Happiness. How to live it.

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Many pearls of wisdom here in this video on how to be happy.  They may not apply to everyone on earth, as many are in a state where the assumed levels of stability don’t apply.  The style and cultural/economic assumptions are American, but the principles are right.  Perhaps you can adjust some of your thinking along these lines.  No doubt there are many more things that could be said about achieving contentment, and how being content makes your effectiveness in life far higher, especially in how you and others interreact.  Anyone harbouring a jealous mind will derail a common enterprise.  Those who are content within themselves will be able to adapt to changing circumstances far more easily.


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  1. Truth will prevail says:

    That’s happiness too… Enjoy!


  2. Nicky says:

    Have not got a clue what they where singing but it cheered me up. Beautiful Smiles everywhere. Blissfull.

  3. dkblue says:

    Liked it. Agreed with pretty much everything except the bit about handing responsibility to a god 😉
    Love the confidence this man exudes – makes me realise how devastating all the AM news and info can be to one’s confidence and sense of hope. The feeling of no real power to help the situation we are in can be very draining.
    These are simple, doable things that can empower you and from little things big things grow!
    Thanks for a positive unambiguous post

  4. Tapestry says:

    The God bit can be your own god or gods. Some kind of spiritual connection is helpful especially if it’s not monotheistic, Abrahamic, salvationist, patriarchal religion of war – i.e. Christianity, Judaeism or Islam.

    • ian says:

      Well put Tap. My own feeling exactly.

    • dkblue says:

      Yes, agree with the importance of a spiritual connection. What bothered me was more the giving away of self responsibility…

      • Hi Dkblue yesterdays oracle report

        Tuesday, October 20, 2015
        First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

        Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius – 9:38 pm ET Tuesday/01:38 am UT Wednesday

        Goddess of Wisdom: Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

        God of Desire/Will: Elias, God of the West, God of Elements

        Skill: rise above

        True Alignments: truth revealed, ability to adjust, asking for help, expressing feelings respectfully, something dawning on you, realizations, coming out of distortions, things welling up, spiritual guidance and direction, active dreams and prophetic dreams, harmony, self-evident truths

        Catalysts for Change: violence, explosions, angry outbursts, the powerless trying to maintain a feeling of power, losing one’s temper, low frustration tolerance, feeling at the end of the rope, fear of endings, hopelessness, extremes and distortions about self that are untrue

        Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a Jewish rabbi performing his duties”

        Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

        The planets are lining up in the sky in a specific way. This translates into specific things happening here for us. It’s an electromagnetic-harmonic property of life – one of the myriad fields of science. But it is also a spiritual property of life – one of the myriad fields of the arts of free will.

        So today we will be sure to consider the themes that are developing within our lives and throughout the world from the proper perspective. We attend to the perspective of wisdom. We acknowledge the presence of two levels of things happening at once.

        The most important thing to remember is that all of that is developing now is designed to put things into better alignment with truth, freedom, love, harmony, respect, kindness, sanity, and life.

        This is due to Uranus’ influence. You could say that this is the Lord of Lightning’s Year. Uranus is the Planet of change, shock and surprise, revolution, and re-alignment. Since April 18 (the beginning of the solar-lunar astrological year), many changes, shocks, surprises, revolts, and re-alignments have happened to us as a collective, but to many individuals if their natal astrological charts are being personally activated.

        Now, in late October, we come almost 180 degrees from the time those changes, shocks, surprises, revolts, and re-alignments began back in April. We come to the farthest point away, and thus, the best view. The fullest view. The greatest panorama. In astrology, this is called an “opposition” but it is best understood as a full view of light like a Full Moon.

        That was more of an introduction than I intended to write this morning, but I think it helps put the energy that is in play today (and continues rather strongly until the Full Moon, actually), in a bigger picture. The juxtaposition of the planets and the energies (harmonics) they are disseminating is certainly tidal.

        Here are the Sabian symbols in effect with analysis from the perspective of two levels of things happening at once.

        ASK FOR A LIFT: The Sun is disseminating the energy of “a man in deep gloom; unnoticed, angels comes to his aid” and the Earth is disseminating the energy of “a large disappointed audience.” These energies are generally two of the more painful of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, so when a planet reaches these degrees, deep shadows, melancholy, and darkness can emerge within us. Our thoughts can become very negative.

        This gloomy or defeated energetic is highly amplified by Venus, Jupiter, and Mars making opposition to Chiron, the planet that inflicts (and also heals) wounds. There’s much ado about Venus, Jupiter and Mars aligning, but what is not understood is “where and what” they are lining up. And what is mostly overlooked is the fact that Chiron sits at the opposite place in the sky — 180 degrees away, giving the full view, the most light, the greatest potential for healing.

        We are receiving a great teaching from the heavens this week.

        In this symbol, we do not know why the man is in deep gloom. We know that aid, an airlift, comes to his rescue – if he sees it. If he wants it. It may be harder to see that things are getting better or that we have been saved by our rejections under Chiron’s influence.

        If the very challenging themes of Chiron (feelings of failure/disappointment, self-sabotage, self-loathing, deep pain/grief) are activating for you, raise your hand and request an airlift – an uplift – from Spirit. Then prepare to be aided – flown out of that place.

        THE VEIL: Once again, the Sabian symbol of “a bride with her veil snatched away” is being activated, this time by Venus. The bare truth of things, especially relationships is being revealed. If this becomes too stark or oppressive, again, raise your hand and ask for an airlift out of it.

        THE ERUPTION: Mars, Planet of Fire, Planet of Action, Planet of Impulsivity, and Planet of Action, moves to the degree of “a volcanic eruption.” Catharsis is the highest octave of this energy; out of control and explosive is the lowest octave. Best to maneuver your airlift around that. Be aware that people will be responding to this dynamic.

        Let’s rise above it, secure in the knowledge that a higher dimension of change is operating to rectify things!

        Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report!

      • dkblue says:

        Hi Adam,
        wow that was timely and auspicious for me… And I raised my hand and requested an airlift! (Chiron)
        Hope you are going ok in these dark times. Rough isn’t it?
        Thanks for the post,
        Respect 🙂

      • dkblue says:


        On turning one’s attention from the external to the internal and empowering that through love….

      • Hi Dkblue nice to speak to you again
        Yes ive found, often what she says on oraclereport, the very same things are happening in my life that day, its freakily accurate
        I have had a few hassles and an assault of certain events that have made me sad these last days and 2 weeks yes. On the micro level.
        On the macro level of course, the world situation does look strange and I suppose worrying
        I notice though laura walker at oraclereport says often, the old world orders black magic tricks on humanity aren’t working now.
        I think much of the world around us is smoke and mirrors
        I have been astounded recently Tapblog commenters saying that nuclear weapons don’t really exist.
        Im even questioning space and the SSP too. Though space must be real surely.
        But my point is, I think all these endless deceptions are necessary to disable us from our power, disable our minds.
        I think GWEN towers/microwave emf towers etc are here, to ‘jam’, the morphic field that’s everywhere, preventing humanity waking up like the 100 monkey effect

        So I think we must be strong and hang in there
        I hope you are ok
        I will paste a few things I emailed last night soon, bye for now

  5. Truth will prevail says:

    Well – you are free to feel as you choose.

    EVRYBODY should have the freedom of choice, the freedom to his/her own religion and spirituality – as long as it hurts nobody.

    What’s wrong with the teachings of Jesus Christ then? There is no falsehood in them, or is there?
    (I’m not talking about the errors and falsehoods of “traditional” church teachings. I’ve sorted that out)

    However, there’s an awful lot to be repudiated about the teachings of Mohammed, the Koran and the rabbis and scribes of the Babylonian Talmud – Satanism!!! – and it’s not too clear what “orthodox Judaism” really is about.

    • Tapestry says:

      Christianity went through an enlightenment, once the Protestants defeated the Catholics in Europe. Until then millions were killed by the Catholic Church, and economic development was impossible. Christianity says render unto Caesar – i.e. leave the power of the bankers and the emperors alone. Slavery isn’t criticised. War is not challenged as the means of control of humanity. Christianity as it exists today is still the Roman Empire – the religion written by Josephus Flavius in the character he created of St Paul. It’s a version of Judaeism designed to suppress the Gentiles, and bring an end to peoples challenging the power of Rome. Jesus was not as described in the bible. Josephus transported him back in time, and ended his life in AD 33. In fact he lived to AD 98, imprisoned in Chester in England from AD 70, after he lost the Nazarene Revolt to Vespasian.

      • Truth will prevail says:

        Well, well… lots I must disagree with…

        Let’s see if we can find some common ground though…

        The way I understand Jesus he certainly challenged “the authorities”, his teachings are about freedom from slavery and bondage (in every respect), about healing by love.

        … and I’m sure I can have some serious talk with him about the necessity of the abolishment of usury etc and he would not disagree… We Christians are free to build a better world… of course we are!

        Rabbi Saul (“St Paul”) and his teachings is a completely different thing I heavily disagree with… Discussing his falsehoods he would have a hard time with me…

      • http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/2013/10/science-of-prayer.html

        Gregg Braden, author of many books combining science and spirituality found one thing in common amongst all the monks, nuns, abbots, and shamans he interviewed. Having searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten holy texts looking for the commonality between various forms of prayer, meditation, and energy healing he came to one inescapable conclusion: The key is feeling. Much like the “Law of Attraction” one must first feel the inner sensations of peace, love, health, and abundance in order to attract and transmit that energy.”

        “In the spring of 1998, I had the opportunity to facilitate a combined research trip and pilgrimage into the highlands of central Tibet for 22 days.

        During that time the group and I found ourselves immersed in some of the most magnificent, rugged, pristine, and remote land remaining on the planet today. Along the way, we visited 12 monasteries, 2 nunneries, and some of the most beautiful humans that you could ever imagine including monks, nuns, nomads, and pilgrims. It was during that time that I found myself face-to-face with the abbot of one of the monasteries and got the chance to ask the question that we’d traveled so far and long to ask … Through our translator, I asked him the same question that I’d asked every monk and nun we’d met throughout our pilgrimage.

        ‘When we see your prayers,’ I began, ‘what are you doing? When we watch you intone and chant for 14 and 16 hours a day; when we see the bells, bowls, gongs, chimes, mudras, and mantras on the outside, what’s happening to you on the inside?’ A powerful sensation rippled through my body as the translator shared the abbot’s answer. ‘You’ve never seen our prayers,’ he said, ‘because a prayer cannot be seen … What you’ve seen is what we do to create the feeling in our bodies. Feeling is the prayer!’ How beautiful, I thought. And how simple! Just as the late 20th century experiments had shown, it’s human feeling and emotion that affect the stuff our reality is made of – it’s our inner language that changes the atoms, electrons, and photons of the outer world.” -Gregg Braden, “The Divine Matrix” (84)

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