Corbyn surprises us all again. It seems he has outsmarted David Cameron on this, as Cameron will need Labour votes to secure support for military action by the UK.

He has also answered critics who claimed his anti-nuclear, diplomatic stance would leave the UK defenceless against warlike nations.

Jeremy Corbyn has signalled for the first time that Labour could support forms of military action in Syria without UN support if Russia blocks a security council resolution.

Taking a more flexible approach to UK military involvement in the Syrian civil war, the new statement urges David Cameron to try again to win support for a new UN resolution allowing military action, and affirms that the party supports the creation of safe zones within Syria to protect Syrians who have had to flee their homes.

The new stance, taking into account the unexpected Russian air campaign in Syria in defence of Assad, is also significant since it is the Labour policy with which the prime minister will have to work if he is to build a clear consensus in the Commons for further UK military action as part of a wider diplomatic plan.

Source: Corbyn signals Labour could back military action in Syria without UN support | Politics | The Guardian