Germans could lose jobs and children for posting anti-mass immigration views on Facebook


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, to stop Germans from making comments against mass immigration on Facebook.

In Germany, Facebook is now being patrolled by the Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers, a government affiliated group which seeks out people who express “radical” opinions.

Their definition of “radical” seems to mean anything they don’t agree with. It can range anywhere from making threats, to simply talking negatively about immigrants.

(Whoops, radical old me – I have used the “i” word. We’re supposed to call them “newcomers” now.)

Merkel is still not happy – she has asked Zuckerberg at a UN summit in New York to do more to filter comments she disagrees with, so people cannot read them.

Facebook has agreed to carry out this mass censorship, and in future will be working with the Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers.

Censorship means one thing: they have lost the debate. Merkel HAS lost the debate so she simply tries to stop her opposition from talking.

At first she was screaming “racist” and “nazi” at them. For once, that didn’t work. Now she has moved on to legally censoring their opinions.

In case you didn’t know, Merkel wants Germany, and Europe as a whole to bring in as many non-White immigrants as possible in order to get rid of the White majority.

This is White Genocide because policies and laws have been put in place to make this happen. When there is a deliberate attempt to get rid of a group – no matter what the methods – it is always classed as genocide.

Recently, Merkel has said Europe should protect its borders. Do not be fooled – she still wants White Genocide, but she has been forced by a massive public backlash to bring an end to open borders.

And for Europe, this means we of course need to, above all, protect our external borders across Europe – and protect them together – so that immigration to Europe is orderly,she said.

But it also means we must take on more responsibility for countries where the causes for people to flee are, or where there are a lot of refugees, such as in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey,

From reading her comments, it becomes pretty clear where her priorities lie: immigration, immigration, and more immigration.


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    • ” Bahar Mustafa, a diversity officer at Goldsmiths, University of London, first attracted international attention last spring when she barred white men from an event on “diversifying” the curriculum, and defended herself by claiming that minority women like herself cannot be racist or sexist. (RELATED: University Diversity Officer Says Minority Women Can’t Be Racist)

      Just days later, she was embroiled in an entirely new controversy when, during a Twitter spat, she repeatedly tweeted out the hashtag #killallwhitemen. She couldn’t be fired or punished by the school, because she actually is neither a student nor a school employee. Instead, she is simply an employee of the independent Goldsmiths student union. An effort was made to have her removed from her position, but the necessary petition didn’t get enough signatures from student union members. (RELATED: Diversity Officer May Lose Job For #KillAllWhiteMen Tweets) ”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Diversity, Multi-culturalism, Cultural Enrichment, Affirmative Action =


  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Let’s face it the evidently carefully co-ordianted and internationally orchestrated plan to bring about Genocide of White Europeans has not been dreamed up and expertly executed by the

    Chinese, the South Americans, Mexico, Indians, the inhabitants of South East Asian or the Central Asian Republics or Afghanistan, Alaskan Inuit or the Australian Aboriginal, the Maori, the tribesmen of Pakistan or the Bushmen of South Africa, the inhabitants of Ethiopia…

    No so which suspect is left?

    • Something has got to break, somethings got to give soon. And the Talmudist Satanist Frankfurtist ….Fabianist Demonic…..whatever this entity is in front of us…..cover could potentially be blown if when it gets messy. maybe they will try and go for broke.
      Maybe, the whole SSP disclosure process in 2015 is being orchestrated by them. To act as a massive distraction on one front while they push another front.
      This might not be the case and probably, hopefully isn’t.

      David Icke, yes hes a confusing conundrum. Lots of good info. I began to realise quite a few months ago , he must have backing, be some sort of mouthpiece, for some Service faction interests somewhere.
      Icke seems in so many ways to be doing good for us, exposing. And yet, good it all be part of a Revelation of the Method Agenda?
      To set the kindling up for the fire, then when the Controllers decide, set the UK up in flames like a tinderbox much much more than 2011 riots test run

      Could Icke be part of this? We mustn’t forget Clone Technology.
      They might be cloned figureheads who our anger/Chi energy is being directed towards, then after a tortuous process of trials ever happen, its Clones on trial.

      Apart from Revelation of the Method , I struggle to see where the Deceptions are Ickes planting on us. I sense there must be some. He tells us all about satanic rituals, HM, and family, this that and the other which all seem to make a lot of sense.

      It was great comments detective work you did on Aangirfan MS.
      In the bigger picture though, ive assumed for the last few months and I thought everyone else did too, took it for granted, Aangirfan was indeed written by Service personnel factions of some kind.
      Yes as you say the info was too regular and too precise.
      However due to its seeming high quality, I thought Aangirfan was either
      – Bad people factions doing Revelation of the Method stuff on us. Which is very confusing. To make us feel learned helplessness perhaps? Some complex psychology I don’t understand. If all Aangirfans great articles are Rev of the Method, it could mean the bad people are really gearing up for a cataclysmic End Times bang confrontation

      – However I have thought instead why couldn’t Aangirfan be a positive Service faction trying to get truths of the Method out? To help humanity? Aangirfan seems to tell truths about HolohoaxTM and Jews and Vatican and at times Coleman and Aangirfans stuff is indistinguishable.

      – I do agree with you though some strange articles too pushing homosexuality. Photos of scanty clad children. That seem very out of place to the articles.

      Revelation of the method or not – surely its a better situation to be in for more and more people to be aware of how this scum operate? See through the False flags? That’s got to be a good thing

      If you do have any ideas MS what Ickes Deception is hes selling , or any other tapblog reader id like to know. So I can point out to people I talk to whats wrong with Icke.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Rape wave following the hordes as they move across Europe (Zionist owned press involved in a conspiracy of silence)

    Rapes already starting here, in Nottingham, heading to a town near you:

  4. nick says:

    that breitbart page was a good read but it slowed my laptop to a crawl and the cooling fan went full pelt, I had to close it, and then the hard disk was active for a minute or 2 after closing it, pity because I wanted to read it.

    I was thinking about the purpose of the immigrant rapes etc, and I came to another possible reason – to get western men so riled up they are happy to go and fight a ground war as a new volunteer pseudo NATO army to help Israel take over all that land that it covets. After all, the Israelis are happy to do the killing, so long as the odds are well in their favour, but they don’t like getting up close to the enemy – it’s too risky.

    Do you think this is a possible scenario? It would help their recruitment drive if there was an economic crash here too

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Don’t worry it probably downloaded something illegit to your computer without you knowing so that when the mass arrests begin they will have something to pin on you at 3am. You might even be unlucky enough to end up in a cell next to me when we are all held on phony trumped up charges, then I can tell you all about by taping on the wall.

      As to your theory – kind of partly agree that is one element – they will now go full on with the “blame Islam” mantra in order to distract Idiot Joe Public from the fact it is another group that created this chaos.

      Regarding your other point, it reminded me of a time when I was sitting outside a coffee shop in North London and there was a guy talking loudly on his mobile phone in a garish fashion about how he had just made 900,000 on his last property deal whereupon I suddenly realized how completely effeminate and strange looking he was. Particularly when he was boasting about money and his face turned side on.

      It was a moment of clarity.

      Who really is covetous, effete, boastful and deceitful?

    • Aldous says:

      Download the free version of CCleaner (originally Crap Cleaner) from the following link:

      Deselect/untick any boxes you don’t want cleaned-up (internet browsing history for example) and rock ‘n’ roll.

      You’ll be amazed how much stuff some websites will dump in your comp’s cache etc. If the cooling fans are whirring away and the pages are taking ages to load, it’s one of those bloody sites.

      Switching your web browser can often help a lot. I always view Veteran’s Today and some others (UK’s Daily Telegraph) with Mozilla Firefox. Sites like Tap can be easily viewed with any browser but those with loads of ad crap and the likes of ’10 celebs who have aged horribly’ and embedded vids on them, often need a browser like Firefox to manage them – and even then it may be a challenge.

      Any Proxy Server being used will slow down most computers. Apart from the obvious, Proxy Servers are often necessary to view some You Tube videos banned in some countries but allowed in others. I really admire these computer nerds who stay one step ahead of the censors.

      Apparently, You Tube is always trying to stop viewers downloading their vids (posted by the community and not You Tube) and have recently introduced a Dash File protocol whatever that is. There are ways around it but Chrome and Firefox seem to have given up chasing the changes and certainly with Windows 8, only IE allows the saving of You Tube videos. Even then it’s complicated as I found one video ‘unable to download’ even with IE but it did download with IE when I used an older Windows 7 comp.

      Bloody technology or what? I was born in a house without electricity or bathroom and only an outhouse for a loo. Life seemed so much simpler and happier. And I miss the camaraderie of the military and its one golden rule: if someone pinches your bit of kit, you pinch someone else’s. Yeah, they don’t know they’re born today.

      CAPSTICK COMES HOME – Tony Capstick 3:11

      Same track, different images:

  5. nick says:

    thanks for that Aldous.
    Yes, small videos playing as adverts are part of the problem. I already use firefox and have a pop up blocker.

    I always download youtube vids via DAP, it means they can play smoother because I am sharing bandwidth with 4 other laptops in the house, plus then I have the video for posterity on a portable hard drive.
    Sometimes if a youtube vid is a radio interview with a static picture I will convert it to mp3 on the fly with Flvto Youtube downloader so I can listen to it at work on my ipod

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