CNN ‘the US-led ISIS coalition’

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CNN admits on air.  The USA is ISIS.  Not a slip of the tongue, but the stating of the primary fact of the current Middle Eastern nightmare.

These ex-military personnel have seen the light, and now regret the part they played in destroying other peoples’ lives and countries.  They’ve retracted their oaths of allegiance, and thrown back their medals.  In the past some great military figures suspected that their high command’s were not working in the interests of their countries, men like Erwin Rommel, Von Stauffenberg and those who tried to assassinate and depose Hitler.  But even they couldn’t imagine the concept of a single higher cabal controlling all sides to WW2 simultaneously.  Yet now, thanks to the alternative media and the internet, few military people can not know that the world is run by a Satanic cabal, and they are all fighting for their own enslavement.  All soldiers, sailors and airmen should stand down at the very least, but preferably assassinate the political leaders who are sending them to war, depose the Monarchy and arrest those who control the secret cabals.  The USA and the UK are running a massacring outfit across the Middle East, driving millions to run for their lives.   The soldiers and other servicemen who know this is being done by their own side must act.  They cannot use the excuse they were only obeying orders.


PICTURE –  Another clutch of naive trusting young men about to be sent to ruin the lives of millions, including their own.  They should listen to the former soldiers talking in the video.

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2 Responses to “CNN ‘the US-led ISIS coalition’”

  1. Lynn says:

    Gotcha !! Lying scum. They are just Finished. History will have them noted and haunt them all forever.

  2. Aldous says:

    Two RAF dead in Afghan helicopter crash named

    Footage ‘shows RAF helicopter crash aftermath after it smashed into security balloon’

    Is anyone else suspicious about this story? The video (one of several of the supposed incident on You Tube) shows nothing but a (still tethered?) security balloon (blimp) ‘drifting’ slowly downward after allegedly being struck by the RAF helicopter.

    Largest tethered blimps
    ever used in the U.S. military operations
    in Afghanistan

    Spokesman say the blimp ‘was severed from its cable’ but it appears to me as if it is being winched down – or it’s a very ‘no wind’ day. Was there a crash at all? Is this just more fake tragedy, especially of the military, to garner support and sympathy for what is increasingly being seen as a mercenary armed forces for Israeli conflicts?

    Puma crash RAF base ‘was badly run’

    A coroner has criticised the running of an RAF base following a helicopter crash which killed three men.
    Coroner Geoff Fell said the running of RAF Benson in Oxfordshire, where the crew of the £20 million Puma were based, “left much to be desired”.

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