Citizens of Dominican Republic Disconnect & Return Smart Meters

smart meter danger

Hail to the People of DR! They do not consent!

Yet in America, home of the brainwashed, we see rude comments like this under the video…


When you give people with dirt floors anything that’s technologically advanced this sort of thing can happen. Except for cell phones. They will stick one of those to their heads for hours at a time yet they are scared of an electric meter that has a tiny transmitter that is used to send your monthly consumption readings back to the power company? Ridiculous…


He clearly knows next to nothing about Smart Meters. As if the SIZE of a transmitter has anything to do with the crime.

And that’s why “dynosaurs” are extinct. They thought it couldn’t happen to them. LOL

But there is hope. Others make a point of sharing the truth where they can…

Internationally hated ‘smart’ meters are removed by hundreds of citizens in the Dominican Republic. These awful devices are installed on homes and businesses without informing the occupants that their: — electric bills will go up, — appliances will arc, — homes may catch fire (people have died in these fires) — personal living data will be collected, — health will be impacted as strong constant non-stop bursts of RF microwave radiation from the meter and related infrastructure are all wireless (cellular). Zero benefit to the paying consumer. All benefits to the utility who pays nothing.


How far we’ve come. Eleven years ago we still had a cowgirl metereader come in a pickup truck and physically record our consumption on paper. Who gets her salary now, I wonder…  I imagine the big wigs at the power companies got hefty bonuses when they agreed to distribute and install these spying/irradiating devices.

Can you dismantle a Smart Meter without cutting your power supply? I thought they would have made it so if you disconnected the meter, you wouldn’t have any power, but I don’t imagine all the people in the video are going to go without electricity.

If we could get everyone organized via Facebook to do that all on one day and dump the meters in the parking lots of the power companies—what fun we could have!  A disconnection party… I like it!

The video is in Spanish… but you’ll get the drift.  ~ BP

Residents aren’t buying it

October 3, 2015
By Staff Writer

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (INTELLIHUB) — Last week hundreds of customers removed their smart meters in protest of high electricity costs, almost double of last month’s, and frequent outages.

Smart meters are known to be bad for human health and may cause cancer.

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