‘Cancel Mercedes and buy Jaguar if they kick up rough’! says LEAVE.EU

19th October 2015

Dear Tap,

The IN Campaign launched last week with Lord Rose and the usual EU fan club, complete with the same tired arguments.

The decision facing the British people is straight forward and we don’t need to complicate it. By leaving the EU, the British parliament becomes sovereign and our laws are no longer made in Brussels.

The day after we leave, the sun will come up , the trains will run and we will sensibly agree with our partners the terms we wish to trade and engage with them.

The UK is the 5th Largest economy in the world and we have massive bargaining power with our partners in Europe.

I would be happy to change from a Mercedes to a Jag, if they kick up rough!

Referendum Fever – A European Spring?

The Daily Telegraph recently reported “referendum fever” is spreading across the continent, with people in other countries saying “Why aren’t we getting a vote too”

We have invited the people behind the Dutch referendum petition to come to London to talk about how they galvanised support in Holland.

The IN Campaign is always saying we need to have influence in Europe, I believe we are influencing our neighbours, by leading from the front and knocking the first brick out of the EU wall!

Support for the EU is falling across Europe and I believe the UK will be the first of many to leave.


The Leave.EU campaign is the fastest growing grass roots campaign in history, but we aim to make it bigger and better.

We have launched local Leave.EU groups where over a 1000 people have volunteered to deliver 250,000 leaflets this weekend.

Our team of supporters will deliver millions of leaflets before Christmas.

If you want to help, contact Holly Gardiner, our local Groups manager, at HollyG@leave.eu and she will send you a welcome pack or help you set up a local FB page to communicate with other local supporters.

Our social media effort is reaching more than 4 million people on a daily basis via 185,000 Facebook followers (+20,000 people a week).

We aim to be funded by the “public”, not the taxpayer or rich individuals.

We want this to be the People’s campaign against the Political elite.

New Groups will be starting in all areas of the UK, with WelshScottish and Northern Irish Leave.EU, that will have their own distinctive logos.

The campaign team in London is coming together nicely , with some of the best brains in the world including Gerry Gunster, who has fought 32 Referendum in the States, won 30 and 2 withdrawn from the ballot.

You can see Gerry’s interview from Washington on SKY TV and his thoughts on the how to win the referendum.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has donated to the campaign or offered to support us by delivering leaflets.

We couldn’t do it without you!




If you haven’t already donated to our cause, you can by clicking on the button below. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 999 4210 where we can assist you.

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3 Responses to “‘Cancel Mercedes and buy Jaguar if they kick up rough’! says LEAVE.EU”

  1. Aldous says:

    “The day after we leave, the sun will come up , the trains will run and we will sensibly agree with our partners the terms we wish to trade and engage with them.”

    If the warmongering House of Rots (Bank of England) are still in charge of the UK money supply, I can’t see how that much, if anything is going to change.

    I also cant help thinking that the EU Referendum is starting to take on the ugly face and appearance of the Scottish Referendum. It’s a huge con and the result will somehow be fixed or manipulated to remain in the EU. The only true winning vote is not to play their silly games and rigged ballot box by refusing to vote at all.

  2. Lynn says:

    I work for MB and I knew this was a sy op. They are wrecking the German economy big style. Well no fooling us any longer. Daimler have stood their ground on this one. Aren’t Iran starting to build engines for MB for busses. All a espionage ploy.

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