Game Changer: Keshe Foundation Releases Free Energy Devices Globally in October

Sent in by Adam

Do not miss this video! Everyone on the planet needs to be aware. It all starts here.

Dr. Mehran Keshe explains how they are rolling out the plasma energy devices this month that will revolutionize how Humanity lives.

They are very affordable; they are the size of a tissue box and indestructible, solid state. The new “Blue Box”.

The unit is designed specifically to be affordable for every person on the planet, for a cost of $200 so every home can generate power and not be reliant on power companies. For those who cannot afford the unit, funding will be available from many sources around the world.

No money goes to the Keshe Foundation. Manufacturers will collect the cost of the units when they sell them, as with any product.

These plasma technologies will mean the end of government control over EVERYTHING in our lives; food, water, religion, health, energy, national borders, travel… Energy in exchange for Peace.

This is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever heard. This will unravel the cabal’s world. It will enable us to drastically reduce the fuels we currently use and eventually switch entirely to this new free plasma energy.

No patents, no licenses, no strings. No pollution. No raping the planet.

We can use this to power a laptop or our car and home. Anything.

We will have high quality nutrition without digesting food! It is safe, because the human body only uses what plasma energy it requires. There is no overdose.

And as Cobra has told us, borders between countries will disappear. Travel will be so fast we can go where we want, whenever we want in as little as 30 minutes, Keshe says.

The world will have heat, light, pure water, food, transportation—everything we need. No more lack. No more shortage. No more paying through the nose for ANYTHING. Abundance in all things, and a safer, healthier planet will soon be a reality.

Mass production will begin soon, and they have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that NO GOVERNMENT can stop this rollout.

Keshe repeatedly says it doesn’t matter whether a country will sign the Peace Treaty because the units will go out worldwide regardless. Keshe says that within the next 6 to 12 months our world will have changed dramatically for the better as manufacturing will have created enough units for the entire world.

I’m only 45 minutes into the video and just had to share. Thanks Richard and Laura for forwarding this information—at the same time, coincidentally.

Keshe begins with a technical explanation but quickly gets into the planning, execution and the repercussions. It’s simply mindblowing.

Share this with everyone you know. It is time.

See more videos at the link below from Dr. Presser. ~ BP

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  1. Gordon says:

    Richard Presser’s Blog – The Sceptical Bastard
    It’s time to wake up to the world and the time that we live in

    Just luv the title!

    Very interesting but I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before USA and coalition forces enter Iran to stifle this Iranian technology.


    The price has changed to 799.99EUR 799.99 EUR = 588.18 GBP + 21% VAT = £711.70 + Shipping

    • Yes, well if they do invade Gordon hopefully the viral nature of the internet and all our minds around the planet working together, this genie will never go back in the bottle no matter how much they invade.
      If this is true, and the indian govt backed indian scientist last week with his free energy device too – then the pieces really start to fit why all the UFO stuff is so prevalent in the daily mirror, huffpost, dailymail
      If this tissue sized box from Keshe is real – it will be the ultimate in decentralisation and empowerment for us, while the Satanists and Freemasonic Lodges feel their power slip away
      Due to internet problems I cannot even watch this clip yet. Is it true, its available to buy today for £711.70?
      What about UK customs confiscating it
      I will order one if this is possible

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Just been to the ATM and have checked I have precisely £712 in the bank account


      • OutandAbout says:

        Paul LaViolette commented on The Nassikas Thruster: Light-years Ahead of the Dawn Spacecraft Ion Propulsion System.

        in response to John:
        Dr Laviolettes, I have recently discovered your material and have been most intrigued by the research you present on the Nassikas thrusters. I would love to have more information on how to repeat the experiments conducted in Athens. I would very much appreciate your insight or to be directed to the appropriate sources. Thank you, […]

        For now we are concentrating on the version II thruster. Several have said they would like to duplicate the version I pendulum experiment. However, there are some details about how to do the experiment that we are not prepared to disclose at this time for reasons of potential patentability. In the near future we will fully disclose on this so that others can duplicate the experiment which is very important from the standpoint of challenging certain laws of physics which are mistakenly taken to be universals
        [Of course its the Free Energy implications I think we should be most interested in and the potential breakthrough getting Free Energy accessible where there are thousands of holes in the dyke the cabal can never plug]

        . So instead of using a 1.2 ton spacecraft that takes 7.5 years to reach Ceres, as in the Dawn mission, a 40 kilo spacecraft could be designed that would accelerate to a cruising speed of 140 kilometers per second in less than one week and make the entire journey in just two to four weeks.

        Whereas the Dawn spacecraft will soon run out of fuel, a spacecraft powered with Nassikas thrusters could continue its journey to the outer edges of the solar system and beyond. With a Paul Brown resonant nuclear battery to power its telemetry, the spacecraft could fly out of the solar system and journey to the nearest star system to eventually relay back information. A 40 kilo spacecraft propelled by a force of 1 kilogram would accelerate at the rate of 25 cm/s2 and would reach a speed of 79,000 km/s (0.26 c) after 10 years. Then cruising for ~2 years before beginning its 10 year deceleration mode, by 22 years it would have traveled 4.4 light years, enough to reach our nearest star, Alpha Centauri. Want to get there quicker? Add more thrusters.

        The Nassikas thruster is currently available for investors interested in aerospace development. A thrust demonstration experiment has been witnessed by physicists at two Greek universities and physicists from the University of Cambridge, including one Nobel Laureate. All agreed that the thruster nozzle develops a thrust towards its apex.
        Maglev trains levitate on the basis of the Meisner effect. In maglev, the magnet is attached to the ground and levitates the superconductor. In the Nassikas thruster, the magnet is attached to the superconductor and propels itself and the superconductor together. Of course, this throws Newton’s third law and the law of energy conservation out the window.
        EXTRACT – My early childhood was defined by My father’s excitement for His work in electrogravitics, then (1950’s) being worked on openly by all major aerospace companies. My father, a CalTech graduate and one of the top electrical engineers at one of these companies, would tell Me about the successes of His experiements (gravity control and overunity (free energy)), and tell Me what the world I would grow up in would look like.

        Cars would fly, cities would float, and We would have all the energy We could use.

        Then, one night He came home from work late and woke Me up to tell Me We couldn’t talk about the flying cars, the floating cities, the free energy anymore. “They want it secret for now.”

        Sent in by Zheng Yong. ht tp :/ /

      • OutandAbout says:

        A quite extensive comment drawn from different sources on B17 just vanishes, incl my own speculations and questions. I cannot work out what phrase or words offends them so much. Red flags must be getting warm! So im breaking the comment up seeing if that helps

        I don’t know whether capsules, or IV injections. Or trusting and just getting hold of bitter almond kernels or apricot kernels and physically extracting the pips to grind up and put in water to drink, or on cereal, would be the best and cost effective methods of delivery. This is something I will get round to looking into when I have more free time and other things not on my mind. Also B17 seems very exciting for prevention and health promotion generally. Perhaps the mindset should be taken off it as being a ‘cure’ , but instead a vital missing everyday nutrient that should be in our food supply but isn’t? In our Zion GMO world. It goes to show yet again, the absence of morals and the presence of Evil by those whove been running the Show. A drive could have been made to ensure Laetrile was everywhere in the food supply naturally, and not allowed GMOs.

        Also, B17 puts me in mind of vitamin K2, that also has been revealed as a missing nutrient, an X factor. K2 also has anticancer activity and much more too

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