EU tiring of confrontation with Putin.


Until now, the EU always placed emphasis on having complete accord with the Americans, with the placement of the Russian sanctions. Some time ago, the US Vice President Joe Biden made it clear that the US had urged the EU to impose the sacntions. Junkers’ big back flip is confirming the statement made by Biden. It’s hard to discern what’s really going on Junker’s mind: as late as March, Junker was demanding the establishment of a EU army, which was expressly directed against Russia: such a European army would “give Russia the impression, that we are seriously intending to defend European Union’s values”, Junker said word for word, back then.


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  1. Aldous says:

    If there is another World War, the main battleground this time around MUST be the United States. Europe (and Asia) shouldn’t be so greedy and have all the fun and games of war, like they have done in the last two global conflicts.

    Also, Europe shouldn’t be so mean and only invite the United States after the party has started and is half way through. That is just plain bad manners.

    Another thing that sticks in my craw, Europe got all those brand new buildings, houses and infrastructure last time around after being turned into a virtual moonscape. That’s not fair.
    I mean, just look at the new One World [Government] Trade Centre!

    Controlled Demolition, I mean Terrorism/Acts of War/Treason are highly underrated when it comes to getting rid of such tired old buildings.
    Shame about the innocent Gentiles in them at the time while Khazar Jews took a pre-warned day off on 9/11 – but no pain, no gain I suppose.

    After all, we’re only cattle according to former Israeli PM and all round war criminal, the late Menachem Begin:

  2. Lynn says:

    Ah but have you seen the size of a cow Aldous. They sure can do some damage when they stampede. Yes you are spot on with your comments, we won the war and yet we still have Victorian infrastructure. Always baffled me, well not anymore!! I always said we were in for another war, you don’t invest iñ a demolition project…you don’t bail banks with tax payers pounds, all very obvious now. I’ve been paying attention forever so this was an easy step for me, why is the word people don’t seem to use anymore. I also predicted the wake up of the middle classes once they were in the mix, yep all there if you are paying attention. The whole thing is blowing up in their faces now. The feared are becoming the frightened now. You can feel it in the air. We are at the tipping point of mass executions of the black nobility illegal aliens. This is getting very interesting now. So stay tuned for the biggest grand finale ever seen on planet earth.

    • Aldous says:

      Lynn, your comments inspire and motivate, even at my overripe age.
      It’s never over until the fat lady sings and talking of which, I just shouted to ‘er indoors who must be obeyed at all times: “Missus, what the hell am I doing here? GET ME MY UNIFORM!”

      I was in the military for close on 30 years and I’ve been out for what seems like forever but you never forget, though I’m not sure I’ll get into my combat fatigues if she ever finds them.

      Eastwood: We’re Pulling Out And Pushing Forward! Gravediggers/Get Me My Uniform! 4:20

      It helps to think of the Yanks advancing on Tel Aviv and not fighting our fellow brothers the Germans. Eastwood disassociated himself from the film (Kelly’s Heroes) when he saw the final cut, which he said (from memory) trivialised and even glamorised war.

  3. Lynn says:

    Wish you were fighting for us Aldous. We need all the help we can get. There are many ways to fight this scum and you are doing very well enlightening and informing. Duty to each other is the key. Word is out now and the buggers know we are after them. Stay strong and believe in truth.

  4. edbutt says:

    It’s beyond time for EU leaders to wake up to the fact that the real threat to world peace is USA, not Russia

  5. Lynn says:

    Ah but now they have been targeted by Amerijew. On the receiving end and their very comfy lives being destroyed. Europe is to be wiped. They are now terrified. When thieves fall out or have served their very purpose. The EU are going under the bus to coin a phrase. Useless Traitors .

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