, Eran Efrati’s latest live leak stated that the Israeli Government has now given the Zionist Occupation Forces (IDF) a “Green Light” to shoot any Palestinian that “looks suspicious” and in the case of Zionist settler mob attacks against Palestinians, senior officers in the Israeli army are briefing soldiers to assassinate Palestinians first, before the settlers do, because they know it will look bad in the media if settlers carry out terrorist attacks. It’s also a way to satisfy the Zionist settlers who’s votes are extremely important to Netanyahu’s Right Wing ruling party.
There have been dozens of cold-blooded executions of Palestinians (mostly youth and children) by Zionist Operation Forces since October 1st. All that a mob of terrorist settlers need to do is scream, “he’s a terrorist, shoot him,” or, “he stabbed someone” and Israeli soldiers and police will shoot the Palestinian dead. This is what’s happening. We’re also getting reports that Zionist Occupation Forces are now carrying knives around to plant on their victims.
Here is  the Jerusalem’s Post article published today, that caused my jaw drop to the floor.
Ahmed Manasra, age 13, was brutally attacked by a group of illegal Zionist settlers, with Israeli police and Zionist Occupation Forces yesterday. I reported this in an article yesterday, titled: “Video: Israeli Soldiers & Settlers Brutal Murder Of child.”
The video within is so shocking, it should be in every media outlet across the globe, but it isn’t.
Ahmed and his 15-year-old cousin Hassan, were chased by terrorist settlers through the illegal Besgat Za’if settlement (spelled Pisgat Ze’ev by JPost). Hassan’s execution was caught on camera. Israeli police shot him in the head at point blank range. There was no weapon in his hand. Israeli media claims the two boys stabbed two Israeli’s, but there is no verifiable evidence.
The video shows the Zionist settlers screaming at Ahmed to die, while he lay terrified, bleeding and crying for help. The contempt for his life is inhuman.
Jerusalem Post not only fabricated a news story about this incident, they also reported that the video footage of Ahmed’s attack was instead of a Jewish child the same age. JPost edited the video of Ahmed’s brutal assault to show a few second clip of medics administering aid to the supposed Jewish child, using Ahmed’s footage as their evidence, while providing no names of the victims. This was a filthy attempt to cover-up the Israel’s Zionist crimes.
Jerusalem Post’s article said this:
13-year-old Jewish boy from Pisgat Ze’ev is in critical condition Monday after being stabbed nearly a dozen times by two teenage Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood, marking the third terrorist attack in the capital in six hours.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the attack took place at approximately 3 p.m., when a 13-year-old Palestinian and a 17-year-old Palestinian armed with knives attacked the Jewish boy while he was riding his bicycle.
“Both terrorists stabbed the boy many times all over his body before a driver neutralized the 13-year-old terrorist by ramming his car into him,” said Rosenfeld. “The other assailant then stabbed a 24-year-old Jewish man nearby before being shot dead by police.”
The 17-year-old Palestinian JPost refers to, is Ahmed’s cousin, Hasan. He was 15-years-old, not 17. He was also chased by the death mob of settlers and shot dead. There was no immediate attempt made to administer even basic 1st Aid to the bleeding Ahmed.


With 96% of the global media owned by 6 Jewish Zionist corporations, maybe this should not surprise us.




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  1. Lynn says:

    They will rue the day the world demands justice. These vipers will be dealt with. KARMA is stacking up.

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