Islamic takeover of America will happen overnight

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This girl grew up in Iran and has first hand experience of how Islam operates.  She says Obama got it wrong in his talk about Islam.  She makes the necessary corrections.


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  1. Nicky says:

    Good God. What on Earth is promoting this negativity? Why? How do we get free of it?
    No End game justifies this. One can only conclude madness has gripped the controllers. Sick. (Not the alternative usage for “sick” currently buggering up our language).
    Misunderstandings creep in through impure languages, Introduced misunderstandings, as do omissions.
    This is of significant importance.
    Islam practiced this way is plain in your face wrong. So the shit I assume currently written in the koran justifying this must be ringing alarm bells, Surely. Yes? Any muslims care to have a stab?
    Or have I got it wrong. Is it some other book promoting this garbage behaviour.

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