Fascist Corporate Media Cover for Bush Crime Family

So Who is the Fascist?

We’re unlikely to see much mainstream media analysis of the new “Islamic Fascist” branding of those opposing the Empire’s designs on the Middle East. As Sir Winston Bush gets a media pass as he tries to conflate fascism, communism and Islam while also trying to ironically tie his criminal wars to WWII and the Cold War, it warrants our own trip on the Wayback Machine to see just what the Bush family was doing during those earlier “good wars.”

Samuel Bush: arms merchant

George W. Bush’s great-grandfather, Samuel Bush was charter member of the military/industrial complex. In 1918, he was chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section for the War Industries Board, with oversight responsibility for Percy Rockefeller’s Remington Company. Rockefeller had helped get Bush’s son, Prescott into Yale and Skull and Bones in 1916.
A 1926 Senate Munitions Inquiry (the Nye Committee) into the military/industrial complex’s WWI windfall examined Samuel Bush’s dealings with Remington as part of his War Industries Board duties. Virtually ALL of the records of Samuel Bush’s efforts were destroyed by the National Archives “to save space.”

Prescott Sheldon Bush; George Herbert Walker: Nazi collaborators
George W. Bush’s grandfather, former Connecticut Senator Prescott S. Bush was a Wall Street banker with Brown Brothers Harriman. (Averill Harriman was also instrumental in getting young Prescott into Yale and S&B.) Bush’s maternal grandfather George Herbert Walker was the bank’s first president. Walker built the famed Bush family estate at Kennebunkport on Walker Point. Prescott Bush joined W. A. Harriman & Company in 1926 and became its CEO.
Harriman Bank was the official Nazi financial conduit in the US. Closely tied to Fritz Thyssen, who proudly claimed in his 1941 book “I Paid Hitler” that he was the Nazi Party’s first and greatest financial backer. The Union Banking Corporation (UBC) was a subsidiary of Harriman created by Walker and it was used for Nazi financial matters. Thyssen provided 100,000 gold marks ($10 million in today’s dollars) to the Nazis in 1923 just prior to Hitler’s failed putsch. By 1941, UBC held a private Nazi stash of over $3,000,000 ($36 million in today’s dollars) in its New York vaults.
After the war, a Treasury Department investigation reported that
during the two years after the Stock Market crash; “Thyssen dedicated his fortune and his influence to the single purpose of bringing Hitler to power. In 1932, he arranged the now famous meeting in the Düsseldorf Industrialists’ Club, at which Hitler addressed the leading businessmen of the Ruhr and the Rhineland. At the close of Hitler’s speech, Thyssen cried, `Heil Herr Hitler’. By the time of the German elections later that year, Thyssen had succeeded in eliciting contributions to Hitler’s campaign fund from all of the big industrial combines. He himself is reported to have spent 3,000,000 ($30 million today) marks on the Nazis in 1932 alone.
During 1933 Thyssen served as intercessor between von Hindenburg, von Papen, and Hitler. He brought them together at a secret meeting which laid the basis for the appointment of Hitler as Reichschancellor.”
Even though Hitler had declared war on the US, it was still legal for UBC to conduct finances for the Nazis. But, after Pearl Harbor that outrage finally changed. After another ten months of Bush/Harriman/UBC work for the Nazis; in November 1942, under the Trading With the Enemy Act, all of the Harriman business interests were seized by the government, including UBC.

While American corporate owned news spews the right wing Nazi slant on everything, never revealing the real past of these enemy trading, lying, cheating, beings.

MSNBC could not wait to hop on board with the likes of right wing thugs Chris Mathews and Joe Scarborough.

Meanwhile the privatization of Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and Canada continues, unreported by the Nazi press core who sit mute watching the USA and Canada fall to fascism.

Watch carefully these are not socialists, OR proponents of free enterprise…nope this is a war for a few Nazis, who call themselves “elite.” They certainly are “the best” carpet baggers who ever lived and claimed to be “of God” They, their cohorts and families have funded the enemy in every contrived war of this century and it is time to hold them to account.

The ghosts of Christmas past are in the wings, the slave labor and medical experiments from Auschwitz tediously carried out while these “Christians” sat and dabbled over dessert or had another apertif.

Perhaps this Christmas Jesus will be reborn in time to kick the merchants from the temple, reclaim his birthday and bitch slap Pat Robertson to Venezuala (for starters).

Holding this intention in order that the highest good be brought to our dear, tortured planet.
Blessed Be.

Source: http://stealthlesbian.blogspot.co.uk/2007_10_01_archive.html

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