HUMANITY vs INSANITY – #53 : PROOF Cannabis Oil CURES Cancer

Published on 30 Sep 2015

Less than 12mths ago, Cristina was given eight weeks to live and had her children taken away from her as she was too ill to care for them. Despite being an NHS Nurse for 30yrs, Catherine knew that orthodox Chemo & Radio-therapy treatment would KILL Cristina … but she was determined Cristina would defeat the Cancer. This is their story ….

Gerald Heddell Director of the MHRA, is the socio-psychopath directly responsible for witholding alternative treatments from the British public :

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5 Responses to “HUMANITY vs INSANITY – #53 : PROOF Cannabis Oil CURES Cancer”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Always remember B17 laetrile. Buy Novodalin if it’s urgent. Otherwise chew apple pips. Crack open apricot kernel and plum. eat spinach from your garden and sprouts. Cancer is a disease of deficiency. Other cures are not as effective. In Philippines/tropics consume the water from boiling Guyabano leaves, and liquidise the pips of papaya with the fruit and drink.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Hen is spot on here. Basically crush up about 50-60 himalayan apricot kernels and eat them with muesli or porridge in the morning. Very bitter but very good for you!

      Then hit the Bob Beck Protocol and detox big time with Hot Tea Baths preferably several a day 48C and really get the temperature up as high as you can – don’t put your feet in first to the bath – too many nerve endings in the feet. Drinking 12 herbal teas a day using sweet / distilled / pure water to pee and sweat the cancer and toxins out. Also use rife frequency medicine once your body is full of water as the resonant frequencies will vibrate the illness out of you. They have been trying to kill me for a while. Still here. Sorry about that!

      Cancer and diabetes, a Genocide.

  2. Dogman says:

    I have a friend that sells cannabis oil (cheaply) but for some reason, customs have seen fit to confiscate his last two deliveries. Its legal, yet they stop it, almost as if they don’t want a healthy public. Big Pharma must realise that the genie is out of the bottle thanks to the internet and word of mouth.

  3. beLIEve says:

    Cannabis oil can be bought on line in the uk.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    Now you have been given the cure for cancer you can go and look up some other information which will begin to cure you of the liberal brain rot mind control that you have been under and start to wake up to the fact you are in the process of being intentionally Genocided:

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