Christians in Sweden threatened to ‘convert or die’ by Moslems

It must be terrifying for the Assyrian community in Sweden to see these Islamic threats posted on their businesses, cars and homes. This is a very real and terrible threat. The Assyrian community has suffered horribly under the boot of Islam. The Assyrian genocide by the Muslims wiped out hundreds of thousands of Assyrian Christians.

The Assyrian genocide took place in the same context as the Armenian and Greek genocides by the Muslims.

And yet Sweden and the rest of Europe continues to allow an invasion of Muslim migrants into their countries. ISIS vowed back in February to send an army into Europe via a migration. And by Gd they have.


“Christians ordered to CONVERT OR DIE by ISIS jihadis as they declare a European caliphate,” Express,October 17, 2015
CHRISTIANS have been ordered by Islamic State radicals to “convert or die” in chilling messages linked to the terror group.

The Assyrian community in Gothenburg, Sweden are being tormented by the threats and police have now launched a probe.Markus Samuelsson was shocked after radicals covered his restaurant in the city with graffiti this week.

They daubed the terror group’s logo alongside the disturbing phrases “convert and die” and “the caliphate is here” over the walls on Tuesday.

The Arabic letter for ‘N’ – which has been used to identify Christians and drive them out of their homes by ISIS fighters – was also painted on the restaurant.

Islamic State

Markus Samuelsson’s restaurant was daubed with sick graffiti

Islamic State

Around 150 people have left Gothenburg to fight for ISIS — Image IG

Samuelsson, one of the city’s 3,000 Assyrian Christians, said: “I felt a sudden chill down my spine. It’s terribly painful, we feel threatened.”Gothenburg – in the south-west of the country – is thought to be a hotbed for jihadist recruiting, according to Breitbart London.At least 150 people are thought to have left the city, dubbed the “Swedish centre for jihadists”, to join ISIS.And when Swedes return to their homeland after fighting in Syria and Iraq, they are reportedly “coddled with therapy” and “fast-tracked to jobs ahead of native Swedes”.In August ISIS kidnapped 250 Assyrians in Qaryatain, Syria and demolished the St Eliane monastery near the city. Last month they reportedly shot three dead three in a sick propaganda video during Festival of the Sacrifice, a Muslim holiday.Other Assyrians appeared in the clip to warn they would suffer the same fate if a ransom of £6million is not paid for their release.

Islamic State

ISIS recently executed Assyrians in a twisted propaganda video



3 Responses to “Christians in Sweden threatened to ‘convert or die’ by Moslems”

  1. Dogman says:

    Having lived and worked in a desert, I have to say ISIS’s idea of desert camo could do with a little work. With the amount of satellites in existence, they can’t be hard to locate.

    The white font on black background is popular with several of the “terrorist” organisations and yet during the worldwide demos after the Charlie Hebdo “event” nearly everybody decided to produce their own posters using the more expensive combination of colours.

    Even at Old Trafford, all the fans displayed white on black posters. Must just be a coincidence! Just like the bag full of Isis flags found on an industrial estate in Nazareth…

  2. beLIEve says:

    So, “ISIS” the….. Israeli SECRET “Intelligence” Service…is a mercenary group, whose controllers are KZM and, whose aim is chaos, genocide and theft of everything that is not chained down ?

    The “narrative” is ISIS is Moslem.
    The reality is, ISIS is KZM…khazar zionist mafia !

    The so called ISIS/ISIL leader, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is an actor, a khazar zionist, by the name of Simon Elliot (Elliot Shimon).

    So, the headline above stating “Christians in Sweden threatened to ‘convert or die’ by Moslems”……..

    Should read………

    “Christians in Sweden ordered to convert to Islam, by khazar zionist mafia, presenting themselves to the World as ISIS/Moslems”.

    ISIS/ISIL/Daesh are farcical.

    You couldn’t make this sh*** up !

    Maybe I have missed something ?

  3. Lynn says:

    Hahahaàaaa!! Well put and very true. The whole sham is just silly now. Ragtag army threatens all the planet..head choppers shaving their beards in the desert , and on the run…

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